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Resolved: The USFG should build a border fence along the US-Mexico Border


No trolling.No semantics.No profanities.No Machine gunning/shotgunning arguments.All sources must be in the debate round or easily accessable by a direct link. R1: AcceptanceR2: CaseR3: Rebuttals R4: Rebuttals and closingDefinitions:The US Border patrol has various obstacles erected on the Mexico-US Border. The current state of the border wall can be viewed here []. For this debate, we will be focusing on fencing; specifically, the...

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The Second Amendment should be repealed


NOTE: I prefer to go up against an experienced debater. If you want to accept this debate and have not completed more than 20 debates or have an ELO score below 2500, please post in the comment section before you accept. Resolved: The Second Amendment to the United State's Constitution should be repealed. DefinitionsSecond Amendment: The second amendment and part of the Bill of Rights which reads, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the righ...

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Resolved: The United States Federal Government should build a border fence.


I would like to thank 16kadams for this debate ahead of time for this. DOTWThis is a part of Tej's DEBATE OF THE WEEK efforts, and this will be this week's DEBATE OF THE WEEK! For more details please view the link:( The Full resolution is "Resolved: The United States Federal Government should build a border fence along the US-Mexico Boarder. Rules Round 1 is rules and definitions for Con, Pro may begin his Constructive Case...

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The U.S should abolish the Minimum Wage


The resolution is: The U.S Should Abolish the Minimum WageI will be arguing against the resolution, Pro will argue for it. BoP is shared.I am mainly debating this to confirm my position on this, but I am definitely leaning towards the pro-MW stance.DefinitionsMinimum Wage: Lowest wage permitted by law.Abolish: get rid ofRules:Not many really, just no kritiks or semantical arguments. If you wanna negotiate definitions please use the comments.Oh yeah, but no new arguments in the last round pl...

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Universal Basic Income


Full resolution: The United States should begin to convert existing welfare programs into a universal basic income (UBI). There are about 126 different welfare programs that are currently on the books.1I am arguing that we should begin to replace these programs with a UBI. Note that I do not need to argue that these existing 126 welfare programs must be eliminated immediately, but rather I will argue that these programs should eventually be phased out and a transition to a universal basic income...

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