A Secular Lifestyle is superior, and often more moral than a Religious one.


As an atheist living in America, I am often presented with many questions. Where do you get your morals? Aren't you sad that you won't go to heaven? Are you mad at god? Don't you wish you could believe? I've heard the last question even from fellow Atheists. Quite Frankly, no. I am completely satisfied as a non-religious individual and am infinitely more happy now then I was as a Christian growing up. For this debate I would prefer Christianity to be discussed, as that is the faith I have left,...

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if marvel were to fight dc universe marvel would win


the first round is to establish who is fighting and ground rules rules are that you must pick five people to fight against my five people my choices are - wolverine - hulk - night crawler - phoienx - ice man...

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Someone who is socially libertarian but economically lassez-faire should not support Obama.


I am of course referring to the libertarians. Libertarians typically believe that government should not run the lives of people. They tend to favor liberty and choice as well as economic freedom. They do not favor government expansion. On the other hand, Obama supports: 1. Cap and Trade 2. Gun Control 3. Central Planning Cap and Trade- a government sanctioning businesses and issuing taxes based from their emissions Gun Control- a government sanctioning the use of firearms Ce...

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