Life has no unquestionalbe value if there is no God who created all things.


First round is for acceptance and opening statements. My opponent can be atheistic, agnostic, or of whatever faith can be named under the sun. This debate is about the meaning of life. You can see by my screen name what I think the meaning of life is, but this debate is to question my opponents beliefs about the meaning of life,If I clearly show my opponents beliefs are questionable, I should be awarded the points for having the better argument.&nbs...

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911 WAS an inside job ..........


denier of truth blade runnner needs to be schooled ....

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obama should be impeached


first round is acceptince....

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The Americans with Disabilities Act should be repealed


This debate is about the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 [ADA], including changes made by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-325). The full text of the various versions of the law are linked from the ADA's government site. [1.] Wikipedia summarizes the law:

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humanity would have been better off without religion


Considering all the calamities caused by religious extremists throughout history, I believe the world would be better off without religion. I will accept the burden of proof for this debate....

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Yo mamma jokes


This is a yo mamma joke contest, feel free to post in the first round. You can only have 5 jokes total. Keep the jokes clean. No swearing....

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Natural Selection Disproves Theism


Round one for acceptance and definitions. DefinitionsNatural selection is the gradual, non-random process by which biological traits become either more or less common in a population as a function of differential reproduction of their bearers.

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DDO OT Final: US hegemony is desirable.


Thanks to my opponent for accepting. To clear up a few general facts before the debate starts. My opponent agrees to these things when she accepts: -Hegemony in this debate means over all dominance economically, militarily, and culturally. It does not mean that the US has ultimate power or can do whatever it wants, but rather that the extent of its power is of a far greater scope than other nations. -In the status quo, the US has hegemony. -Desirable entails a real world applicati...

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All people have the right to safely own an Atomic Bomb


Slavery is immoral. It is immoral because all people are created with equal authority over each-other; None. Legitimate authority can only be derived by consent. If a government loses the consent of the governed, those that withdraw their consent retain the same freedoms that the government claimed. The freedom to wage war, to conduct relations with foreign people, to regulate commerce within the boundary of their own property, and to defend themselves from foreign aggressors. Under thi...

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Women should not be allowed to vote or have authority


I feel that this debate is important because I think it's important for people to understand that allowing women to vote and giving them more authority has proven to be disastrous--for marriage, family, and society. There is a deliberate agenda to put women in bigger positions of power while taking away the rights of men. I don't believe that women have any place in politics or positions of authority. However, I also believe that women are th...

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