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Masterful should be banned from this site


Masterful should be banned from this site for being contently anti-Semitic,, racist, disrespectful to handicap people, ignorant of children and just down right cruel to anyone who is not white. With disrespectful post such as "Jews should be made into soap" or "Retarded people should work in coal mines" this type of behavior warrants permanent banning from this site. This type of behavior should not be tolerated and hateful speeches should be removed and their author banished. Give me any re...

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JFK was murdered, it's not some conspiracy theory


JFK was assassinated by the CIA, there are so many facts that prove this was not some conspiracy and the work of one patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. Sure they say he did it but I don't buy it. The CIA assassinated JFK, you don't think so, then lets debate it...

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Any fact or debate view I can cast doubt on


I can disprove or provide doubt for any debate, point of view or fact you provide. Everything has 2 sides of the story to it and every topic can be disproved or challenged. For example, you get caught speeding, I can take it to court and challenge it by stating "When was the last time the radar was calibrated"? As it might not be reading the speed correctly therefore I was not speeding. Another example might be an incriminating e-mail that is sent, I can argue that I was hacked and I didn't send...

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Money runs the world - the rest is just details


Every decision, law, employment, war, occupation, murder, etc etc. is why people do what they do, is based solely on money. Money is what makes the world turn. Everything that happens, any unexplained event you encountered was because of money in one way or another. JFK assassination, wars, sport teams winning championships, laws all of it is based on money. If I have enough money I can make you do anything. Everyone has a price. You don't believe it, then lets go, and tell me I'm wrong. Lets...

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Convicted criminals should all be chipped


Since the recidivism rate for paroled criminals is 87%, we should implant micro chips in all criminals before being released from jail. This way when they commit a crime again, we can speed up the court process by being able to show through GPS that yes that person was there during the crime, also bail bondsman would not be needed as we could locate the criminal right away with a simple Ipad or laptop. Jails do not rehabilitate criminals, it's just a place for criminals to get together and schem...

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