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Are you sure ALL Jewish can not reach Heaven?


Are you sure? Sure, you need to believe in Jesus, and have both faith and works (another argument for a different time), and much more, but do you really believe God will choose to condemn every person who did not believe Jesus was the Son of God? We both know he is God's Son, but not everybody does. Jesus is the Son of God, and he gave us the possibility to reach heaven. When the Jewish crucified Jesus, the Jewish religion was finally complete. Salvation was from then on, quite possible. Speaki...

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Marriage should be abolished


I am sorry to anyone who is in a happy couple but nowadays it seems to be rare. Marridge (no matter how many people in it) was made to make sure that you reproduce, and yet it is proven, time and time again, that teen's reproduce without marridge, furthermore, it seems that women (not all of them tho!) are talking advantage of the system, by marrying rich men or women, dumping them, and taking their house, children, or money, not only that, the structure of it is falling apart, currently...

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A conversation w/ a religious man


Much like my other ongoing posts w/ an atheist, i want to have a formal professional conversation , not a debate, w/ a man of faith. Again il be impartially nonbias. And again viewers can vote Pro if you feel he conveyed himself well. Moreover he can feel free to address the criticism he receives as we progress. Questions will vary each round but all relate to the question of belief. And again my MO is to gain various perspectives on god. R1 is acceptance and a brief introduction from Pro...

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Is being considered gay wrong?


My response to this question is simple. Absolutely not. For, though it is difficult to say for certain that my claims are correct 100% because research into the origins of human sexuality is still being conducted and revised. But speaking of this research, what about the topic needs to be researched? It's obviously unnatural and unsanitary not to mention unholy, inscribed on God's collective list of sins, and before the New Testament had been written, the Bible legitimately instructed it's right...

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If God Preserved His Word It Must Be Perfect (Complete)


Resolved: The doctrine of the preservation of God's written word requires a perfect, extant text.DefinitionsExtant - In current existence; with us today.Perfect - Lacking nothing; wholly in-tact; complete.Require - To be demanded of necessity; to expect of consequencePreservation - The biblical doctrine that God has kept His written words from being lost via corruption or ommision throughout the ages, in a semantically unique and identifiable text, extending from its originally inspired authorsh...

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