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Everyone, everyone! Stop fighting! Look unto me. I possess the blue flag! I wield the power infinite. The universal maverick is mine to unravel. My every thought becomes a reality. Mountains will fall, seas will boil. Day will be as night. People will... run. Chicks will dig me. I'll get good grades... I'll get into a good college. Study abroad for a semester. You know, stuff like that. I'll get a job at a tech company... not a too technical job though. STOCK OPTIONS and a 401K! I will drive a foreign car and pay off my credit card bills! I will die with a full head of hair. My friends from high school will envy me... in ways they never imagined!
(So, basically, FATAL is the date rape RPG.
Another faulty conclusion drawn by Darren. Where is dating included?)
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should the usa ban trade with countires that violate wemon and human rights


We should post an embargo on countries that violate women and human rights. If we do not then it will be saying that its okay to use medieval principals on our fellow kin. No matter if they are 10 miles away or 5000 miles away....

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White pride is a joke


I am arguing that "White Pride" is a joke or that it doesn't mean anything. In my opinion, people who have white pride are hypocrites to either Humanity or Christianity....

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Islamic terrorism the new Soviet Union, how empires invent enemies


From Agamemnon taking advantage of the fact that Helen his brother's wife had been kidnapped by Paris the son of Priam, to wage war upon Troy to the Romans deeming themselves superior to other cultures to justify their outrageous imperialism, from the USA using the threat of the Soviet Union as a pretext to invest more and more amounts of money into its military development to the current war on terror. From the 2996 deaths from 9/11 used to cause 500,000 deaths in Iraq to the propaganda that fu...

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Cooperatives are better than traditional businesses


If you don't know what cooperatives are, they are democratically-run businesses, in other words, the workers control the means of production of that particular business and vote on the policies of the company, what decisions to make, etc. Traditional business models have one person or a few people at the top making the decisions. The first indicator that cooperatives are better than traditional business models, is that 80% of cooperatives survive the hard first five years of being in busines...

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Should kids play gmod.


Boi, gmod is T 13+ rated so you haven't put much research....

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Smoking Ban
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Term LimitsPro
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