Bowe Bergdahl should be convicted and punished for desertion or misbehavior before the enemy

whiteflame Disclaimer: We both recognize that this is a contentious issue. Note that neither of us chose our side; we both prepared cases for and against on this topic, and the sides were decided by coin flip 5 minutes before we started. Thanks a lot to Raisor for debating me. It's my first time doing this topic, and it's been quite a while since I've had a live debate, much less against such a great opponent. The structure for our debate is as follows: R...

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On Balance Humans Should Adopt Ethical Egoism as a Worldview


Accept in comments. If you accept without my permission, you will suffer a full forfeitFull Resolution - On Balance Humans Should Adopt Ethical Egoism as a Worldview TermsOn Balance - With all things considered or being taken into accountAdopt - Take up or start to use or followEthical Egoi...

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Winter Regular tournament R1: Resolved, the USFG should legalize Euthanasia


This is round one of the Winter Regular Debate Tournament. This debate will be about the legalization of the nationally controversial topic that is Euthanasia.Important definitionsUSFG: United States Federal Government.Euthanasia: Also called mercy killing;

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Substance Dualism is False


The debate resolution is "Substance Dualism is False". Pro (Sargon/BlueDreams) will argue that substance dualism is false. Con (Romanii) will defend against Pro's attack. The winner of the debate is the side best defending its case. If both sides are equally plausible at the end of the debate, then Con wins due to Pro having burden of proof.The first round is for acceptance. After that, we will have three...

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Resolved: Just governments ought not persecute victimless crimes.


I affirm. Defintions: Just = guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness Ought = Indicates moral desirability Government = the authoritative body of persons in a state Prosecute = to institute legal proceedings against a person Victimless = an action to which all participating parties have consented Rules: Round Structure: 1. Pro posts topic, definitions, basic rules/Con posts acceptance only 2. Pro posts opening argument/Con posts opening argument 3. Pro posts rebuttal/Con posts re...

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The USFG ought to pay reparations to African Americans.


I have flipped a coin, guessed tails, and received tails. I choose to be second speaker (I just don't want to start). By gosh, you chose to be con in this debate. Resolved: The United States federal government ought to pay reparations to African Americans. Definitions: ought- should, based on desirability pay reparations- give compensation for past abuses or give formal apologies or try to make victims' lives better Rules: 1. Give arguments in the first round and pass the last round...

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The Resurrection of Jesus


I will defend the position, that the resurrection of Jesus happened.I will argue that:1. Jesus died by crucifixion.2. The disciples of Jesus had an experience that made them believe that Jesus body was resurrected.I will then present the hypotheses that Jesus was resurrected that accounts for the known data.To win the debate Con has either to show that one of the two points above is wrong or he has to present his...

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Bad Debaters Should Be Removed from DDO


First Round is Acceptance. No new arguments in the final round. Good luck to my opponent. ...

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Gay marriage should not be permitted


PrefaceThis is only my 2nd debate on gay marriage, the first of which I lost. Please be gentle =) Full TopicIn a just society, gay marriages would not be permitted.TermsJust - based on what is morally or ethically right and/or fairGay marriage - a legally binding union conferring on two same-sex partners the same legal rights, stat...

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Resolved: Climate change is, on balance, anthropogenic in origin


Select winner. 2k. 2 weeks. == Definitions == Global warming: The average increase in temperatures since the late 19th century. Man-Made: The literal definition is fairly obvious. In terms of this debate, man-made factors to climate change would be the emission of greenhouse gasses. Or, as the IPCC would describe man-made forcing, "changes in the concentrations of radiatively active species (e.g., CO2, aerosols)" [1]. To clarify "on balance", I am not arguing that climate change is...

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