Model Debate : Hot Girls


Note : This was an idea that either bsh or annie came up with, but I liked the concept. Each round each user will post 5 pictures of a model. All the pictures that are posted in one round must be of the same model. Meaning there will be 4 different models used throughout the course of this debate, with 20 pictures total. The name of the model should be included with their age, height, and weight. Con Will start the debate in round 1, and pass in round 5 to even out the rounds. Ju...

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Bsh v. Esocial: Hot Guys Battle


PrefaceI am having this debate for three reasons (a) I've kind of wanted to try something like this for awhile, (b) it annoys me not having an equal number of lost and tied debates, and (c) 111 debates is such an awkward number to leave the site on that I need to do one more debate. Plus, hot guys are wonderful...This debate is a non-voting debate. Both me and Annie (by accepting this debate) agree that all votes cast on this debate should null (awar...

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The United States Federal Government should legalize child porn Wylted vs Bluesteel and Mikal


FRAMEWORK I'm advocating for the full legalization of child porn. My original intention was to take a softer form of legalization, but after diving a little deeper into the topic, I've decided to advocate for full legalization. I don't want anybody to be mislead by the word full. So please continue reading for conext. I'm not advocating for the sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of a minor. It would...

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On our last attempt at debating this subject, I had to leave for a vacation where I didn't have access to WiFi. I was forced to forfeit and thus "lost" the debate. I'd be interested in a rematch. I'll use the same arguments i presented for the last debate in the opening round. Con is free to copy and paste his previous arguments as well, or present an entirley new case. Good luck. ===========...

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It takes talent and skill to be a great rapper


My position is that rap music is an art which takes a lot of dedication and practice to master. Anybody can be a rapper, but it takes a lot of work to be one of the best if not the best rapper. I will be using logic and evidence to support it. The best rapper has several characteristics: 1. Originality 2. Rhythm 3. flow 4. Variety in lyrics and voice (meaning that he/she doesn't rap about the same things with the same flow) 5. Beats rapper uses (how well they can flow on it) 6...

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The Christian God Does Not Exist


I've been seeing Superbowl9 debate this Ad Nauseum, and so now I want to lol.To make things fair and fun, I shall take the BoP, to prove the Christian god does not exist.Structure:1:Acceptance2:Constructive Ca...

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Khal Drogo Did Not Rape Daenerys Targaryen


** This debate will contain massive spoilers about the HBO television series "Game of Thrones". If you do not wish to read about the series before watching it, then please do not read this debate. **This debate is a "no scoring" debate. If you wish to leave an opinion about which position you found to be more convincing (i.e. an RFD), offer constructive criticism, and/or simply discuss the matter, there is a forum topic set up for this specific purpose here: (ht...

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The Americans with Disabilities Act should be repealed


This debate is about the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 [ADA], including changes made by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-325). The full text of the various versions of the law are linked from the ADA's government site. [1.] Wikipedia summarizes the law:

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this house believes that the separation of church and state is fundamental in a democracy


i think they should u cant all was hope that the parents are teaching the right stuff...

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Resolved: The Woman is Responsible for Putting the Seat Down, Not the Man


ResolutionThe Woman is Responsible for Putting the Seat Down, Not the Man.As PRO, I will be affirming this resolution by arguing that making sure the seat is down is the woman's responsibility when she uses the washroom.As CON, you will argue that the man bares that responsibility.Burden of Proof

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