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The Star Wars prequels are bad


Hello Debate.org, it's time for a (hopefully) more lighthearted and nerdy topic. I recently watched the Star Wars prequels, meaning The Phantom Menace (1999), Attack of the Clones (2002), and Revenge of the Sith (2005). I'll admit that I kind of liked the last one, but it is still a deeply flawed movie, and I hated the other two. So my argument is that on the whole, this prequel trilogy was bad, and the negatives outweigh the positives.But I understand that these movies have their fans. Som...

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Let's go, Round 2 of Mharman's 2018 April Rap Battles.


Rules:You must setup your rap battles (debates) so that they meet this criteria:1. Open voting; no restrictions.2. 4 rounds in the debate; no rapping in Round 1, that round is for acceptance only.3. Time to Argue: 72 Hours.4. Voting Period: 2 Weeks.5. The lower seed is the instigator, the higher seed is the contender.I will be rapping to this quality of flow:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ipa4JnntQ0...

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Assault Rifles should not be outrightly banned.


Hello, here we have another classic gun control debate, specifically on the topic of banning assault rifles altogether (in the United States, but really it could be any country). I will be taking the position of NOT banning them. You will be taking the position OF banning them. Just so we are clear, for the purposes of this debate, an assault rifle is defined as: (noun) a semi-auto or full-auto military-style rifle that utilizes magazines that hold 10 rounds or more. Ex: AR-15 semi-auto r...

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Intellectual Rap Battle


Rap Battle with a twist, in each stanza [4 stanzas per round]- Con n I must rap about obscure general knowledge that not many ppl are aware of, plus each fact must be from a different genre/cant repeat same genre twice. Points for flow n obscurity. R1- just acceptance...

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-Rap Battle 23-


I'm a chill dude, like a new freezer, I forgive foes, unlike mean Caesar I end the fights, called the appeaser Drinks are on me, called a sweet pleaser Oh, My knees hurt, (but I don't suck djck) I'm Just tired of the ol' rap subject Insults and jibes, I used to love it But now I'm nice, it's peace I covet So enough shjt, let's get psychedelic My old battles is just a bunch of relic This may be competish, but it's lax Laid back, not debate filled with fact hate rap , none of tha...

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Social SecurityPro
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United NationsPro
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War on TerrorPro