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Activities:Rap, Brotherhood Enrollment and Defense, Push-Ups, and drinking red Gatorade with Braden.
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Books:The Bible, All Quiet on the Western Front, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Guns of August
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Music:Rap, Jazz, and anything that's decent besides country music.
Quotes:Just go watch Full Metal jacket, and you got my favorite quotes.
Sports Teams:My dope ass Mario Kart team, as well as this alliance I made with someone on Argar.io from Texas. He will be missed. Also, Buccaneers, Celtics, and Dodgers.
TV Shows:Go Diego Go and Max & Ruby.

Rap Battle, 22: Freestyle


Rap Battle, number twenty two coming up! Freestyle, gl gl! Start it right it up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iNlAT9BLzo instrumental JimShady, back on site DDO, looking for moe' Wins under my belt not enough Lookin for more stuff, more gruff, no bluff Won't be cuffed by you bjtches with wet chuffs I'm going hard on this shjt, I'm goin' rough Been a busy time for me, debating atheists Been taking a bunch of daily hits I don't know how long I can keep on taking this But I fi...

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Theistic Evolution doesnt work with the bible.


I believe that Theistic evolution does not line up with Genesis, Con will argue that theistic evolution does work out with Genesis. How this debate will go down. Round 1: Con's Arguments Round 2: Pro's Rebuttal and arguments Con's rebuttal Round 3: Rebuttal of Rebuttals Round 4: Final Rebuttals and Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MUST READ RULES: 1. Only accept if your a theistic evolution...

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Bryan Mullins: The Forensic Math Decimal and how it works


The forensic math decimal is pretty simple. Phillip Alan David, 7, 5622 Basic Lane, Manning, ND (The first kid that was slaughtered and eaten for not believing in Christmas) First you start with 18,568,322 (The number of children who were slaughtered and eaten for not believing in Christmas) Then you divide it by 19 (years since 1998, not calendar wise) then divide it by 365 (The number of days in a year) then you get the first decimal number, which you translate first, which is translated...

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Japanese Chinks should not be able to continue living


I believe that Japanese people do not have the right to exist! they are vermin to the united states and must be taken out of existences. They steal our jobs, our children, and our hope for brighter future. They always seem to squint at everyone, because our brighter minds are too much to handle for their smaller chinky brains. They NEED to be executed as soon as possible, because their plague is poisoning the world....

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Scale Rap Battle Tourney: Final Round (yomama12 v. Pajama Boy)


The conclusion to Mharman's Scale Rap Battle Tourney, yomama12 v. JimShady aka Pajama Boy. Winner gets the gold cup of the tourney! (metaphorical gold cup.) Rules: 1. 1st round acceptance, rounds 2, 3, and 4 are for rap. 2. No blatant plagiarizing of rap that's been previously written. 3. Forfeiture = loss. 4. Try to maintain the same amount of measures, keep it around 8-12 Depending on your time signature. 5. Either impromptu or planned out raps are allowed. 6. Fight to the death. (ano...

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Term LimitsCon
United NationsPro
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War on TerrorPro