I believe that religion is about a relationship with god not about going to church every sunday.


You do not have to go to church to be a believer of God or to have a relationship with him. You can worship and talk to him anytime or anyplace and be just as happy about yourself and happy with your life and not have to go to an organized place. I belive God will forgive and love you just as much as everyone else even if you dont revolve your life around going to a church or some type of organization. Church is a great place but just because you dont attend every single sunday and event doesn't...

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Abortions are wrong... No matter the circumstance....


I strongly believe that abortion is wrong... If it involves a death of one party aka(mother) it should not matter.. the kid that is to be born; is not at fault.. the mother is at fault for getting preganet.. If the mother was rapped it is a little different but still the same case.. it is never the childs fault in this perdicament... The child has the right and should recieve the right to full life.. no matter the cost.. a real mother would never give up in anyway her one blood... (child to be b...

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