DDO music tourney: Round 1. NiamC vs BradK


Ok, so you wanted to be part of the tourney. Nows your chance; my opponent unfortunately dropped out, so If you want, you can go against me or I will proceed and go to the next round of the music tourney.These were the rules of the round I was going do, these rules will be the ones for this round with you.Rules:1 piece per person.1st round is acceptanceniamc will go first in R2Any instrument(s) can be used.Any piece can be played, both sides c...

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"There is Only One Race, The Human Race" Is an Incorrect Statement


There is only one living RACE: Homo Sapien Sapien AND NO, I am not just repeating myself for giggles. The specific type of human YOU are today falls within that category, ALL OTHER RACES of humans are EXTINCT. Any reference to hair colour, eye colour, SKIN colour, is merely a reference to PHENOTYPE (http://dictionary.reference.com...) which is in reference to observable traits not to be confused entirely with GENOTYPE; however there is in fact a relationship between the two. To understand...

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(Pro) Goku Vs (Con) The Hulk


Resolution - Goku Vs The HulkThis is a shared BOP. Where I will defend that Goku could beat the Hulk and my adversary will defend that the Hulk could beat Goku. RoundsPro(1) Rules(2) Contentions(3) Contentions/Rebuttals/Closing Statements

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(Pro)Goku vs (Con)Green Lantern


Resolution - Goku Vs Green LanternThis is a shared BOP. Where I will defend that Goku could beat the Green Lantern and my adversary will defend that the Green Lantern could defeat GokuRoundsPro(1) Rules(2) Contentions(3) Contentions/Rebuttals/Closing Statements

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My Opponent Will Lose This Debate


Rule 1: If a rule is broken (directly or indirectly), then an automatic 7 point forfeit results for whoever broke the rule, assuming that rule applies to them. Rule 2: Rules with a * directly beside them only apply to my opponent *Rule 3: First round is just for acceptance *Rule 4: In every round, every other letter must be a capital letter, with the remaining letters being lower case letters, starting with a lower case letter (For example, "aBcDeF..." but obvio...

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Singing Contest


Hello and welcome to this singing contest! I'll begin my singing with this first round as my opponent may do the same or just accept. http://www.smule.com/s/card/126583883_296171 (I will be using Smule to post my songs that I will sing whether acepella or with music) Please any song or songs you choose nothing vulgar or profane. Please keep it clean and appropriate and of course HAVE FUN! :) (And you may sing in whatever way acepella or with music). Best wishes to my opponent!...

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Spreading has its place in Lincoln-Douglas and Policy debate.


No sources need be cited unless you're using some statistics or foreign rhetoric for some reason (I don't see a need for either of those in this debate). To be honest, I'm just doing this because I need to have three debates to be allowed to vote--I love debating but before I start a really serious debate, I just want to get those three out of the way and I think this might be a fun debate for fellow capital-d Debaters. First round should just be acceptance; maybe say why you're interested in th...

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Conjoined Twins and the Penal System


So one day I was just sitting at my desk, masturbating, when I realized that there is no legal precedent for incarcerating conjoined twins when one of them (but not the other) has committed a crime. Consider the following: Harold and Stephen are conjoined twins. They are in a public park, when Harold pulls out a gun and shoots five people, despite Stephens efforts to stop him. The conjoined twins are arrested; Harold tells authorities he simply hates people and wishes to harm as many ind...

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Should LGBT be discussed in school?


In my entire time in school, LGBT has always been taboo and we weren't allowed to discuss it. I think that it will become much more accepted if we learned about it in school. Even when talking about bullying, there is no mention of LGBT bullying. It's like it doesn't exist or that we don't matter. I think that starting from the time kids enter school, we should discuss all types of relationships, straight, LGBT, etc. That way it will be more accepted and students won't think of it as "wrong"....

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You Just Lost The Game


I stand in affirmation that you, the contender, just lost the game.What is the game, you might ask?Rules of The Game:1. Everyone is playing the game.2. If someone thinks about the game, they lose the game.3. If someone loses the game, they restart and continue to play the game.Therefore, I instigate the following:1. My opponent is playing the...

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