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About Me:I'm from Canada. Family immigrated here from India in 2005. I enjoy reading books and keeping up with current and international affairs. And I enjoy playing video games in my spare time.
Beliefs:Libertarianism|Humanism|Existential Nihilism|Classical Liberalism|Internationalism|Voluntaryism|
Books:The Lord of the Rings|Animal Farm|1984|Economics in One Lesson
Movies:The Lord of the Rings|Star Trek|Star Wars|2001: A Space Odyssey|V for Vendetta|This is the End|Shutter Island
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Quotes:"Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself." - Milton Friedman

"The 'private sector' of the economy is, in fact, the voluntary sector; and the 'public sector' is, in fact, the coercive sector." - Henry Hazlitt
TV Shows:Star Trek: The Original Series|Star Trek: The Next Generation|Game of Thrones|Parks and Recreation|Sherlock

The Death Penalty should be Abolished in the United States of America


Resolution: Resolved, the Death Penalty should be Abolished in the USA.Definitions: Death Penalty: the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime.The round structure is as follows:1. Acceptance2. Opening Arguments3. Rebuttals to opening arguments4. Defence from rebuttals to opening arguments [no new arguments in the final round]Rules:1. No forfeits.2. No semantics.3. No kritiks.4. BOP is shared.5. All sources added at the end of each round.6....

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek


Basically I think Star Wars is better than Star Trek. Anybody wanna challenge me?...

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The Cure for Cancer is Likely Being Suppressed


This challenge is issued to BlazingRodent, if somehow someone else accepts, it will be counted as an immediate loss for them. The resolution is "The Cure for Cancer is Likely Being Suppressed." I will be arguing for the Pro side. Debate FormatR1: AcceptanceR2: ArgumentsR3: Rebuttals concerning R2 arguments R4: Defence of R2 arguments from R3 rebuttals...

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The Movie is Better than the Book


I'd like to make a statement that movies in general are better than the book. "Better" is a loose interpretation on purpose to encourage a wide scope of things to use to prove each side's point. When I use the term "general" I mean usually. That means if you don't know the story and someone asks you "Do you want to watch the movie or read the book of ______ story?" that picking movie will be the better option. Rules: 1) Trolling equates to a definite loss. 2) First to Forfeit a round res...

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Should the Western Provinces of Canada secede from Canada?


Hello! I am an avid Canadian Western Separatist and believe that the West should leave the East, I would like to put up a few stipulations and rules for this debate When i say Western provinces, I mean the following Provinces Of Canada: -British Columbia -Alberta -Saskatchewan -Manitoba Also, for the debate, these stipulations would be preferred for acceptance: -While it is not necessary to be a Citizen of Canada, i would prefer you have a good knowledge of the politics of Canada, as...

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