This House Believes Ontology Necessitates God!


Shalom Aleichem! PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS DEBATE TILL THE TIME NEARLY RUNS OUT. YOU CAN ACCEPT IT ON THURSDAY. ACCEPTING BEFORE THURSDAY WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE LOSS. THIS DEBATE HAS BEEN SENT AS A CHALLENGE TO DOUBLE_R. The Judges are: Subutai, Envisage, n7, popculturepooka, phantom, Danielle, Raisor, Sargon, and bladerunner060. Spelling and grammar, unless out right horrid, will not count in voting. The idea of this debate started with me contacting Roy for a debate. Given...

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Gibraltar ought in justice to be returned to Spain


Round 1 is for acceptance. Standard rules....

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This House Believes that God Does Not Exist! (Troll Debate)


Debate Resolution: God Does Not Exist -Overview and Rules1. First round is for acceptance. If you wish to accept this debate please comment in the comments section. If anyone finds a way to accept this debate withou...

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Violence in video games does not significantly contribute to real world violence.


Wylted and I will be debating this topic.DefinitionsSignificantly- in a way that is relevant or has an important effect on somethingObservationsThis debate is about the impact of violence in video games, not about the impact of video games themselves. I am looking forward to a great debate!!...

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The problem of Slytherin


Resolved: The portrayal of Slytherin House in the Harry Potter books, on balance, detracts from the series as a whole. For the purposes of the debate, only information contained in the original series (not Pottermore or the movies) is canon. I am affirming. The first round is for acceptance, second for constructives, and third and fourth for rebuttals. No new arguments in the last round. I look forward to the debate!...

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The U.S. ought to Privatize Amtrak


R1: Definitions and AcceptanceR2: Arguments and RebuttalsR3: Rebuttals and Conclusions*No semantics*No original arguments last round*No forfeiting-----A violation of any of these three rules is an automatic forfeiture of all points.Amtrak Subsidies: Amtrak is a railroad corporation which receives approximately $1.5 billion in federal subsidies every...

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The Falkland/Malvinas Islands should be given to Argentina.


I will be arguing that the Falkand/Malvinas Islands should remain a United Kingdom Overseas Territory.Pro can start the debate or just accept, I don't mind. ...

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The Treaty of Versailles Was Unjust


PrefaceTUF actually suggested this as a topic to me awhile ago, and I liked it. I am happy to now have the chance to debate it! Thanks to Oro for agreeing to take me on :)Full TopicThe Treaty of Versailles (WWI) was unjust.Rules1. No forfeits2. All citations must be provided in the text of the debate3. No new arguments in the final round4. Maintain a civil and dec...

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Speed Debate: 1000 foot Lion Whale Gods are real, and they live on Saturn


Con must prove that 1000 foot Lion Whale gods exist and occupy Saturn in one round. The BOP will be taken 100% seriously, and failure to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that 1000 foot Lion Whale gods are real and live on Saturn will result in a full 7 point forfeit. I am not required to make any arguments or refute yours. This is not a "BOP went unrefuted so is affirmed" debate. The audience will judge based on Pro's abillity to prove this scientific theory beyond a doubt.

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Jesus Christ is more likely to be an alien than the son of God.


First round is acceptance....

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