God most likely exists


Good evening/afternoon/morning/midday, ladies and gentlemen. Sswdwm and I don't always see eye-to-eye on issues, and after having many enjoyable forum debates, we've decided to take it to the real thing. The resolution for this debate shall be...God most likely exists.

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Singing for fun


I challenge thee to a singing duel! We each must sing three songs, one song per round. Round 1 is for acceptance, parameters, and well-wishes. The rest of the rounds are for posting videos of us singing. Instrumentation is allowed as long as it doesn't drown out your voice, but no dubbing over your own voice, no multi-tracking, and no cloning yourself.Voters: Since songs require artistic license, no points should be given or taken for spelling and g...

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In defense of history's worst: Osama Bin Laden is innocent (Part 1)


Having been inspired by Wylted's "In Defense of Evil" series I decided to start my own. Definitions:Innocent: not guilty of a crime or other wrong act [1]The burden of proof in this debate is on Con to show that Osama Bin Laden was guilty of any crimes he was charged with, the standard of proof being beyond reasonable doubt. If you don't qualify for this debate leave a comment and I'll consider you.

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The first cause argument for God is invalid


First round is acceptance....

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Cats make better pets than dogs.


I will make the argument that cats make better pets than dogs. Cats are more self-reliant and independent. They know how to bathe and can have their own alone time while still showing you affection when they want to. I would argue that they are not as needy and emotionally dependent as dogs. They are less time-consuming than dogs who need greater care by walking them outside, and who need constant attention. Cats are cleaner and can even be trained to use the toilet http://www.wikihow.com/Toi...

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dose God exist


I believe that God exists. The Bible has a lot of facts about God and how the Christian religion started. I will be supporting the side which God exists. I have lots of proof that God exists....

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Vote-Bombing Contest!


You know what, nevermind. I'm doing the challenge. I'm just unsure because so many people hate me. Lets test that hate. Simple. Just accept. Then you have to try and get as many people to vote-bomb for you as you can and I have to do the same. Whoever gets more votes within 10 days wins the debate. Round 1 is for acceptance and round 2 is for any additional questions. I won't respond as quickly in order to give people time to see the debate. I think I will lose though......

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Population Control is Morally Acceptable


First Round will be for acceptance. Population Control can be defined as any method of population control, short of mass killings, genocides, or anything truly over the top....

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The Best Evidence/Argument For God's Existence


Pro will present his or her best single argument/evidence that a God exists and I (CON) will respond directly to it. I do not need to prove that God does not exist, I will be responding to why this evidence/argument is not sufficient to believe a God exists.Con must present their case in the first round....

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Theism offers a more likely context than atheism for affirming moral realism.


I thank Sargon agreeing to debate me on this topic. I shall be arguing that given moral realism theism is more likely than atheism. Or that theism makes "more sense" of moral realism than atheism does. My job is to argue that, yes, theism offer a more likely context in which to affirm moral realism and Con's job is to argue that, to the contrary, atheism offers a more likely context than theism in which to affirm moral realism. In short, this will be a mostly meta-ethical debate. [1]<...

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