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Christian Theology Is Nothing More than Obfuscated and Exaggerated Lies


There is absolutely no evidence for anything reported in the New Testament.There is no evidence for the Legendary Jesus Christ that performed miracles and was supposedly Resurrected.Even Saul never met Jesus and made much of his letters up out of his own attempts to take control of Christianity and made laws to suit his own personal goals and exaggerated Jesus to win over Pagans.His writings started around 20 years after the Death of Jesus, so everything he wrote was from hearsay and thus detail...

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Christianity is Logically a Circular Reasoning Fallacy?


My argument is that Christianity is logically a Circular Reasoning Fallacy?Why?Because there is no evidence for any of Jesus's teachings, nor any of the miracles of Jesus or even any evidence that Jesus was Resurrected.Thus, nothing exists to demonstrate the Divinity of Jesus, nor the teachings and doctrines of the Bible, outside of the Bible.Here is how it goes, I've created a Straw man Christian (an honest one at that), that is answering my Questions as only a honest Christian could.Because to...

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Creation Should Be Taught As An Alternative Scientific Theory To Evolution In Science Classes?


I will be taking the Con side in this debate, as I consider that there is no reason to teach Creation as an alternative Scientific Theory to The Theory Of Evolution.As I really don't consider it has the capability of being an Alternative Explanation For the Diversity Organisms.I will be accepting anybody for the Pro position who is well versed in Creation concepts and evidence. As I'm very interesting in seeing what Creationists have recently discovered as evidences for their cause.To: Ken...

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Updated 2 Days Ago

Fairness In Science Classes: No Intelligent Design. = No Pastafarianism


My Assertion and Thus My BOP is Concerning the current assertion made by Intelligent Design (Creationist) groups that the British move to ban teaching I.D./Creation alongside Evolution is Unfair.This same argument is also being applied to U.S. states that are also moving to ban Creationism/I.D. from their state funded science classes.My Contention and thus this debate statement Concludes:That Banning Creation (I.D.) From Being Taught Alongside Evolution In Science Classes Is :EQUAL_TO: Banning P...

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Updated 2 Weeks Ago

Can Creation Ever Replace Evolution As The Dominant Theory For Diversity Of Life?


Basic 3 round Debate.Pro will be arguing that Creation can depose/replace Evolution as the dominant theory for the vast diversity of living organisms on planet earth.While will have Burden Of Proof as I am the Instigator of the debate title, that there is no way that Creation can replace Evolution as the dominant theory for the diversity of living organisms currently observed on our wonderful planet.Though the best debater for the Pro position is somebody who really believes that Creation can de...

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