Resolved: The US should abolish capital punishment.


Alright, thanks to our opponents iOS6 for debating this with us, and we apologize for the delay on this post. 1) Innocent Life The National Academy of Sciences in the US reported that 4.1% of all convicted criminal defendants that are sentenced to death are actually innocent of their crimes. [1] This is a massive number of people who are fals...

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Resolved: The US Federal Government should remove military presence and economic aid from S. Korea


Rules No trolling Please have some sort of format for your response This debate is about policy, I will allow moral responses but keep this in mind &nbs...

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The US should allow the limited use of torture


First round is for acceptance. No new arguments in the final round. BOP is shared (i.e. offense is expected from both sides). "Torture" refers to "the action or practice of inflicting pain on someone in order to force them to do or say something."...

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Murder is Objectively Immoral


Resolved: Murder is Objectively Immoral 4 rounds/6,000/select winner/72hrs...

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Using taxes to build football stadiums is not justified.


PrefaceI was recently made aware of the fact that, in the last few decades, new football stadiums have been constructed with the use and spending of our tax dollars. I personally was unaware of this, and do not support such spending by our government. I find it unjustifiable. Full Topic On balance, the use of our taxes to fund the construction of new football stadiums is an unjustified use of our taxes. <...

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The Supernatural exists


chipmonk Con My resolution is that the supernatural exists. I am convinced that most believe that the supernatural cannot or does not exists, but in such belief are they found ignorant. I contend that by means of logic and rational, critical thinking about REALITY, one can surmise that supernatural things do exist. Supernatrual is defined as such : su"per"nat"u"ral G6;soV2;opərG2;naCH(ə)rəl/ adjective 1. (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond...

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Rap Battle


Ayoooooo, so the rules are as follows: - All rapping will be audio or video submissions, none of that fake AF written sh!t most of these talentless kids only want to fvck with - 4 rounds, 3 raps, first round is acceptance, and as the creator I'll go first. - Raps are to be original works, no just throwing out verses that are straight up copies of songs. - Lyrics must be posted with the audio or video - Profanity is accepted - Roasting savagely also acceptable _____________...

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Should animals be kept in zoos/aquariums?


This debate is about whether we should be keeping animals in zoos and aquariums. I will be arguing that we should not. My opponent should be arguing that we should. We will start with our opening arguments next round. Good luck and thank you!...

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March Beginners' Tournament: The USFG should significantly raise the federal minimum wage


Definitions:USFG - short for United States Federal Governmentminimum wage - the lowest wage permitted by law

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Restricted abortion should be legal


Debate Structure Round 1 - Acceptance only, No arguments Round 2 - Arguments/rebuttals Round 3 - Arguments/rebuttals Round 4 - Rebuttals to things in previous rounds, No new arguments. Definitions/Explanations Restricted abortion should be legal = By this I mean abortion should be legal for a woman to choose in the embryonic period of pregnancy. Abortion - is the end (termination) of a pregnancy. A low-risk surgical procedure called suction aspiration or suction curette is general...

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