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Always burning my own bridges cause I'd rather fall in ditches.

The whole body is a carnival of horrors and frankly I'm embarrassed to have one.

I have always felt comedy and tragedy are roommates. If you look up comedy and tragedy, you will find a very old picture of two masks. One mask is tragedy. It looks like it's crying. The other mask is comedy. It looks like it's laughing. Nowadays, we would say, 'How tasteless and insensitive. A comedy mask is laughing at a tragedy mask.'

She feels that my sentimental side Should be held with kids gloves But she doesn't know That I left my urge in the icebox.

Is anything about Trump Funny anymore? Somehow the worlds most objectively laughable human has become a comedy graveyard where humor goes to die.

If you don't bring up those lonely parts... we could have a good time.

Can you die? In relation to quantum physics and parallel universes.


My argument for the proposition of immortality on the basis of quantum physics is using the one of two evidenced forms of parallel universe, the one which is more easily provable than the other, this is the type 1 parallel universe. Type 1 parallel universes are exact copies of a universe due to extreme distances in space and eternal inflation. Eternal inflation is a proven theory -based on recent evidence- and understanding the dynamics of universe evolution. The reason this would prove immorta...

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Abortion for socio-economic reasons


The format will be Round 1: Initial arguments, Round 2: rebuttal and defense, Rounds 3 & 4 more of the same, and Round 5 closing arguments. We"ll be arguing about abortions that are carried out for socio-economic reasons. This is sensible since around 98.3% of all abortions are undergone for purely socio-economic reasons, naught to do with health, rape, incest, etc. (this from official data taken from surveys done by state agencies and the Alan Guttmacher Institute) So, I will base my argu...

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Abortion should be legal


Round 1: Accept my challenge Round 2: Make your first argument Round 3: Build upon your argument and counter my argument (if necessary) Round 4: Bring your argument to a conclusion I'm very interested in what the pro/for side has to say. Please, this is just a debate. I don't want any insults or swearing. Thank you....

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God Exists


DEFINITION:"God is an omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent being who created all of existent matter and life." [1]The first round will be for acceptance only - I will present my argument in the second round, and my opponent will present his, along with any objections to my arguments that he sees fit to write. The third round will be used for counter-arguments and defences, as well as new arguments. The fourth round will contain no new arguments, and will only serve to allow the debaters a c...

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Ayn Rand was correct that self sacrifice (and even it's idea) destroys societies.


No new arguments or soucing in the last round....

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