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About Me:*** - Moderator for the beginner series. PM me if you're interested in learning how to play! - *** - Call me Vaarka. I am a child at heart, and you can never take that away from me. I enjoy history, especially ancient Greece and ancient Rome. I love music, a lot, preferably electronic music. If I have the chance to listen to music, I'll take it. I play piano, and I've started looking into producing my own music, hoping to make it a hobby. Hoping to get a major in something related to history in college, and if not, then either music theory/therapy/production, or maybe even something in the medical field (idk how many college emails and letters I've gotten about it). I love running long distance and I'm obsessed with playing osu! (Hidden is the best mod). I'm terrible at math and am often having my computer taken away because of my math grades. I should probably mention I cannot remember names for the life of me. Want a hug? I'll give you a hug :3
Activities:Running, procrastinating, listening to music until I realize it's 2 in the morning, reading something random every now and then.
Books:Into Thin Air, The Martian, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, you know all that stuff.
Music:I love electronic music, DnB being my favorite electronic category. Monstercat FTW. Blackmill FTW. Suicide Sheep FTW. Other producers FTW. I love epic orchestra. I also enjoy listening to classic rock on the radio while I'm in a vehicle (this does not mean I'm a classic rock expert...people seem to think that and start asking me a ton of questions that I can't answer because I just listen to it). I play osu! (music game), and enjoy mapping. I've started playing piano again recently, and am looking to start producing my own DnB (my time likes restricting me from getting invested in it right now). My top three favorite songs are (in order) 'MitiS - Open Window', 'Etherwood - Cast Away' and 'Blackmill - Home' <- and this list is always subject to change at any given time.
Quotes:"Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers."

"But first, can we read a story, like we used to... in case I have to go away?" -Nyx

"I'll never forget my real mother, but with you around... I sometimes forget that I don't have one anymore." -Venz

"It's sometimes easy to forget a sound is there. You get used to it, and it just falls silent on your ears as a normal thing that you pay no mind to. It seems that sometimes, the only way to notice a noise is even there... is when it stops."

"Music is a total constant. That's why we have such a strong visceral connection to it, you know? Because a song can take you back instantly to a moment, or a place, or even a person. No matter what else has changed in you or the world, that one song stays the same, just like that moment."

Emptying your mind as you walk outside.
Letting loose of all the troubles of your everyday life.
Receiving the melodic feeling of freedom.
This... is o:for the DELTA
Sports Teams:"Through an Action, a Man becomes a Hero. Through Death, a Hero becomes a Legend. Through Time, a Legend becomes a Myth. Through hearing a Myth, a Man takes Action...." [-No idea]
TV Shows:(Not related to TV)... I don't believe I will be staying much longer.
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Solon is FIIIINE



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Blake's 7 is objectively better than osu!


First round is acceptance only...

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Can bananas be used to overthrow the emperor of Atlantis?


Alright, I'm just doing this for fun, a fun debate between friends. Please, let's make this a respectful and fun debate. I want to see how this turns out. :P (Vaarka had the idea, I merely started the debate) Basic rules: R1: Simply type "I accept", or any questions if you have any. R2: Opening args. R3: Rebuttals R4: Conclusion RULES: No profanity, insults, or anything of the like. Sources except Wikipedia can be used. You can use the individual citations found ON Wikipedia but not...

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Term LimitsN/S
United NationsN/S
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