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Should plea bargains be abolished in the United States?


Why should we ban plea bargaining? I will prove the reasoning for this and as my opponent, you will prove why we shouldn't (pretty self-explanatory). We will also have three competitive rounds which will each encompasses points brought into discussion and rebuttal of statements on the opposing side. So, will you accept?My first argument and defining terms: Plea bargaining is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the negotiation of an agreement between a prosecutor and a defendant w...

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Killing animals for their flesh and secretions is unethical.


I don't see why this is relevant as it's obvious what I mean by killing. Killing = Cause the death of (a person, animal, or other living thing). I'm reposting this debate as the previous CON executed a complete strawman and dodged the debate by saying that "meat" can be referred to fruits and nuts. Well I'm stating it now that by meat I intend the flesh of animals. Let's not play semantic games as it is an important issue to discuss. Not only it is unethical but it also damages our environme...

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Manspreading isn't a real problem


Men have balls... balls get smashed under closed legs......

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Virtual High Stakes Poker


Rules:Go look up the rules to 5 card texas hold em up. We both start with 50k each. Since it's live, we both go all in. R1 both receive our cards, I've a Jack Diamonds and 2 Spades. R1 Opponent accepts challenge n reveals his two cards. R2 i reveal the first 3 cards on the table, placing a personal possession of mine on the line if the cards suit me R2: You call n reveal card 4, placing more things on the line R3: I reveal final card n the winner is announced R3: You accept the...

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Three Riddles. Can You Get Them All?


The game is simple. These are the rules. Each round I give you a riddle. You have 12 hours to respond to each, so make sure you publish your rebuttal in time. You answer it correctly, and we move onto the next one. You get it wrong, and you must immediately forfeit, and I will win. As the rounds progress the riddles become increasingly more difficult. I will allow a maximum of two guesses for each riddle. If one of them is correct or close to correct, you will still win the point. I will...

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