Psps are better than Nintendo Ds'


Nintendo Ds' r good for young children whereas a Psp is better suited for an older person. Psps r better than Nintendo because Psps have more memory. They also have a better controls and buttons. Psps don't have to have a game inserted into them to play any games and there is nothing to loose. Nintendos also have a shorter life on their battery than Psps. Therefore Psps r better than Nintendo Ds' in all ways....

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Does the "occupy" protest movement have a clear and common message


Occupy protests lack common/coherent message "Occupy protests need to focus on coherent demands." Student Life Staff Editorial. October 17th, 2011: "The protests have been linked and compared to the tea party movement, due to their similar grassroots nature and extreme ideological stances. However, the tea party does have a centralized message, which the "Occupy" protests lack. The tea party is about reducing taxes and cutting spending to make government smaller. Regardless of whether or not you...

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