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many women and girls dressing up like kardashians and does it affect them


If you have seen the styles of young girls and women, then you must have noticed certain patterns in the way they dress.This year 2016 , it seems like a copy of styles of kardashians.I have seen many women many many women emulate the kardashian sisters in their style of clothing im surprised if a word for their clothing exists but isnt there yet, that and also womens clothes have gotten much shorter and tighter which make me feel uncomfortable around them.THe truth about the kardashian clothes t...

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Islam is the only best religion ever existed on earth


I am a Muslim and as per as I believe Islam is the greatest religion ever existed on this earth . But recently some people who are misusing Islam and trying to destroy the beautiful face of Islam . I have see many Muslim/Islam hater on this website so please vote after reading the argument . Don't vote because you hate Islam . Thank you very much...

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Should the T leave LBG?


Hello. I'm here to argue for the separation of the T from the LGB. Please note that I do not think the transgender are wrong, or should be attacked or abused or disenfranchised, however I am here to argue that they are separate issues and should be treated as such. If you agree to a debate you agree to these conditions: No religious views, no emotional pleas, and please cite your work when you say something that should be fact checked, example being saying that fish find their home via electrom...

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Con will fail most of these.


I'm doing yet another one of these. I will show the Contender 5 pictures, each with a question. The Contender has to get 3/5 correct, with an explanation. You have 24 hours to figure out the correct answer.The answer is always somewhere in the picture. Here we go!...

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Jurrasic World was not Sexist.


When JW was released in 2015, there was some uproar regarding protagonist Claire Dearing's portrayal. Social Justice Worriers (SJW) accused the film makers of including a sexist stereotype in place of a strong female lead. They pointed to the character's arc, which dealt with Claire breaking out of her cold corporate exterior and embracing more motherly qualities, but primarily they spotlighted the character's excessive use of high heels, which even had her unbelievably running away dinosaurs in...

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The United States Should Abolish The Federal Reserve


Hello welcome fellow fans, if you noticed I've created a very contraversial topic to debate about. As it is a topic I so love to argue. If wanting to debate this topic, please comment below, as you should not be able to accept this debate.Of coarse here are the round rules:Round 1 - AcceptanceRound 2 - ArgumentsRound 3 - RebuttalRound 4 - Counter-Rebuttal(No New Arguments)Defintions...Federal Reserve:

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Should Atheist argue against theism?


As an atheist it becomes increasingly important as I look around to talk about religion, this is in consideration of all of the pain in the middle east and even in america that radical Islam has given such as ISIS. Can educating people that religion is a fabrication do any good? People constantly treat it as such a crime to question people for their beliefs but I feel it to be imperative that people understand in reason, this includes why they hold morally valuable the things that they do, why t...

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Our system of voting leads to rigged outcomes


Currently our presidential campaign is a joke, two people who are running that no sane person truly wants. Our opinions of running candidates come strongly from how well they entertain us, Trump as an example. People sit at home waiting to be entertained by running candidates rather than to be led by true morals. I have to say that something new must come, America will not remain a great nation if it remains plagued with unethical leaders. Question to be answered: Should our voting system be...

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Resolved: Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices.


Resolved: Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices.DefinitionsAdolescent -(of a young person) in the process of developing from a child into an adult.Ought -Used to indicate adesirableor expected state.Right -a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.Autonomous -acting independently or having the freedom to do so.Medical - of o...

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Life is useless without a religious purpose


A person who has no religious purpose only has personal purpose. And only fulfiling personal purposes make the purpose selfish. Because the person cares only about this world and this world can never truly be gained....

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