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THW believes the American dream is dead


Is the American dream just a dream. The top 1% of Americans own 40% of the whole nation's wealth. The top 1% own 50% of the stock market while the bottom 50 own 0.5%. the CEO worked hard for his wealth but did he work 380 times harder than his average workers? The American dream is false, it is an ideal where every us citizen can succeed with the same opportunities by working hard. The sad truth is that upward mobility is very low and geographically unequal. A kid in new york has a higher cha...

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Do we need feminism?


A few rules to start with Pro= we do need feminists Con= we don't need feminists I will be debating from the viewpoint of Con. This debate is to be professional. No personal attacks. Also, don't join unless you're willing to play our the four rounds. Each round (except this one) will be a different common feminist issue. This round is just for accepting and stating whether you agree or disagree with these issues I'm going to bring up. If you like, you can suggest different issues if you 1...

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Trans-Pacific Partnership.


This debate is impossible to accept, if you wish to accept, then please apply in the comments section or feel free to PM me. If you accept without my permission then you shall automatically forfeit the entire debate. Rules1. No forfeits2. Citations should be provided in the text of the debate3. No new arguments in the final speeches4. Observe good sportsmanship and act c...

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The big bang theory is false


I will be arguing against the big ban theory and attempting to disprove it also redeeming myself for past debates...

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Death Battle: Choose your character!


I've decided to make another of these debates. You get to choose your character, and see if he can defeat my character. However, please follow these rules:1) You can only choose 1 character for this debate. No outside help either.2) Your character must not be invulnerable. They can be powerful though, as long as they aren't Superman or anything. There must be many ways to defeat the character.3) No concealing information. Any new information produced in R...

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Do you think Olympic and Paralympic athletes get enough publicity in the media?


Olympics had started in the late 1800"s on the 6th April 1896 and the first Paralympics games were held in Rome, Italy in the late 1900"s in 1960 they had featured 400 athletes from 23 countries following that, Sweden staged the first winter paralympic games. These games are now the second biggest sporting event in the entire world. People argue that athletes may not get the appropriate amount of publicity in the media. Do you think the Olympics and Paralympics are a good idea? Is it worth fundi...

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A Trump Presidency


I will argue that Donald Trump is not fit to be President. His policies will be detrimental to the economy and the country as a whole, he himself does not possess the right character for office, and he lacks the ability to articulate himself, which is crucial for the President to have. This will be purely about Trump and will not include Hillary Clinton, or any other candidate.The first round will be a...

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The Federal Reserve is more harmful to the economy than beneficial


The resolution is as the title states. We will be examining this from a practical and historic perspective....

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Is there racial disparity in our criminal justice system?


Is there racial disparity in our criminal justice system? I believe there is. For example, despite the fact that white and black people use drugs at similar rates, black people are jailed on drug charges 10 times more often than white people are. Black people are also three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than white people are. So yes, there are racial disparity....

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Should kids be able to vote?


Kids should be able to vote because they are granted with responsibilities that adults also face, like: Paying taxes Be liable for crimes Also, everything that adults vote for affect kids' lives, which means, adults control kids 100% of the time....

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