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Civilians in America should not have the right to bear arms.


This debate is about the American 2nd amendment- "the right to keep and bear arms". I am 15, and from the UK where it is illegal for civilians to own guns, and I think that this is the right philosophy to keep with regard to such things. My first argument consists of the fact that guns are unnecessary. They have no use! A gun is often used to protect oneself against people armed with guns. With no guns, there would be no need to carry a weapon. Guns make offence easier and defence harder- a...

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Capitalism works


ok, Im gonna challenge that commie t*rd to a rematch. This time im gonna do what he did. 1.Capitalism works because anyone can become rich 2.It helps small businesses 3.Everyone can do anything 4.It gives you food!!!! YOU WOULD BE STARVING IF YOU DIDNT HAVE CAPITALISM!!! Hope to see you beat that commie. And don't even bring up your fancy sh*t. I want simple stuff....

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The USA should be a confederation.


The United States should be a Confederation; other then a Federation that it is now. A Confederation is a union by compact or treaty between states, provinces or territories that creates a central government with limited powers; the constituent entities retain supreme authority over all matters except those delegated to the central government. In this definition it explains that the Government of the Confederation would NOT have as much power as the United States Government does now. The U...

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Anyone can go to heaven as long as they believe their God is equal to Jehovah?


In the Jewish religion, they believe, as individuals and as a majority, that they can be harmonized to God even after sinning.. By sinning they can lose their souls, but can earn their salvation back through repenting and living morally. In Christianity, an individual must believe Jesus Christ is their Lord and savior to enter the gates of heaven. If you didn't already have this understanding, the Jewish God and the Christian God are the same supreme being. Christianity was established after Jud...

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Should we allow a 4th phase in the keystone pipeline?


resolved: The previous bill and those like it regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline should not pass through government sectors with the current state of regulation. definitions: Keystone XL Pipeline: A Crude Oil Pipeline stretching from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada to Cushing, Oklahoma, U.S.A and Patoka, Illinois, U.S.A with the capacity to carry 830,000 barrels a day The previous bill: H.R.5682 sponsored by Bill Cassidy with three republican cosponsors "To approve the Keystone XL pipeline's fo...

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Perosonal privacy should be suspended when related to matters of national security


National security protects our ability to practice our rights...

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Everything is an illusion.


Bornofgod has a few interesting ideas--make that truths--that I differ (and disagree) on. Foremost is his belief that everything is an illusion, and that that God created that illusion. Bornofgod, can you please restate your arguments that everything is an illusion? Feel free to use Scripture (which will for the purposes of this debate be viewed as the word of God) or any other evidence (although I may be compelled to disprove the credibility of the aforementioned evidence). I hope we ha...

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do you think antonio is an alien?


i believe antonio is an alien because he makes faces out of this world and he reacts to stimulus like a monster seen on videogames. Antonio is also one of the lucky few to have an unique face wich resembels aliens. He is very bad at sports but is naturally body built the only answer is he is an alien...

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Taxes are the best way to lower the national debt


Guidelines for Debate Round 1- Acceptance and arguments for con Round 2- Arguments for pro, rebuttals for con Round 3- Rebuttals for pro, con responds to rebuttals Round 4- Pro respond to rebuttals, con doesn't do anything Burden of Proof Con- to give an alternative to taxes as the best way to lessen the national debt, and then prove that their plan is better than taxes. Pro- To prove taxes are a better plan to lessen the national debt than the cons plan. No trolling or vulgar language!...

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Murder should stay illegal.


1st round is acceptence....

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