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Being vegan


Meat eaters must be either more ignorant to life of earth, less caring or more selfish, than vegans. Or possibly all three. This only applies to the developed world. Tribes, historical societies and any non-developed societies are exempt from this claim....

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Should Caddy get an Xbox One?



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I believe that Superman, without a doubt, would beat Goku in a fight.


I would like to set some ground rules for the debate, it's quite simple. 1. No outside help (such as the Z fighters, or dragon balls.) 2. Let's say the battle ground is earth, but no humans to be harmed because of the battle. 3. Round 1 is to state your opinion and why you chose to support Goku. Rounds 2-3 are straight up debate. Round 4 is conclusions. Please, no foul language. This is a friendly debate. Now, I believe Superman is without a doubt, stronger, faster, and smarter than Gok...

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Interracial dating/marriages is wonderful


I take the position that mixing in with other races than your own is a very good and diverse way for people to live. I'm a Hispanic, but i dislike being restricted to my own race because it's boring. I love diversity, i mean when i was younger, i'd prefer a white girl, but over time, i came to accept all girls: I'd marry an american girl, black, middle eastern girl, indian, Jamaican, African, Filipino, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, etc. doesn't matter what race or culture....

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Capital Punishment.


Many discussions have tackled around the frame of Justice and how it chooses to condemn the criminal fraternity. I would like to hear your opinions regarding such topic, feel free to leave comments all as well. In this debate I would like to argue, whether Capital Punishment is morally acceptable to the Justice realm or not, I am looking forward for this debating opponent. Please state your case, thank you....

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expecting parents should receive parenting classes


I believe that expecting parents should receive parenting classes just for the knowledge. It can benefit them and the baby, a little bit of education will not harm anyone. A parent can learn a new strategy or understand why a child acts the way they do instead of gaining frustration towards to child. I just think its a benefit and should be needed especially for new parents, doesn't hurt to try to learn....

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Age old Battle Matchup


King Leonidas vs. Chuck Norris Who would take the gold ? However to be fair King Leonidas would be stripped of his armor and weapons. Straight up bare knuckles brawl who do you think would take it. We all have heard and debated chuck vs. bruce and that can be debated till the end of time. However I think that this is a debate that can be truly concluded to one winner....

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Grand Theft Auto is destroying kids lives


Grand Theft Auto is a highly graphic game where you get experience and points for breaking the law and not getting caught by the police. It is giving children these days a horrible message and is just getting more advanced. This is a major problem as kids are not understanding or treating real life like a game. It is slowly brainwash the worlds youth. This is making the future something to truly fear....

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Why the death penalty is ineffective and should be banned by the house


In this debate I will be arguing that the death penalty is ineffective and due to its ineffectiveness it should be banned by the house. The reasons that I will use will be that it's expensive, it causes racial disputes, it endangers innocent lives, and finally it doesn't deter crime rates. This is how I will put it down: 1.Introduction of the debate (first round) 2.Opponent's statement that he/she will agree to debate. 3.Arguments from both 4.Rebuttal/or counter argument 5.Conclusion...

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Should India have annexed Pakistani Kashmir in the 1971 Indo-Pak war?


I have restarted this debate because the earlier one was forfeited by the opponent.Though the topic might seem controversial, I will argue for it. I would like to get some more insights into this issue hence the debate. Do be respectful.This debate should be impossible to accept (if i did it right). Notify in comments if you wish to participate in this debate.

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