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1+1=2 (Math)

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Started: 3/12/2009 Category: Science
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will let my opponent go first.


i will prove to you through the use of complex systems that you are, infact wrong that 1+1=2.
it is actually 1+1=4 because 1=2
Step 1: -1/1 = 1/-1

Step 2: Taking the square root of both sides: √-1/1=√1/-1

Step 3: Simplifying: √-1/√1=√1/√-1

Step 4: In other words, i/1 = 1/i.

Step 5: Therefore, i / 2 = 1 / (2i),

Step 6: i/2 + 3/(2i) = 1/(2i) + 3/(2i),

Step 7: i (i/2 + 3/(2i) ) = i ( 1/(2i) + 3/(2i) ),

Step 8: i (i/2 + 3i/(2i) ) = i /(2i) + (3i)/(2i) ),

Step 9: (-1)/2 + 3/2 = 1/2 + 3/2,

Step 10: and this shows that 1=2.
Debate Round No. 1


Well I must first rebut your equation, in step 3 you state the wrong square root, therefore making your argument wrong. "√-1/√1=√1/√-1" is not an actual proper root. And according to Albert Einstein, one of the most famous mathematicians "Even the slightest of errors, can make a genius, a dunce."

Furthermore, according to the Greeks when they first established a number system, they concluded that the order was 0123456789, 0 being the least. And that 0+1 was 1 because 0 is nothing and 1 is just a single thing. Thus, if nothing plus a thing (singular) is one thing, then, one thing plus another thing is two things, considering that 2 is equal to two ones.

Which should we believe in this debate, a problem that attempted to solve 1+1=4, or an equation that has been believed for more than 2000 years?
I urge a PRO ballot. Thank you for your time.


BigMac forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent cannot even show another argument, therefore, I urge a PRO ballot.


Actually, usafkid, I can show another argument, just over the weekend I have a life! so I apologize for not writing my case, I'll try to make up for lost time...

But I digress. You realize the Einstein also proved math false? Einstein created dozens of problems that made sense in the day-to-day world, but in the blurry and obscured eyes of math, they made no sense.

For example, three men walk into a hotel. The manager says that it costs $30 to rent a room with three beds. So each of the men hands over $10, adding up to the fee of $30. Later on the manager had a kind idea and decided to give back $5. He hands 5 singles to his concierge, who then goes up to the men's room. On the way he has an idea, "how am I to split $5 into 3 separate groups? So the boy takes $2 for himself and hands each of the men back a dollar $1+$1+$1+$2(he took)=$5.
So by substitution, each of the men paid $9.
9 x 3=27.
27 + the two dollars taken by the concierge is only equal to $29. You can look this over a million times but you'll never be able to find what happened to the final dollar because it is IMPOSSIBLE!

next, your statement that we should believe something that has been believed for 2000 years is completely illogical.
before Galileo came along, people had thought the earth was the center of the universe for even longer than a couple thousand years. So Math should also be questioned because nothing is exempt from thought.

thank you and please vote Nay. Math is never perfect!
Debate Round No. 3


ChristianM forfeited this round.


once again, math is not always perfect, and my opponent still has not responded.
i still urge a negative ballot. Thank You.
Debate Round No. 4


Ok it actually wasn�?Tt as much a math problem, as a logic and semantics problem. It took me a few minutes to spot the logical fallacy in this problem. I knew it was there, but it was difficult to spot nonetheless.
This is a semantic fallacy. The premise is false, which you can see when you work the equation backwards. The men do pay a total of $9.00 each (total of $27.00) for the room, but only after you add in the amount the concierge took. They paid $25 dollars for the room and the concierge took $2 dollars without their knowledge. ($25 2 = $27.00). At this point the only thing to add back in to get to the original $30.00 is the $3 the men received as a refund. ($27 $3 = $30)
Or to simply it further:
There is a misdirect in the problem when it says that when you do the math each man paid $9 each for the room, plus $2 'tip'. They don't. They pay a combined price of $25.00 plus the $2 'tip'. The problem sets up a set of facts:

* $30.00 was originally given to the hotel manager
* Correct price of the room (including discount recieved) = $25
* Each man receives $1 dollar refund = $3
* The concierge takes $2 'tip'
* $25 for room $2 'tip' = $27
* $30 - $27 = $3 which is how much the men receive back as a refund.

Those are the facts. Once you separate those out, you can see the misdirect in the puzzle. There isn't a dollar discrepancy as listed, all the money is accounted for.
Wording things in misleading ways is what allows swindlers to make a living. By wording it the way they have in the problem, you actually add in the $2.00 to the owner twice, and you don�?Tt add in the $3.00 rebate to the men at all, which leaves you short $1.00.


Wow.... congratulations! You can use Google! For all voters, this debater just went to Google, typed in "3 men and a hotel" and took the second link. then he just COPY AND PASTED IT DIRECTLY. He doesn't know math! He knows Google though. He is a disgrace to mathematicians, this website and debaters everywhere. Now, I can see if he at least MENTIONED the site he used:
But nope, not a single citation or mentioning...

Well, it is obvious that I have no refutations other than that for plagiarism, but I'll try.
Yes, if you do the problem backwards, it works... slightly. But that is still cheating! for example, when you do a maze, if you start at the end and go backwards it is as easy as pie, you cannot start out with the correct answer ad go backwards if it is a math PROBLEM, that is because you, technically, shouldn't know the answer yet. With the answer already there, it is possible through trial and error to do anything correctly.

Ha, you know what? He didn't even put ONE WORD THAT WAS HIS OWN on that entire post, I just realized that, I thought he would at least try to mask his plagiarism somehow... but nah.

So in cessation, please, I urge a positive vote on this........ debate, if you could even call it that. Thank you, and good night!!!

As a joke read this:
New York (CNN). At John F. Kennedy International Airport today, a high school mathematics teacher was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a compass, a protractor and a graphical calculator. According to law enforcement officials, he is believed to have ties to the Al-Gebra network. He will be charged with carrying weapons of math instruction. It was later discovered that he taught the students to solve their problem with the help of radicals!

Math is a joke!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by purplehaze 8 years ago
how come con is winning after the hotel argument? he thought that it would be impossible to find the last $ even though it was never missing......????
Posted by purplehaze 8 years ago
well the hotel owner would have 25euro seeing as he gave a fiver back. and the concierge has 2euro. and the three men have a euro each.......whats the problem.
Posted by Dofusman 8 years ago
w00t! more people see the flaws with modern mathematics! I cant vote because my cell phone won't recieve text messages.
Posted by VoodooChildJr 8 years ago
Big Mac that was impressive. When you told the thing about the three men. That was awesome. You got my vote man.
Posted by BigMac 8 years ago
Wow... For all the hype this debate storred up im suprised barely anyone has voted! I can't vote for myself because of a lack of a cellular phone... Voye con!
Posted by InquireTruth 8 years ago
Points to CON for Pro's plagiarism.
Posted by Nail_Bat 8 years ago
Clearly 1 + 1 = 2. I'll prove it. Take one pile of sand. Add another pile of sand onto it. How many piles of sand do you......dang.
Posted by Dofusman 8 years ago
durrrrrr... Usually, 1x + 1y isn't 2x, at least in conventional mathematics.
1 apple + 1 orange =/= 2 apples...??? unless you apply the stuff from round 1
Posted by PrvnMthws 8 years ago
Lol, the '3 men in a hotel' dilemma is one of the oldest mathematical riddles in the book. Pretty simple once you think outside the box.
Posted by nickoboy1992 8 years ago
Wait, what????

That waiter thing is... idk. All I know about the world is now gone.
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