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1 Round Debate: Evolution is false

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Started: 3/30/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a short debate, only one round, first round is acceptance. Please be knowledgeable on this subject if you want to accept.


I believe that evolution is true because it explains how we became who we are.
Debate Round No. 1


Evolution is taught as a fact not a theory. Yet for something to become a scientific law it must pass accurate tests multiple times without failing a single time. Evolution has failed multiple times yet it is still taught as fact.


Debestdebater20 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by samfranklin 2 years ago
Whoever does not believe evolution is real is probably an idiot.
Posted by Yeeet2016 2 years ago
Evolution has thousands of peices of information behind it with genetics and DNA as support as well. Evolution occurs when a genetic mutation occurs and the body accepts this mutation in a sense. When this happens if the mutation is positive then it could be passed to offspring and so on. Over millions of years we have observed these mutations. What about species to species mutation? We have observed this in moths as well. Evolution is only hard to understand if you're blinded by a religion that makes reality a fallacy and every fallacy a reality.
Posted by boognish 2 years ago
I just did. "It is a fact that organisms change over time. This can be directly observed, and is the very definition of evolution."
Posted by EvangilisticOmega 2 years ago
Ok, thanks for the science lesson. Now answer my question straight.
Posted by boognish 2 years ago
Theories contain and explain facts, observations, and laws. It is a fact that the sun is at the center of the solar system, and that fact is a cornerstone of heliocentric theory (which is still "just" a theory, to use a science denier's vocabulary). It is a fact that many diseases are caused by germs, and that fact is a cornerstone of the germ theory of disease (also "just" a theory). It is a fact that organisms change over time. This can be directly observed, and is the very definition of evolution. The fact that organisms change over time is a cornerstone of evolutionary theory. These theories, like all scientific theories, will remain theories unless/until they are proven false. They will NEVER "progress" from theories to laws. That isn't how science works. There is no progression from hypothesis to theory to fact to law. Theories are the BEST explanations in science. To say that an explanation is "just a theory" is to say that it is the best explanation that there is. An explanation that explains ALL of the known evidence, and is contradicted by none.
Posted by EvangilisticOmega 2 years ago
Then why is it taught as fact?
Posted by boognish 2 years ago
Scientific theories do not become laws. If a theory were to become a scientific law, it would lose all of its explanatory power. Laws merely describe a phenomenon, they do not, and cannot explain them. That is the role of the theory. In the same way that science deniers claim that evolution is "just" a theory, a sun-centered solar system is "just" a theory, and germs as the cause of disease is "just" a theory.
Posted by EvangilisticOmega 2 years ago
Zook, did you read any of the previous comments? If you didn't I can forgive but if you did then you are a complete moron.
Posted by zookdook1 2 years ago
Pro, a large part of the process is sheer logic. If something helps you survive you'll survive longer than someone else without said trait. The only possible part of the process which can be proven 'wrong' is the very start, the mutation.

And I'm sure you understand that mutations occur. We can prove this.
Posted by Greg4586 2 years ago
Pro, you misunderstand how scientific theories and laws work. A scientific theory is no less true than a law, despite the connotation behind the word theory. They are both required to be backed by a base of evidence substantial enough to prove their inherent truth.

The difference between a theory and a law is that a law is demonstrated by math, while a theory is based on observations.
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Reasons for voting decision: Very short arguments from both sides with no real room for differences in conduct or spelling and grammar to develop. Pro wins for argument because CON's entire contribution is an unsupported one-line opinion. Meanwhile although he didn't support it or offer proof either, PRO at least put forward a logical supposition that can be summarised as "Is Evolution X? For it to be X it must be not Y. Evolution is Y". If his assumptions are true, the logic holds. I believe at its heart his argument is incorrect and based on a misunderstanding of what a theory entails in science, as has been explained in the comments. On that basis and due to the lack of support he offers for his answer, almost any argument from CON would have been more convincing. Unfortunately one of the few exceptions to that is a single sentence of opinion with no logic, support or sources which is exactly what CON provided.