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2 + 2 appears to equal 4.

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Started: 11/24/2016 Category: Funny
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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This is a joke debate. I wanted to see whether anyone would actually disagree with the topic. If anyone contends, please say whether you're being serious or joking too. Thank you. The topic is 2 + 2 appears to equal 4. I will be arguing for the topic.

2 + 2 appears to equal 4 because that appears to be the case and thusly is.

In conclusion, 2 + 2 appears to equal 4.


You claim, with no justification, that two plus two appears to equal four. I will grant you the premise that it appears so to YOU. How can you know that it appears to equal four to anyone else? We may pretend that it does because we know society ruthlessly persecutes those of us who voice our disagreement, with your brutal ridicule driving many of us to suicide, thus selecting for conformity.

Apart from the problem of other minds, only applicable due to the semantics of the debate topic, I submit to you that the concept of arithmetic is a colonial invention (whatever that means). To many of the native tribes of Africa and South America, e.g., the Walpiri and the Piraha, there are no integers beyond two: only "many". (I do not know if they have non-integral real numbers that do not belong to [0, 2], and my preliminary research into this area has been fruitless.) It is unethical to impose "Western" civilization and the idea of "fourness" on them; if the Peano axioms are thought of technology, it would be a violation of the Prime Directive.

Now, more seriously, you have not stated what number system you're working in. In Z and R, you're right. In the field of integers modulo 3, for instance, 2 + 2 = 1 (mod 3). Of course, in this system 1 = 4 (mod 3), but that's not the point.

Just concede defeat. I don't want to go three rounds. :)
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Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone. I'm stopping the debate here.
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Posted by PointyDelta 6 months ago
rationalists out out out
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