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2016 Equestrian Presidential Election.

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Started: 12/1/2014 Category: Entertainment
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There is an election this year in Equestria and it is important that every pony votes. Princess Celestia has stepped down as ruling Princess with agreement of the other princesses as they too do the same and has decided to turn Equestria into a Democracy. There are 3 front runners in this Election.

Try to debate how the Pony would.

Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
In this debate these canidates will square off and the entire Equestria will be watching.
In this debate we will be covering topics that every pony wants to know and all the hot button topics.
1. The inportance of an FDA to test the food in Equestria.
2. Rainbow Dash's Rainbow Factory in Cloudsdale.
3. Workfare vs. Welfare
4. NSA(?)
5. Work hours
6 Envirnment/Global Warming
You may post any type of Propaganda when you wish.
First Round Con chooses a canidate.
Second Round Debate Begins Contentions only (Mudslinging may be brought up)
3rd Round is rebuttles by both.
4th Round is Rebuttles and Conclusions
No swearing
No Porn Mudslinging
Note than Noncannon materials may be used in this debate (Pinkie and Rainbow Dash) so I suggest you don't select them as VPs.

As for the Canidate I choose. I choose, Princes Luna.
For my VP I select....


I choose Discord

The vice president is...

(wait for it)

(drum roll please)

(more drum roll please)...

Pinkie Pie!!
Debate Round No. 1


???: Good evening, mares and Stallions. My name is AppleJack and we have a fantastic Debate in store for ya’ll here tonight. How this will work is that some pony will ask a question to Princess Luna or Twilight Sparkle. They will answer the question and will finish all of the main questions. When Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle have finished up. It will then be up to Discord and Pinkie Pie to answer the question. If a question is asked to an individual specifically then the Counter part must intern do the same. For an example, if a question is directed towards Twilight Sparkle then Pinkie Pie and only Pinkie Pie may answer. First up, we have Rainbow Dash, go ahead Darlin’.

Rainbow Dash: With the recent serial killer going loose in Equestia what will you do to stop and find Pinkiemania… this isn’t to be associated with Pinkie Pie. They are two completely different people.

Princess Luna: Well from many news Articles that I have seen online and talked about on the Gamer’s Central we can see that Pinkiemania tends to put the horse meat in her cupcakes and then sells it to the public unknowingly. My first question though is that who is to say that Pinkiemania and Pinkie Pie two different people. According to the news Pinkiemania looks exactly like Pinkie Pie. So for this plan I have two plans. The first is to establish a Food Drug Association that goes around looking and checking all foods, because who’s to say that she’s only using Cupcakes right? This way we can easily find out where and who she is. The second is that I suggest that we establish a safe house for ponies who are not sane and we can separate them from society so that they may live in Harmony and not Discord. We will have a Royal….erh…a…I mean a federal Stallion officer to be incharge of this list and requirements for insanity.

AppleJack: Wow! That was some moving stuff! Scootaloo I believe you are next.

[no answer]

AppleJack: Scootaloo are you out there. [someone nudges Scootaloo and she then stands up] Oh there you are. Your question please darling?

Scootaloo: Well my name is now Absentia, that is ever since going to the Rainbow Factory in Cloudsdale. Which thousands of pegasus’ die in the Pegasus Device in the Rainbow Factory, because they don’t qualify for society in order to make Rainbows. This last week BronyDanceParty was killed by the Pegasus Device. So my Question to you Princess Luna is what will you do to save the poor souls at the Rainbow Factory and what can you do for worker safety?

Princess Luna: That’s a horrible thing that had to be due to the Rainbows, but under me there will be longer nights so you guys can play in the moonlight and this would also render the Rainbow Factory useless and would save all of those unfit for society. Like I had stated before we’ll see if those people are able to go to an insane aslymn. As for worker safety we simply build handles and rails to keep people from falling down like what occurred to BronyDanceParty.

AppleJack: Up next is Rarity on the ESA (Equestrian Security Association).

Rarity: Thank you. Now after Princess Celestia’s Big Sister is watching you campaign and her massive police state enforced by the Royal Guards. What will your take on it Twi?

Twilight Sparkle: Well I know that my teacher was a great leader, but there is one reason that I chose Luna over Celestia and that’s because of her social issues take. Luna believes in Privacy as she doesn’t think the Royal Guards should be kicking down your door at 2 in the morning to make sure you’ve brushed. That’s why we have purposed that we are gutting the ESA and the Manditory Tooth brushing law. Not only does it save us money, but it gives people privacy. But we will continue the background checks to ensure that you’re not a Changeling… Are you a changeling?

AppleJack: Why thank you, next is a worker from the Rainbow Factory Wooden Toaster and he is here to talk about Work hours.

Wooden Toaster: Hello, I have a question for Princess Luna. With the long hours through the day and long into the night we are barely getting any sleep as we only have 8 hours off before we have to go back to work. This past week, the tired BronyDanceParty was killed due to him being tired from such hours.

Princess Luna: Well I purpose that we shorten the work hours significantly so you’ll have enough time to enjoy my night and still be able to get your 8 hours of sleep with time to spare on your evening to enjoy the wounders of the night.

AppleJack: Now please excuse us for a brief commercial break.

AppleJack: And we’re back! Finial question is Fluttershy on the environment.

Fluttershy: I’m concerned with the current environment that my furry friends are wanting change. What shall we do about it Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Well you see we have seen the Apple family apple farm shrink in size since the War with the Changelings. We need to do whatever it takes for us to save our Cider Trees and Apple pie, and Apple Pie Alamo, and…. You get the point, we need to protect our environment.



Random reporter: How will you stop that killer, president Discord?

Discord: [wears serious formal shirt and pants] Don't you worry my dear reporter! I guarantee you, with me you won't have to worry! I'm a food expert! We can cut off part of the food for me to eat!

Pinkie Pie: But you can't eat all that food!

Discord: That's when you're wrong! You see, obviously I'd hire OTHER trustworthy ponies to work and test the food. If we find someone suspicious, then I'll keep an eye--no, BOTH EYES--ah no--THREE eyes on them. Tracking them down and scrutinizing the managers and workers would be a peace of cake!

Rainbow Dash: Discord! Discord! You gotta help me!

Discord: Call me president Discord.

RD: Okay whatever "president Discord". Now, the dear rainbow factory is out of business! Can you believe it! Loads of workers are dying there from the pegasus device, and Luna's just gonna shut down the factory production! That's absolutely terrible!

Discord: Don't you worry now Rainbow Dash! I can help the rainbow factory! With many mechanics working there, they'll fix up the pegasus device so that it can co-exist with those pegasi and work well with them. And to doubly make sure, I'll put safety mats everywhere, along with helmets for those pegasi. Even more, if the pegasi accidentally fall off the clouds, too surprised to fly back up, we'll have monitors installed in tall trees so we can see them! Then, we can just hire an emergency rescue squad to run there ASAP. Don't worry, they'll be fast. We have them stationed around the ground to look out.

Rarity: Absolutely stunning fashion Discord! How'd you obtain this fabric and--*cough cough* sorry about that dearie. So tell me now, Pinkie, how will YOU change the royal guards?

Pinkie: With me around, nobody can escape my grasps! That includes YOU, and YOU, and YOU, and YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU--

Rarity: I think that's enough, Pinkie. We get the idea of how much ponies are included in your wide grasp. How will you watch all of them?

Pinkie: The stations aren't just used for the rainbow factory, silly. They obviously won't have to work 24-7, just keep a careful eye. The monitor guards can also do informational checks on specific areas, so that the jobs would be spread all about and you wouldn't have to do everything on your own!

Derpy: Excuse me magical "Draconeqeus", how will you sir help the work hours? I've been repairing Dr. Hoove's time machine for hours on and on! It's really tiring.

Discord: Don't you worry now, I understand completely. Doesn't everybody deserve a little--

Pinkie: FUN?!

Discord: ......So I will impose a policy that allows you to take manditory breaks, so overall we won't have to shorten the work hours, we will only overall cut off 30 to 40 minutes, but that' much more effective than Luna's policy. That way you can have--


Derpy: I love--


Discord: Alright, enough of the--


Discord: Seriously, we need to get to the environment issues instead of the--


[Discord stares intently at Pinkie]

Pinkie: *Squee* Sorry about that. So, what's wrong with the environment?

The CMC arrives, Apple Bloom speaks: Well, we don't have our environmental cutie marks yet, but we've learned that the trees are being cutting down and there's lots of pollution. Fluttershy is very worried about the sake of her animal friends.

Pinkie: Oh, that's a shame. *Thinks thoughtfully for a moment* I got the perfect solution! Doctor Hoove's recently made a special invention recently. We can use that vaccuum thingiemagig to suck up the pollution, then, when the Changelings or some enemy comes to attack, we spray it right in their faces! It's the perfect solution!

[Discord's face visibly pales]

Discord: Well, heheh, hopefully we won't have to use the pollution against our enemies when they invade, or when we invade enemy territory. We'll try to keep peace traties and alliances with as much bordering countries as possible. With good trade, we'll make lots of friends. And friendship is magic, no? [Halo appears above Discord's head while Discord pulls the Mane Six with Spike in a tight hug]

[Twilight rolls her eyes]
Debate Round No. 2


Princess Luna: I can’t say that I’m not horrified by my opponent’s response. I can see it now. Packaging labled Discord. With his chaos abilities God only knows what that would taste like….

Twilight Sparkle: Princess…Princess *nudges Princess Luna*

Princess Luna: Sorry, was trailing off into space right there for a moment, anyways, my opponent simply cannot keep an eye on Pinkie Pie…. Whoops I mean Pinkiemania. *Get’s glaring look from Twilight Sparkle* Hey sorry, the names are just so close together. It would be impossible without tracking the food. Somehow Pinkiemania has made horse meat untastabled in her cupcakes somehow. Which makes me ask you, the audience, when’s the last time you’ve eaten a cupcake? Without a system where we track down the culprate by protecting our food. Do you like pie? *AppleJack slightly noods in agreeance* How do we know what’s in the Pie without us having the agency of which I purposed and then we can truly have good pie and Pinkiemania would be in an insane aslyumn.

As for the Rainbow Factory, we must shut it down immidatiately. We have already seen the sickness and health side effects of it’s pollution and that how it is killing innocent Ponies and we are all feeling the side effects between the deaths from Pinkiemania and the deaths at the Rainbow Factory we need to do something about it. We also have this new footage that Rainbow Dash has killed her sister Absentia, now look to see that she is no longer in the crowd. *Everyone turns to look for Rainbow Dash and Absentia and notices that they have both left* You see, any one of us might be next and if we don’t implement my plans then we shall all fall to Pinkiemania or the Pegasus Device. Twilight, my dear, I believe that it’s your turn.

Twilight Sparkle: *Puts down book* Alrighty then, Pinkie Pie just wants to transition the ESA from Celestia to her and this would make things worse. Just imagine if Sombra or Pinkiemania get’s a hold of it. Sombra has been known for his Crystal hacking and this would put us all in jeporady if this plan get’s implamented so we must shut it down immediately.

Princess Luna: Great point Twilight, now the working hours does need to be cut back, but if we cut back to 40 minutes we won’t get enough production from Apple family and will be missing tons of food supplies and all ponies would starve. I do purpose a 5 hour work day with a lunch break in there. This way we can all go out and play the newest version of Fallout Equestia. Then when we are done with that we can go out and play in the night, go to sleep and get lots of beauty sleep.

Twilight Sparkle: If we use Doctor Whooves Device we would also suck in the rainbows meaning that the pegasi that have suffered at the hands of the Pegasus Device would have all died in vain. My opponent is advocating Genopony (Geocide) by doing this. If we close down the factories like I have purposed then we would have zero pollution and we would be able to plant more trees, because there is no more factories being built so no trees would be needed to cut them down. We also need a tree museum in order to make sure that nature is preserved. Fluttershy would be in charge of this.

AppleJack: Thank now we must go to another commercial break.

Commercial: (

Next Commercial: (

If you have suicidal thoughts please call the suicide hotline at 777-777-Pink.

AppleJack: Now we’re back, Discord what’s ya’lls thoughts on this?



Pinkie Pie: Gasp! I'm going on a rampage? I KNOW I'd never go on a rampage! Even to me, me going on a rampage is crazy! Me would never go on a rampage!

Discord: Please ignore my assitant's rambling. Now, my opponent talks about how it's nearly impossible to find Pinkiemania... or in fact, spot the poison in her food. But this demolishes her original plan, because the FDA is worthless know that we know Pinkiemania's food poisoning can't be spotted by the FDA. On the other hand, my plan still works out because Pinkie has her pinkie senses, allowing her to learn whenever food is poisonous. I can also use my magic to make the food clear and edible (and although the design may look really awry....) it's better than wasting money on the FDA, which my opponent admitted couldn't surpass the mastermind Pinkiemania.

Now, to address the Rainbow factory, I clearly understand the threat of Rainbow Dash. I will personally see to it that she is arrested as soon as possible. In fact, she is already trapped in this cage. *snaps fingers* [R.D. appears in a cage]


Discord: See? We are perfectly safe from Dashie now.

[Rainbow Dash gnaws on the cage]

Pinkie Pie: You think people can hack ME? Hack ME? Don't talk about hack "me", they can't even Hack. Or for that matter, I'll make sure they won't even "ha"! You know I'll hire those techno-experts so that King Sombra and the Changelings have no chance at even "Ha-ing" my computers and monitors. Plus, I can track down the sources with those new antennas so we can get find and rid of them once and for all!

Discord: [looks intently at Luna] My princess, in my life I have never known a 3 hour deduction to be LESS than 40 minutes! Why, certainly I can manipulate time, but even at best all I can do is to make one minute last one second longer than two minutes. My opponent may have fooled you, but I'm certainly NOT fooled! The workers can certainly play that super cool game during their breaks (that, by the way, occur over the course of the work-day, not just at the end), and they'll be satisfied, instead of lethargically eagerly waiting for those 5 hours to be over just so they can play that addicting game.

Pinkie Pie: You dare accuse of Doctor Whooves' vaccuum being able to suck in rainbows??! It does no such thing. And even if it does, we can still hire Rainbow Dash along other fast pegasi to quickly rebuild those rainbows. And our vaccuum isn't the only thing; we'll obviously plant more trees to help clean up the pollution.


Debate Round No. 3


Princess Luna: YOU LIE! *In Canterlot Voice*

Twilight Sparkle: Calm down Princess, you don’t need to release Nightmare Moon again.

Princess Luna: *Blushes* Sorry *Voice returns to normal* I have anger issues…. Anyways, my opponent is twisting my words much like his horn. You see the Pony meat is tasteless to the average pony, but the FDA will be able to test the foods and be sure what’s there and we will be able to find Pinkiemania. We can also help verify the amount of food and the value will go up and thus we can export more goods to the Changeling Empire and other places to our the Equestian economy. My opponent is making food out of thin air which makes me question where he is getting it. Surely he isn’t working with Pinkiemania, or is he? To add to that, if Pinkie’s senses are as keen as we all know them to be then why hasn’t she found Pinkiemania? Or is she really Pinkiemania since they look so similar?

My opponent still believes that we are still safe from Rainbow Factory, but he needs to remember that there is many co-conspirators that also work there, we know that Wooden Toaster is one, but we do not know much about the others concidering those that go in don’t normally go back out. With that being said how could someone capture her so quickly. It’s obvious that my opponent is co-consipirating with Cloudsdale people. Secondly are we really sure that is really Rainbow Dash and not a Changeling? This is apparent that my opponent just fished up a Changeling and made it turn into Rainbow Dash for the pure fact that it would give him a few votes. So in theory and fact my opponent hasn’t done a thing.

Twilight Sparkle: You see my opponent is still on it about trying to cut down on the hackings, but she doesn’t realize that quantum amount of the byproduct that this causes on the mental estate of every pony. Discord has even been caught wire tapping and hacking into personal computers. As seen here. Most of his ideas could have been stolen from Trixie, who ran against him in the primaries which makes sense on why they seemed to agree so much.

Princess Luna: My opponent has stated that he plans to manipulate time, but this shows the crookedness of his ways that he still hasn’t learned from his past mistakes of his chaos. What makes you so sure that he won’t do that again as I had showed through the first commercial that I that aired showing that he is that we are a mere unit that is a steping stone onto his way on ensuring that he is a royal Monarch again. He has done this twice and he is poised to surely do this again and his plans show the exact motives of his running.

Twilight Sparkle: Hah! I knew it! My opponent’s here are running a conspiracy while they captured Rainbow Dash they are now going to free her to kill more ponies for this showing that Discord is going to use a dangerous Presidential Pardon.

Princess Luna: I thank you all for your time and hope you vote for me. Remember a vote for me will double the fun.

Pinkie Pie: FUNNNNN!

AppleJack: Now let’s go to commercial.

Commerical 1: (

Commercial 2: (

Commercial 3: (

AppleJack: Now we're back. Discord, you're finial thoughts on things.


Discord: I lie? I do no such thing. Here, let me show you evidence: [snaps fingers] *A "past ghost" of Luna appears.
Past Luna: "... It would be impossible without tracking the food. Somehow Pinkiemania has made horse meat untastabled in her cupcakes somehow. " *Past Luna disappears*

Discord: See? I make no false accusations. Luna made a generalized comment about "made horse meat untastabled" (is that even a word?), never mentioning how the FDA would manage to test out these meat. How will these FDA even gain the slightest hint that it is poisoned? The answer is, they can't. On the other hand I have magic and Pinkie has her Pinkie sense. Now, to address her "evil twin", it's probably a criminal mastermind painted herself to look like Pinkie. After all, when I watch over Pinkie while she sleeps--


Discord: Oh well yes, I have nothing much else to do, I can sleep in the morning or have naps in the afternoon. Anyhow, I didn't notice any disturbance, so Pinkiemania can't be Pinkie Pie.

As to address Rainbow Factory, closing it down wouldn't help either. It would greatly descrease production. As I said before we would keep a close eye on them and do lots of background checks to make sure the workers are trustworthy. For now we'll replace the workers just in case they happen to be co-conspiritors. My opponent accuses me of grabbing a changeling, but cannot prove so. And even if I "cheated" by using a Changeling, it only highlights how I can arrest changelings and manage to let them work under my command. Hey, if it was truly rebellious wouldn't it NOT turn or turn into something else?

Now to talk about the hackings, I was only trying to view to see if any virus were on those computers. Not only so, my program can oversee the processes and prevent evil ponies from contacting each other via email or face-time. Sure, an over-whelming amount of me can blow the system, but that just proves how awesome I am.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, you stole my quote!

Discord: Shut up Rainbow Dash. [snaps finger to zip Dashie's mouth shut]
Now then, I've addressed everything. I believe that my policies are gazillions of times better than my opponent's for the reasons I [snaps finger, summons suitcase] I rest my case. [Suitcase snores]
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Blade-of-Truth 2 years ago
I said I would vote on this debate to Lannan, but I'm going to have to withdraw that vote. I hate MLP, did not know that's what this topic was on, and also don't know anything regarding who would make the best president.

I wish you both the best of luck as this voting period continues.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
I know, just...the way it's worded...XD
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
No, this meaning that if the question is directed towards a VP candidate the other VP candidate must answer for your side when it's your turn.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
"if a question is directed towards Twilight Sparkle then Pinkie Pie and only Pinkie Pie may answer."
Sigh, Pinkie always being pinkie, using her amazing pinkie sense to answer questions for twilight
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
I'll take that as a yes.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
hold on can Princess Cadence be my Vice Prez?
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
hold on can Princess Cadence be my Vice Prez?
Posted by Ore_Ele 2 years ago
PM me if you'd like me.
Posted by Ore_Ele 2 years ago
I want to take this, but I don't want any of those three. How about opening to all ponies, and include VP candidates.
Posted by inSTALINwetrust 2 years ago
I want to debate this wow let me accept...
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