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3 Most Awesome New Technologies

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Started: 7/5/2011 Category: Technology
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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This is another debate of mine that isn't based on pro/con sides, but on the preference of the voters. Here we will each be putting forth three examples of new technology that we think are awesome, and explaining why we think so. These should be 21st century technologies (the year 2000 and after), although I cannot be too strict about that stipulation because most inventions have precursors that extend back years. You'll have to use your own judgement there, but keep in mind that the voters will also be judging whether or not your example constitutes "new" technology. There will be no arguing against your opponent's technologies, and try not to use the same examples they have used (again, that may be difficult to determine in some cases, but is another issue that will ultimately be decided by the voters). To avoid overlaps, please try to be specific; don't say something like "nanotechnology" or "bio-enhancement" or some other huge field of science that encompasses hundreds or thousands of technologies. Also, there must be some functional models of this technology in existence; it can't just be theoretical. Lastly, I will also leave it up to each of us and the voters to decide what "awesome" means. May the most awesomest examples win, lol. Good luck.

My first example of awesome new technology is the invisibility cloak. This is not your grandfather's cloaking technology, where the scene behind an object is filmed and displayed on screens in front of the object (like in the G.I. Joe movie), or where a "green screen" is used to project a background image onto all parts of footage that are a certain color. This is invisibility accomplished by the use of metamaterials that can actually bend light along a proscribed pathway around an object and re-assemble it on the other side [1].

This technology is useful for much more than just light invisibility too; it will eventually be useful for manipulating any and all types of wave energy. Sound cloaks will result from this, making ships invisible to sonar, and allowing each of us to have our own peaceful sound bubbles [2]. Tsunamis will be bent to flow around islands and continents [3]. Earthquakes will bounce harmlessly through the Earth's crust, missing populated areas, as if they were not there [4].

There are, of course, potentially negative side-effects of this technology [5], but good or bad, the technology certainly is awesome! Wouldn't you agree?



While I agree that an invisibility cloak would be a "cool" technology - It limited uses would make it less of a game changer than you might expect. I would propose that the technology that we are in desperate need of right now is a type of Super Battery. We need a battery that can push out a charge equivalent to two car batteries for a prolonged period of time (say 2 weeks). This would allow such idea's as; electric cars, personal automated robots, robotic limb replacement/augmentation, and personal data devices that ran for weeks instead of hours.
Debate Round No. 1


BenMitchell, please take a moment to read the rules of this debate before posting your next round. You have several blatant violations in your first post. You start with a critique of my argument, when I specifically said "There will be no arguing against your opponent's technologies..." And you have proposed a purely theoretical technology, when I also specifically said "...there must be some functional models of this technology in existence; it can't just be theoretical." The citations you include are of battery innovations, but they are not examples of the type of battery that you have proposed, making your proposal a simple "hey, what if...?" Each of your citations is also based on a vastly different technology, making them citations of two different technologies, one of which also does not exist yet. Why didn't you just use the battery cited in your first example as your suggestion of an awesome new technology? That would have sufficed. Again, please read the rules.

My second example of an awesome new technology is the decoding of complex neural transmissions. This is not an example of a specific, physical invention, but of a process of technological development (an information technology, if you will) which has been enabling the creation of some very cool new devices. In 2003 "scientists in North Carolina had built a brain implant that lets monkeys control a robotic arm with their thoughts, marking the first time in history that mental thoughts and intentions had been harnessed and were able to move a mechanical object and perform various tasks such as grabbing objects and adjusting the grip.[1] Last year, Professor Patrick Haggard presented a non-invasive method of trans cranial magnetic stimulation that allowed his assistant to manipulate the motor cortex of his brain to produce movement in his body that he did not initiate.[2] Kind of scary to think about someone being able to make your body do stuff that you aren't in control of, but it's a necessary step in the process of ultimate computer-human interface (CHI, as I like to call it). This year, a device was made for which I have no other word than "awesome!" A bracelet-like device called Possessed Hand that can be fitted over the arm, and can stimulate nerves leading to the fingers to play guitar chords without the user knowing the song or even how to play a guitar!!![3] Goodbye air guitar; now we will all be able able to rip riffs like a pro without a single lesson (although our fingers will be bleeding until we form some calluses, but who cares!?!)

You know what this is all leading up to, don't you? You remember in The Matrix, when Neo learns Kung Fu by downloading the knowledge right into his brain? Well, we're gonna be spouting that line to other for real some day ("I know Kung Fu."), and THAT is gonna be awesome!



BenMitchell forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Chamaeleon forfeited this round.


BenMitchell forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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