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3minem iz th bet raper

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Started: 8/25/2015 Category: Education
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hai i wil argue imnem i s bes rap artiist.


Eminem is not the best rap artist, a rap god cannot be judged by mere mortals and thus cannot be an artist as artists have to accept their creations and art to be indefinitely judged and linked to their own worth and reputation.

Eminem is not a mere rap artist, he is out of their league.

Debate Round No. 1


As you can see, con has not provided a stable opening with evidence to back it up, claiming that he is a "god". I see no proof of his omnipotence, omniscience, or omnipresence, so this is easily refuted. Now I will follow up on why I Eminem is the best rapper.

1: Sales and Records
Eminem is the best selling rap artist of all time, and has since 2014 surpassed Tupac in amount of albums sold. He has had 83 top 100 chart songs, as well as many platinum records. He is the most successful rapper, and probably the best known of all time (Although that is speculation, not based on evidence, I will point that out right now. )

2: Lyricism
Eminem is best known for his witty rap, and his un-politically correct demeanor in rap. He is able to change between different characters, and basically "Ract" Out the situation, or explain it clearly using his own words and rhythm. His song "Rap God" Has the most words in a hit song ever, with around 1600, and each one of them is heard very clearly.

3: He has a disability!

It's true, Slim Shady has a disability that affects his brain, and how it functions. In high school, he was beaten badly by a bully, and his head was damaged in the process, causing him to have at least one seizure. If this brain injury affects him, and he is still out-preforming most other rappers today, that is something to marvel

4: Closing...

All in all, Eminem is not the best person in the world, or the most horrible. He's a normal human being, and that's what makes him so great. He doesn't rap about the club, prostitution, hoes, bitches, guns and money. (Maybe guns..) but other things....that are just as controversial. So, as you can see, all these things make Eminem great! Vote Pro!


Last Round Etiquette

Normally, raising new points in the last round is frowned upon in the debating world but I literally cannot win or refute the brand new points made by Pro without raising a few brand new ones of my own. Please forgive me for this, thank you.


This is a total rumor. He vaguely referenced it in his song brain damage and bully but it was total attention grabbing nonsense which even resulted in his accused bully trying to sue him for millions and almost winning the case.

Arguably Eminem’s only real ‘disability’ in the rap game was that he was white. This ended up helping him gain fame so much easier than he would have had he been black and rapped what he’d rapped. His being white gained him a wildfire spreading reputation. In the song ‘White America’ he admits that He took Dre’s black fans in exchange for his white ones and that was the only time he began to ‘blow up’ and get ‘famous’ to an extremely competitive level.


Totally subjective and literally zero evidence given. Pro had full burden of proof this debate and loses this point for not sufficiently proving it. In addition Eminem never uses the N-word, has basically become more and more mainstream with snowball effect from the day he came out to now and has only ever collaborated with popular rappers. His most recent collab with Tech N9ne (first vid) only happened after Tech kept begging him for years and finally got famous enough of Eminem to care. To call him ‘politically incorrect’ or a rebellious witty guy with a unique demeanour is rather outlandish (other than anger his demeanour doesn’t strike as unique at all).

What is important to realize about Eminem is that he began getting richer and succeeding more in years where he released mainstreamish albums as opposed to underground or passionate ones. The notion that his lyricism is superb is hilarious. His lyrics are childish at best, it’s his delivery and willingness to fuse with pop and sell his ‘hip hop’ pride in order to get the most out of pop/mainstream fans that led to his success.

His lyrics and rap ability are rather average, what he has specialized in is making good beats and rapping fast to it. Speed and music quality are not lyricism. A perfect mockery of just how rubbish his ‘Not Afraid’ (one of his best sellers) is in the second vid I posted. Two of his others best sellers are extreme collabs where the others’ singing and/or rapping ability carried him and were the reason why it happened; Love the Way you Lie and Airplanes.

‘Richest Rapper Ever’

Eminem is not the richest rapper ever. He spends so much on his music and music video production as well as tours that he simply doesn’t make massive profit due to large expenses.

He has no business endeavours (50 Cent, Jay Z Dr Dre Minaj and P Diddy all have extra-curricular ways of earning cash that makes them very rich while people like Wiz and Eminem try too hard to just make money off of rap and fall off the top 10 very, very soon.

What Pro meant was that Eminem’s singles and/or albums have sometimes on their own been very big sellers relative to others in that period of time. This is not surprising as Eminem is rather good at releasing things with long gaps in between at specific times when the industry is boring or low on hype for anyone else.

The Rap God Round 1 Line of Attack

In the song ‘rap god’ Eminem excellently points out a simple truth:

"Oh, he's too mainstream."
Well, that's what they do
When they get jealous, they confuse it
"It's not hip hop, it's pop."
'Cause I found a hella way to fuse it

Eminem’s secret to success was venturing away from rap and becoming a mainstream artists who happens to rap rather than a rap artist who happens to do mainstream. This key strategy evolved him into something in a totally different league than rap itself and allowed him to earn money off of music without having to show off his money or care about business endeavours.


Eminem is a rap god, in a totally different league to other rappers. He is not the best lyricist, not the richest either both by a large margin too. He specialize din speed of rap and worried less about being aggressive and ‘rebellious’ as Pro suggested he was and rather became mainstream and a happy part of the program.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by ADHDavid 2 years ago
Actually, I never said Eminem is the highest paid rapper.
Posted by Tough 2 years ago
troll is mad that he got out trolled lmao
Posted by ADHDavid 2 years ago
Con provides literally no argument against Eminem being the best rapper, going on to explain he is a "rap god"

there is no evidence of him being a "rap god" as a god is an immortal being that has omnipotence, omniscience, and or omnipresence. Eminem is not any of those.

you cannot tell people to give you a point when you make an invalid statement yourself.
Posted by ADHDavid 2 years ago
Con provides literally no argument against Eminem being the best rapper, going on to explain he is a "rap god"

there is no evidence of him being a "rap god" as a god is an immortal being that has omnipotence, omniscience, and or omnipresence. Eminem is not any of those.
Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 2 years ago
Reverse noobsnipe.
Posted by ADHDavid 2 years ago
a u cn se, emniemem iz bet raper
Posted by ADHDavid 2 years ago
ur jus jeluis tha i don thin ur fav rapper is th besst
Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 2 years ago
You see, the thing is, Pro is letting on that he is nowhere near as intelligent as he actually is.....
Posted by ADHDavid 2 years ago
3minim is th be raper
Posted by MagicAintReal 2 years ago
What's a bet raper?

It sounds like someone who gambles on whether or not they will rape someone.
Or someone who rapes casinos.
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Reasons for voting decision: Spelling and grammar go to Con due to Pro's mistakes. Sources to Con due to him outsourcing Pro. He uses his sources to back-up his points and Con does this best to attack Pro's points. The greatest thing on this debate is that Pro had to escentially argue that Eminem was great, but not too great in order to win, however, much of his own argument actually supported Con's case and with that I have to give the arguments points to Con.