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4chan Should Be Banned

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Started: 5/25/2010 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Why Would You Even Want A Site With Pedos On It?


First and foremost, 4chan is not a site designed for pedophiles. While they're might be quite a few of active users that are indeed pedophiles, not one board is dedicated to pedophilia. A list of all boards is shown below.
* Anime & Manga
* Anime/Cute
* Anime/Wallpapers
* Mecha
* Cosplay & EGL
* Cute/Male
* Flash
* Transportation
* Otaku Culture
* International
* Video Games
* Comics & Cartoons
* Technology
* Television & Film
* Weapons
* Auto
* Animals & Nature
* Traditional Games
* Sports
* Science & Math
* Oekaki
* Papercraft & Origami
* Photography
* Food & Cooking
* Artwork/Critique
* Wallpapers/General
* Music
* Fashion
* Toys
* 3DCG
* Sexy Beautiful Women
* Hentai
* Ecchi
* Yuri
* Hentai/Alternative
* Yaoi
* Torrents
* Rapidshares
* High Resolution
* Animated GIF
* Travel
* Health & Fitness
* Paranormal
* Literature
* Advice
* News
* Random
* Request
* ROBOT9000

Clearly, most boards on 4chan are clean interest boards. Though some might be rather risque, there is no mention of pedophilia anywhere.

Furthermore, posting of child pornography results in a permaban. Also, nearly every site on the internet has 'pedos' on it. Google has pedos. Youtube has pedos. I'm sure has at least a few pedophiles registered. This doesn't mean that all sites that have pedophile members should be banned, if that were so, I'm sure we would be looking at a rather bland internet. Even if your insinuation of 4chan being entirely composed of pedophiles, it still should not be banned. Banning a site based on the sexuality of its members is complete bigotry. Even though the majority of people, including me, would frown on pedophiles, I still believe they have the right to use the internet, and browse any site at their leisure.
Debate Round No. 1


I guess you can say i worded it wrong
what i mean is wat they show there is unappropriated
and very easy to get too.
yes i know it is not designed for pedos but pedos post child porn at times which is illegal
it should at least be filtered better from such things

yes my argument is short but you get the message


TK_Sanders forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Vote for pro


Many many many sites on the internet have inappropriate things on them, much more than 4chan, maybe you should do some research by just typing a few things in google.

Vote con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by RoyLatham 7 years ago
Pro did not make a case. He had to prove that 4chan has a substantial amount of pedophilia interest and that it is so bad as to outweigh rights of free speech. He did not even attempt to show 4chan was a site for pedophiles, he merely asserted it without proof.

I'll note that anime characters are often deliberately made age-ambiguous. They are alleged to be young, but are drawn as quite mature, with the exception of large child-like eyes. Pedophiles are after children that look like children.

Con wins S&G (Pro starts by capitalizing every word in a sentence), arguments, and references (the 4chan topic list was the only reference in the debate). Pro wins conduct for Con's forfeit.
Posted by Korashk 7 years ago
Why should we vote Pro when Con effectively negated your "arguments" ?
Posted by SukiWater 7 years ago
Gosh, I was just about to accept it! :)

I'd love to see the outcome of this debate, and personally agree with CON.
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Vote Placed by RoyLatham 7 years ago
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