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80's hair metal is better than modern metalcore.

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Started: 7/21/2015 Category: Music
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80's hair metal (or glam rock) is better than modern metalcore for three simple reasons. These reasons are:
1. The lyrics are powerful and are about something important in 80's hair metal.
2. They sing their lyrics with a technique known as power singing. Whereas modern metalcore simply involves screaming(not saying that I don't like this, I simply prefer the former)
3. They look better and have a greater stage presence in hair metal.

So, reason 1. The lyrics and subsequently the songs have a much more powerful sense of importance in hair metal. A good example of this is 'Home Sweet Home' by Motley Crue. It has been voted as one of the best power ballads in the world (17th). The term power ballad means a song about love and romance while conveying it in a powerful, rock'n'roll style. The song represents Motley Crue's desire to go back to what they love, even if that is away from music (shown by the use of it as an encore for their final tour at download 2015). This shows the honesty in the song and it's lyrics saying (or singing) 'I'm on my way, home sweet home' a feeling we have all felt and can relate to, unlike metalcore about hate and violence which is not always relatable. Another example of a heavier hair metal song with the same vocal power and lyrical meaning is 'youth gone wild' by Skid Row. This song shows how society has rejected youth and called them 'problems child' because they want to have fun and be themselves.

2. Power singing is greater than modern metalcore screaming or growling. Vocalists who have the ability to power sing show greater range and vercitility on how they can sing as well as making it more appealing to listen to. It conveys an ability and shows how it has taken hours of practice, whereas I, without any training manages to create an effective scream. Power singing means people can understand the lyrics and appriciate a great song (such as Poison's 'every rose had its thorn') without having to be a metal head.

3. The visual aesthetics of a hair metal band is greater than that of the modern metalcore group. The long hair shows how they are free and can have hair in a way that society may not feel is appropriate. The costumes may also convey a freeness in themselves and their sexuality, such as Vince Neil's look from Motley Crue's 'Shout at the Devil album'. The dramatic visuals of Kiss and Twisted sister demand a greater stage presence than the average modern metalcore band due to the eye catching makeup and costume. And although these twisted visuals are odd, they are accepted as how people look, and each band has a different look, compared to the practically identical visual looks of a modern metalcore band.

To conclude my debate, although metalcore created good music and has many notable and impressive bands, the genre of 80's hair metal outweighs the scale of greatness due to the three main points that I have presented to you.


I will argue that modern metalcore music is better than 80's hair metal by rebutting Pro's arguments as well as providing my own.

Pro argues that in 80's hair metal, the lyrics are powerful and important. This is the same in Metalcore. Take this example from "Farwell To Shady Glade" by metalcore band Of Mice & Men:

"All these memories see right through you to me.
I keep losing sleep cause the words you failed to say.
Looking back at mistakes you were wrong.
Should have seen this coming all along.
No days I could take, no months I could spend at your waste.
Oh, you'll never know"

Pro says that Metalcore only involves screaming. How could something as well constructed as this verse be nothing more than "screaming"?

Pro also says metalcore is about hate and violence. I think Pro is confusing metalcore with screamo. Screamo is emo lyrics delivered with screamed vocals, usually with a violent or negative topic. Metalcore is a mix of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Metalcore vocals can go anywhere from softly sang to deathly growls. It depends on the instrumentation that accompanies it that gives metalcore its name.

Its also ludicrous for Pro to claim that all metalcore is hateful and violent. That's like saying all Pop is about sex, all Rap is about drugs, all Punk is about rebellion, etc. It just simply isn't true.

Pro thinks metalcore is only screaming/growling. Not all metalcore vocalists scream or growl, many of them sing. And many others have a talent for both. It might seem like it requires little to no talent to scream, but without practice and proper care, screamers can damage their vocal cords permanently.

Pro claims that he can deliever an effective scream without practice, but I doubt he has ever tried with an entire band behind him, in front of 1,000+ people. I bet his scream wouldn't be so effective then.

Metalcore performers also carry a strong stage presence and fashion ability. Most of them do this by getting tattoos or wearing leather, dying their hair, growing it out, etc.

Link to that Of Mice & Men song:
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