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9spaceking is a master debater

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Started: 10/27/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a troll debate. We will not define master debater because that's the fun part of the debate.
You have four options, you can only chose one:
1. Accept round one and have the last round for rebuttals and conclusion (but no new arguments)
2. Start round one and just "Pass" the last round
3. Concede round one and give me the victory I deserve, because we both know that I'm not a master debater
4. Post a video of you Vomit all over the carpet for Round 1, then Round 2- videotape himself in the middle of an FBI raiding his house, then get beaten up madly by the FBI, Round 3- pro will stage his body so it looks like he was brutally murdered and film the reaction of an unsuspecting loved one happening upon the body. Round 4--Suicide in a vast explosion of nuclear bombs


Alas. The time for my first ever troll debate has come.

I accept this challenge.

I wish my opponent the best of luck and may the trolliest troll win.
Debate Round No. 1


Obviously I am not a master debater, whatever my opponent thinks it is.
Below are pictures of examplar master debaters.

So here are the list of known true "master debaters":
-Sarah Palin
-Anyone who wins versus themeslves (but note the doubt within the photo, this is not confirmed)
-George Bush?
-The most interesting man in the world

Let's just put Bluesteel and Raisor up there too, since they're definitely the top two debaters on this site.

Now what are the traits of the "master debater"? We can't be exactly too sure, but we know these pictures have something in common:
-The try to distract you
-They have unneccessarily complex backgrounds
-They all have eyes, hands, and mouths needed to debate
-The words "master debater" is somewhere near them in the picture
-They're all handsome/pretty (the dinosaur, I am certain, is handsome for a dinosaur)

However I cannot distract anybody. I'm a king. I recieve all the attention. (below: a painted mural of me and my subjects)

In addition, my background is actually necessarily complex, since I'm a king.

Furthermore, I have no eyes, mouth, or hands. My subjects type all of this up. Those hands, eyes, and mouths are just drawn in there from the artist's imagination to not offend me. This is what I actually look like:

As you can see "Master Debater" is nowhere in that picture.
I am obviously not handsome, because I am handNONE.

I fulfill none of the requirements for a "master debater". There is no way I am a "master debater". No. Way.
Onto you Adam.


*Unfortunately, my computer can't upload pics or copy paste them here."


1)Traits of a master debater

"Now what are the traits of the "master debater"? We can't be exactly too sure, but we know these pictures have something in common:
: -The try to distract you
-They have unneccessarily complex backgrounds
-They all have eyes, hands, and mouths needed to debate
-The words "master debater" is somewhere near them in the picture
-They're all handsome/pretty (the dinosaur, I am certain, is handsome for a dinosaur)"

My opponent has committed what is called a logical fallacy fallacy.

LET me begin by repeating the words of the great master-debater, Debatability.

"Correlation does not equal causation."

Just because there's something in common between the pictures, DOES not mean that these are the traits of a master debater. My opponent has tried to use reverse psychology here. Here he tries to make the readers think that surely correlation does not equal causation and that therefore knowing that 9space knows this, they think :

"AH! I see what you did there. Surely you know you are committing a logical fallacy, therefore your arguments have a deeper meaning! If it has a deeper meaning than it must have some truth. Deeper meaning = truth."

But this isn't true. It's a trick of Wine in front of me. WIFOM black magic that this king, this 9spaceking has used.

Do not fall under the spell. It's a logical fallacy fallacy meant to make you think it's only a logical fallacy and that all is well. All is not well. I repeat, all is not well.

- ( )

2) Definition of 'Master-Debater'

My opponent asserts that being the top debater means either:

1) You must be Sarah Palin.
2) A top debater on this site.

This is false as any master knows that they are just babies and beginners. Knowing that they have so much more to learn is what makes them a master.

Here are some quotes to help readers understand what truly makes a master debater;

#1 "I am a master of logic and a powerfully convincing debater. In fact, against my better judgment, I can talk myself out of doing anything." - Jarod Kintz, $3.33

#2 "Master yourself, and become king of the world around you." - Mike Norton

And finally,

#3 "There is a master way with words which is not learned but is instead developed: a deaf man develops exceptional vision, a blind man exceptional hearing, a silent man, when given a piece of paper..." - Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Now I will refer to the quotes by their hashtags like a true troll. Le us examine #1 to 3 and see if 9spaceking fits the criteria of a master of debates.

#1 - Here Kintz says he is a master debater and that he has a way with words. And he also says he can talk himself out of doing anything. This is true for king 9space as he is what he is. A king. And we all know by virtue of fact, common sense and universal agreement that all kings, are, lazy. 9spaceking says himself:

"Furthermore, I have no eyes, mouth, or hands. My subjects type all of this up." Showing that he doesn't do anything by himself.

And those that say "Look! His portrait shows clearly his amazing, slender body!" I reply by quoting 9space again. "Those hands, eyes, and mouths are just drawn in there from the artist's imagination to not offend me." He says this in regards to the portrait. We see his trickery and deception here, his own picture falsely shows him as a 'fit' and hard-working king.

But this is not so, 9space uses his subjects to do his typing. Albeit, he uses them for all his 200+ debates. Another thing we will discuss later. But as you can see, 9space is able to talk himself out of doing ANYTHING.

Therefore 9spaceking is a master of words, arguments and a powerfully convincing debater.

#2 - In this quote defining a Master debater, Norton claims that to master yourself, means you will become king of the world around you. 9space is a king, no, he is the king of space and therefore, the king of the world. This automatically means 9space has mastered himself.

And one who has mastered oneself and can master just about anything in the world.

#3 Here Jami claims that you cannot learn how to master words but that it can only be developed by the deaf (as they see clearer), the blind (as they hear better), and the silent ones (as they write more than they speak).

It is painfully obvious that when we see the true portrait picture of 9space that we see he is all of the things above. He is deaf, he is blind, and he is mute. He is a faceless king.

Therefore, he sees clearer than the rest.

Hears more than the crowd.

And writes more than the noisiest bunch.

He is a true master of words. He is the king of the world. He procrastinates more than any of us.

He is, truly, a Master-Debater.

I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent's pretty fast.

-My opponent must prove Debatability a debate master
"Do not fall under the spell." just....yeah. It's not relevant but it's funny especially because of the context.

Wow nice...You used my own memes and pictures against me.
I had no idea what you were going to you were going to fill your BoP...
But now that you use my own arguments against me, I am tempted to concede. It looks like things are down in the dumps and I cannot possibly win. Yet, a voice besides me speaks. He does not want to concede. He simply does not concede.
It is then with great pride that I present my Alter-ego, Jack McGonnell. This will be the first debate in which I recognize him. Let us put our hands together for the true Master Debater, Jack.

Jack here. As mentioned before 9spaceking would concede at this point if it were up to him to decide. However, I do not concede. Jack is not one to "simply concede". A master-debater would never concede. Yes, you see, I am the true master debater. I am the advisor who helps 9spaceking talks him out of doing everything. 9spaceking just loafs around, not even thinking about what's he does. He slips around on banana peels all day long and poops in his throne; no, this is no master debater, I am the master who convinces him to stop slipping on banana peels and stop pooping on his throne. In addition, he lies. He may not have an eye or a mouth as we see it, but he is obviously a relative of slender man. And what does slender man have that 9spaceking also have?

Hands, my friends. Hands. Looks like the artist of that "portrait" wasn't entirely lying after all.
Now, my opponent claims that 9spaceking is the king of space and definitely king of the world. This is fallicious. 9spaceking is the king of the 9 spaces noted below:

If you can't see them, this would perhaps bring further clarification;

Yeah, that's right. 9 spaces is like nothingness. It looks like nothing and is nothing. 9space is really the master of nothing in reality.
Finally, as for the blind seeing better, blind hearing better, and silent ones writing more than they can speak, all of these cancel out. Besides, Slender Man breathes very loudly, definitely proving he's not silent at all.
[source: youtube video ]
As you can see 9spaceking is not the master debater over here. He was tempted to concede this very round, was forced to give it to me, the true master debater, and has some flaws that don't make him quite fit those people's philosophies. I, Jack McGonnell, am the true master debater. You are a tad off on your hypothesis, my friend Adam.



1) Debatability is a master debater

I do not see how this is relevant. Whether she is a true master debater like 9space is better left for another debate at another time. Whether or not she really is a master debater, her quote, "Correlation does not equal causation" is still true.

2) Alter Ego

Ok, what in the hell is going on here? My first ever troll debate and I've managed to bring out the super saiyan equivalent of 9spaceking?? DOUBLE AWESOME.

Though I'm not sure if this counts as a concession from 9space. (since this debate is about him being the master-debater, not Jack.)

But I see what you're doing 9space. Very clever. You're using your alter ego as a third party to prove you're not a master debater.

P1) If Jack is a master debater, 9space is not a master debater. (law of supreme contradiction)
P2) If 9space is not a master debater, then the resolution is negated.
C) 9space, by conceding the debate has proved that he is not a master-debater. - (mindblown)

However, oh dark lord 9space, you have failed. There is a major fallacy at play here.

It all begins in P1 "If Jack is a master debater, 9space is not a master debater. "

This is ONLY true, if Jack really is, a master-debater.

If I show Jack isn't a master debater, the law breaks, the sentence is reversed. Since Jack is not a master-debater, by the law of supreme contradiction, 9spaceking must be, therefore, in conclusion, the MASTER-DEBATER.

More on this later.

3) Master debaters do not concede

This is false. All master debaters concede at least once. It is part of what makes them a master. They know they're limits.

Take this quote for example:
"The chance that you will become a master in something after the first attempt is neither here nor there. You don't get master's degree by attending school on the first day!" - Israelmore Ayivor

Here Ayivor is saying that it isn't easy to become a master and all masters start out as beginners.

Masters are not born. They're created.

And 9spaceking was not always a master.

Let me tell you a grand tale of the king of nothingness. The relative of slenderman and how he came to rule the entire world. Let me present to you the origins of 9spaceking:

Long ago in the lands of DDO. There lived a boy so small, so young, he was almost a speck of nothing. They called him the 9space. For he was amogst the brothers of 9 small baby slendermen. The guardians of our reality, the fabric between nothingness and somethingness. Without them, our world would ripped apart.

For you see, these slenderbabies were nothing. And without nothing, there can't be something.

This is why they could teleport and haunt poor lost travellers in the woods. They lived between the barriers of nothing and something.

TL;DR: 9space is the carrier between nothing and something. He encompasses both worlds and rules both worlds. This makes him the master of reality. And therefore, the king of the world and the king of nothingness.

Don't be fooled by 9space's humbleness.

See this:

That's a big pile of empty nothing. And guess what? It's EVERYWHERE. It permeates you.

99% of an atom is nothingness. And 9space is all 99% of that. Meaning:

99 percent of the world, is, 9space. - (nothing everywhere)

4) Jack is not a master debater.
And now we've established that 9spaceking is the master of everything and nothing. We can get back to that error again.


He's not a master-debater for 3 very specific reasons. The hashtags. That's right everybody, they're still valid.

#1 A true master debater can talk himself out of doing anything.

Jack is the one who forces 9space to not concede. This shows his inability to give up and procrastinate.

#2 To master yourself, means to become the king of the world around you.

Is Jack McGonnell a king? By the greek gods, no. He uses 'Andale Mono' as his font when writing. Everyone knows Adale Mono is a font for video games. And do kings play video games? I suspect not. I have never heard of a king who plays video games. That is extremely unkingly.

And another reason he would not be king is the fact that he himself establishes 9space as a king,

"9spaceking is the king of the 9 spaces"

Note here, he specifically says 9space is a 'king'. And by the law of supreme contradiction (supported by the equation: e= mc2, where e equals debate and mc equals contradiction), it shows that Jack is therefore NOT a king as 9space is.

To make it clearer:

P1: If 9space is king then Jack is not (law of contradiction)
P2: 9space is king
c: Therefore, Jack cannot be king.

#3 Only the deaf, blind and the silent one can be a master of words.

Jack is not a master of words. Simply because he isn't SILENT. Look at the size of that font! Holy Bejeebeez. It's looouddd!
9space is much quieter and he defers more to pictures than actual typed words.

And now I have disproved Jack Mcgollen to be a true master-debater. He is not a master debater.

Not like 9spaceking.

5) Additional rebuttals.

I didn't check the 15 minute source video but I'm PRETTY sure that Slenderman does not breathe. Nor can we hear him breathing. I'm pretty pretty sure that it's the guy running in the game that's breathing. I am absolutely certain of this.

Just saying.

And also, look at the number of debates 9space has completed. 200+ debates whew! That is a lot of experience.

One can only become a master with experience. 9space is qualified as a master.

I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 3


I'm still tempted to concede, I don't think I can manage to rebut my opponent's arguments, so Jack's here again to destroy you.

Jack over here.
1. Correlation =/= causation
That doesn't mean causation =/= correlation.

2. Alter ego
9space says he's tempted to concede, which is why he gave this debate to me.

3. Masters debaters concede?
Of course, but by now 9space should be a true created Master Debater, and therefore will not concede since he has already learned and by my opponent's story, "turned into a master debater".

My opponent tries talking about how 99% of the world is nothingness, and therefore 9pace is 99% of the universe. I know for sure that 9space is definitely not "nothingness". Nothing is something. It's a paradoxical contradiction. 9space does not control any part of the universe at all, because there can't be "truly nothing" availible for him to rule. That artist? Just some random dude walking on the street that 9space paid one billion billion dollars to draw.

Now, why do I qualify for being a Master Debater?
#1. Talking myself out of doing anything
I talked myself out of conceding. Being able to "talk myself out of doing anything" does not mean I have to talk myself out of good things and do bad things. That's just a false assumption, man.

2. King of the world around you
[] The previous wikipedia source tells us that it's for "terminal emulation and software development environments". Nowadays, "kings of the world" can only be ruled over the internet. You do not rule 7 billion people by being the "king of 'space'". I cleverly used Andale Mono to show my power and control; I develop software so well that I can freely use the font now. I own the font. My software is downloaded a bazillion times all over the internet. Everybody loves me, and I control the large internet corporations, thus practically becoming the "king of the world". In modern days, the meaning of "king" has changed over time. It is no longer simply a monarchy who controls his country or countries. "The King of the world" is the internet. It dominates everyone's lives.

King of nothing is king times zero. 9spaceking is 9 times zero times king. That means he is zero king. Zero king isn't a king at all. His username should just be " ", or just "nothing".

3. Only deaf, blind, and silent can be master.
9spaceking, as my opponent admits, is quiet. But quiet does not mean silent. 9spaceking still speaks. If he were completely silent his round would look something like this:
*Begin round

As you can see I am very capable of being silent when I need to, while 9space needs to express himself, whether through pictures or tiny font, he cannot avoid being silent. No matter how hard he tries, 9space cannot achieve Master-debater-title. On the other hand, I have shown myself to be capable, easily, of reaching silence--one of the master debater's awesome traits.

5. Slender man doesn't breathe?
My opponent has already stated before that these so called "slender babies" are the barrier between nothingness and everythingness. If 9spaceking is truly (the "king" of) nothingness, then he can only breathe nothingness. Matter can only convert from other matter, and thus from nothingness you can only gain nothingness.
Finally, over 200 debates mean nothing. Quality over quantity. I have participated in a majority of his best achievements and have tried to help him, but as soon as I go away from round one he losses quality. A notable example is 9space vs Ajabi's school uniform debate. Round one of him was strong and powerful, filled with logical arguments. I wrote that round. As soon as I convinced myself to let 9space take his place, the debate went down hill and 9space settled to his good old troll arguments.
Another example is 9space's 2 lost smoke-ban debates. In one of them an RFD even noted a "gusto" in round one--a signature move of mine, that intimidating "gusto"--that dwindled down as I let 9space try debating. A recent example is 9space vs Uchi's death penalty debate. Round one was good. 7 arguments were provided, very reasonable too. But 9space gave up bit by bit, settling to a untrustworthy Movie Quote and calling one of my arguments "weak and un-supported". He lost that debate. As you can see as the debate goes on, and each time I try let 9space handling it, he goes down and losses. There's a reason he lamely lost against diarygirl4utc.

-There's no way Adam can win. I, Jack McGonnell, am an unbeatable master debater.
-9spaceking was only involved in his lame round 2, which was actually used against him
-9space does not convince himself out of the debate, I convince myself out of my debates to let 9spaceking have a little debating fun
-I am the true king of the world, not 9space



I would like to thank Con for such a wonderful debate and sacrificing his time and yada yada yada.

Onto my final round.

1. Causation could equal correlation.

True. But correlation still does not equal to causation. And just because there was something in common between 9space's pictures in Round 2 does not mean that they are the traits of a master-debater. (i.e. they try to distract you etc.)

2. Alter Ego

My adversary admits 9space's concession by admitting the debate was handed over to Jack.

3. Master debaters concede

"Of course, but by now 9space should be a true created Master Debater, and therefore will not concede since he has already learned and by my opponent's story, "turned into a master debater"."

AHA! My opponent admits 9space is a master debater!

4. 9space is not nothing. Nothing is something. It's a paradoxical contradiction.

I see what you're doing. It's a nice trick but it won't work on me oh great troll. I didn't say 9space rules INSIDE the nothingness. He PERMEATES IT. HE IS IT.

You see, the biggest mystery in this world is the question, "What is nothing?" And the answer my friends,

Is 9space.

9space is the so called void. When you look at an empty space, don't think it's 'nothing' because there is something. And that something is 9space.

5. Jack is qualified as a master debater

Jack here tries to use my sacred hashtags (a technique I originally developed for trolling) and thinks he can use them effectively. Let's look at all his supporting arguments and see the flaws.

#1 Talking himself out of doing anything.

Here he argues that he was able to talk himself out conceding and that he can talk himself out of doing something bad rather than doing something good. Clever.

But the thing he assumes wrongly is that you CAN'T talk yourself out of doing something bad. It doesn't work that way. If you don't let yourself do something negative such as conceding a debate, then you're not talking yourself OUT, you're talking yourself IN to continue debating.

So what Jack has done is not talking himself out of conceding. He's talked himself INTO debating.

#2 King of the world around him/ Andale Mono
Jack claims to have ruled the world just because a lot of people use the same font he does. He says he rules the internet and thus is 'the king of the world'. But do not be fooled. A dictator and a true king are two very different things. So much so that I have to repeat what I said last round. "Everyone knows Adale Mono is a font for video games." And I have never seen a king who plays video games. It would, again, make him him extremely unkingly.

What Jack is describing is dictatorship and not a king.

#3 Only the deaf, the blind and the silent ones can be masters

My opponent tries to prove that 9space is not silent. But not every master is perfect. 9space may not be a complete mute but if he was then how could he even debate? Silence does not have to mean saying nothing. It could just be that quiet whisper in that ocean of nothingness...

And then Jack goes on to say that he's well capable of being silent. WHILE using Andale Mono and writing in huge font sizes! Hypocrisy.

5. Slender man's breathing capabilities.

I got lost at "then he can only breathe nothingness". Like I said, the nothingness IS the slenderbabies. Everytime you look at an empty white wall. Think only, 'slenderbabies.'

6. 9space losing like a boss

So what if he loses? So what if he loses half of his debates? It is not a matter of 'winning.' It's a matter of experience.

Take this perfectly true quote:

"The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried." - Stephen McCranie

As you can see, it doesn't matter that 9space fails. He tries more than the rest of us anyways.


1. 9space is a master debater and Jack McGonell is not. The law of supreme contradiction (e=mc2, where e=debate and mc=contradiction) is sound.

2. 9spaceking is a silent, blind and deaf master debater. Proven over and over again by the mystical #hashtags

3. 9space IS nothingness. He permeates you at this very moment.

4. 9space has insane debating experience, tries and fails more than the rest of us and can therefore be called a true MASTER-DEBATER.

Additional quotes:
"The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing." Socrates, as he stared into 9space.

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery." - James Joyce, as he cradled a slenderbaby in his arms.

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill as he sat and spoke to Jack McGonell.

9spaceking is a master-debater.

Vote Pro


Adam Godzilla
Debate Round No. 4
14 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Adam_Godzilla 2 years ago
Well Jack WAS loud. As I said you were the true debater while Jack was not. I think he was convincing though.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
tell me, was I convincing? Did Jack seem to be a better debater than me? What do you think? Any feedback, Adam?
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
yeah, well, I'll have to get you back somehow. Or, if Wylted fails to beat Blade of Truth, you can go on ahead and suicide/finally destroy Bladey.
Posted by Adam_Godzilla 2 years ago
This debate was so much fun actually. Slenderbabies, epistemology, existence, nothingness, alter-egos, it's got everything!
Posted by Adam_Godzilla 2 years ago
*shakes hand frimly* it was an honor to meet and debate you.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
JACK: my first debate...and I actually lose! Adama is truly unbeatable. *shakes hands*
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
JACK: my first debate...and I actually lose! Adama is truly unbeatable. *shakes hands*
Posted by Adam_Godzilla 2 years ago
Nah man. It was perfect! Too detailed and it wouldn't be a troll debate.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
I feel like my round one was just wasted. :(
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
thanks. I really truly had no arguments and was tempted to concede, but luckily for that eureka moment.
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Reasons for voting decision: Everything Con raised,Pro rebutted. nothing Pro raised Con rebutted. Con almost conceded in R3.