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9spaceking will Lose this Debate

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Started: 10/22/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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9spaceking: the user that instigated this debate. His profile can be viewed here:

People will select who made the better arguments for why he or she should lose the debate.
Hopefully a more formidable opponent than last time will accept. I promise to use different arguments than last time.
I accept full burden of proof, and if you ask for any part of it I will only give you cake.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanx Lannan13.

1. I am using Comic Sans.
Trolls use humor and hilarious to divert attention and hog the votes. It seems evident that Imabench has even won, unfairly, a debate he hilariously trolled just because he was funny enough! [see:] However, since Comic mean funny, or, "pertaining to comedy", as, and sans means "without", as simply states, I have no comedy or funny in this debate at all with my comic sans. Therefore I cannot use my classic trolling methods to defeat my opponent, as they will all fall short to defeat him.

2. I lied.
Here I am not using comic sans. Thus, argument one is a lie, and therefore I will most likely lose conduct point in this debate, and even possibly lose the debate in the process.

3. I'm on a losing trend.
As clearly highlight, I rose massively in my 40-100 debates. I stayed and swayed a little while then rose hugely from 140-180. But now, I am having bad luck. I am lowering ever since my 180-debate apex record of 27 debates. I predict that I will lose further and lose this debate, contributing to my losing trend.

The above link shows how Taylor Swift knows 13 means good luck. Therefore Lannan is very likely to be Taylor Swift, and because Taylor Swift is so darn popular, (with a site even claiming her being the "biggest pop star in the world"-- There's no way I can win.

3.5 Errors, errors, errors.
First you can see the "Thanx" spelling error in the beginning. Next up, here comes a broken link that doesn't even help my case;
Not only so, my arguments are in the wrong order. 3.5 does not come before 4.

Errr....I mean, after 4. You see what I mean about my errors?

5. Finally, I will lose because....
The Yodel Theory. It never fails. Here's how it goes
S: If I yodel too much, then I will lose ....(some words are omitted here).
C1: I yodel too much.
C2: I will lose (my voice).
Support of c1: I yodel in the youtube video shown.

Support of c2: I will lose (my voice) if I yodel too much.

As you can see If I yodel too much then I will lose...

6. The "fence" prevents me from winning.
I will elaborate on this next round, even though I have like 5000 characters left to elaborate. This argument will become more clear next round.


Contention 1: Fonts.

My opponent maybe using Comic Sans, but I am using Times New Roman. This is a big mistake as Times New Roman is a serrious font while Comic Sans is a joking font. This dbate isn't a really serious one as it's more of a jokingly troll debate. I'm going to lose, because I'm taking this debate too seriously while my opponenet is giving it it's proper dues with Comic Sans. Though Comic Sans may not be funny it is still more of a joke than serious giving Pro a Catch-22 in this argument showing that when he is trying to show that his font sucks is actually proving that his font suits this debate perfectly.

Contention 2: Lying

My opponent has changed his font, but he cannot be lying as he is telling the truth which is the Liars Paradox which is simply, "This statement is false." Which would make it true....then false....true....false...? ( This here shows that my opponent is always telling the truth and thus wouldn't lose Conduct due to this infinate loop of truth and false.

Contention 3: Losing Trend

My opponent claims that he is on a losing trend, but let's compare ourselves. 9space has defeated me on several occasions on this site. He is currently 2-1 against me and has even denied me entrance into the DDO Hall of Fame. ( He is obviously better than me and will end up winning his debate. His ELO is also higher than mine by 300 points which goes to show you that he is a better debater by far and I cannot stand up to him.

Contention 4: Lannan13

My opponent says that I'm good luck, but in all reality I'm really just an allagory for Queen Luna of My Little Pony.while my opponent is an allagory for Queen Celestria. ESocialBookworm is an Allagory for Twilight Sparkle. I cannot defeat the two as it has been shown several times that I, Luna, have been outcasted several times by my opponent and Twilight. Though I should control Equestria and this website, my opponent has not alloud it in Equestria and has not allowed it here as he denied my entrance into the Hall of Fame as explained in the last contention. As shown in the fallowing video I have been defeated and banished to the moon like I have been banned from mafia. ( Another proof of the alagory is that I'm a ginger and ginger's steal people's souls and Luna does the same. (

Contention 3.5: Errors.

My opponent is actually correct that 3.5 comes both before and after 4. Why's this you may ask. We can apply the theory of Infinate Probability and we can see that it is possible that the both exist on some number line both before and after 4. We can also apply the theory of Schrottinger's Cat which states that 3.5 can be anywhere on the number line until you look for it. So for all we know we can see it after a million or a negative million.

Contention 5: Yodel theory

My opponent may lose his voice, but will not lose his ability to type out his arugment on the computer or cell phone which shows that my opponent can still debate.

Contention 6: Gingerism

I am a Ginger as shown in this picture for proof. ( You see Ginger's are people who are evil, souless, cold-blooded freaks. Since they are souless and are an abonination and come from Hell. They say a Ginger gets a freakle for every soul he takes which means that I have done terrible things to God's people and God will punish me by having me lose this debate.See the fallowing video for how bad Gingers are. ( Also since no one likes Gingers then no one would vote for me since I'm indeed a GInger making my opponent the default winner.

Debate Round No. 2


1. Times New Roman VS Comic Sans

Only amazing people like Julius Caesar use Times New Roman. Julius Caesar was so darn amazing, they had to stab him 23 times to make sure he died. Julius Caesar lead an amazing undefeatable army

My opponent being Julius Caesar is too much for me. Even with no funniness, he obliterates his enemies.

There is no way a simple troll like me can even stand a chance at Julius Caesar. 23 stabs? I can't even nick Mr. Caesar.

2. Lying
It is because the infinite loop will destroy the universe if not resolved, that people will give you conduct point.

3. Losing trend.
My opponent says that I have "defeated him on several occasions", but unfortunately that win is my only win against Lannan, and even that was very barely a victory, while Lannan's victory against me was 0-3. I had ZERO points on that! While Lannan, even while losing, had 2 points and only lost by one point. [see:] It can be seen here, Lannan is definitely better. It just happened to be the resolution toughness and bias against Lannan's side, in addition to luck, that won me out.

4. Lannan13
My opponent tries comparing himself to Queen Luna. But Queen Luna is at least an awesome villain. Who am I?

No, that's not it...I'm not in that picture...

Nope, don't see me in there either....

I'm not even in there....
Now zoom in.....

AHA!! There's me!! What happens to me? Do I save the day? Do I defeat Discord? Do I get to---


*awkward silence*

I'll be....going now....

As you can see at least Lannan13 is significant while I can just be sacrificed randomly, die, and not even effect the plot.

3.5 Errors.
"So for all we know we can see it after a million or a negative million."
Exactly. What if 3.5 Came after a million, which came before four? Then I would be even more wrong! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Yodel theory:
I use voize comand. As ah tip this uuuuuup da kumpute has problemos detectin mi horse juice.



Okey yew no wat I men.

See? Me will lose spellin. Oh noes, now Ill lise gramar!!

Gingerism: My opponent utilizes MassiveDump's techniques to try to defeat me. See how amazing he is? It is because he is so malicious, that he is also cunning and malicious, and will defeat me.

Now let me elaborate on the previously touched "fence" argument. Well you see, with the fense, I try making fruit juice. But I have a tendency to flip-flop things and change the objects' locations. Therefore I will swap my position with the fruit and...

9spaceking's last words were:
"Oh, there is no----KRFIFOAEIFHSZ"

9spaceking's last will and testament:
I give all my money to Mr. Guapo.


Contention 1: Times New Roman vs. Comic Sans

What my opponent doesn't tell you is that Caesar doesn't have any friends which was the reason he was killed. Et Tu Brute?

He was betrayed by his best friend in Brutus and the reason that I lose this debate is that I will have a friend stable me in the back and I won't be able to do anything.

We were defeated by a tone of Nomads which is sad. That's like saying that the United States disolves do to a Native Amercan Uprising in New York. You can see that since I fall to big memebers here I will fail in this debate.

Contention 2: Lying Paradox

My opponent fails to seeing that it's because of this paradox he is always telling the truth and thus won't lose conduct points.

Contention 3: Losing Trend

But if you add up the math, debate 1: 3-0 Lannan13, Debate 2: 0-6 9Space (, Debate 3: 2-3 9SpaceKing ( So we can see that the finial score so far is 5-9 in favor of my opponent thus meaning that he is better and he will win this debate continuing that streak.

Contention 4: Lannan13

Last Round I compared my opponent to Princess Celestria and that shows that he is more awesome than I. One of the most important things to do as a ruler is to recognize your flaws and 9Space did so in this debate here. ( He lost that debate, but that shows you how flawless he is as a leader. My opponent has done tones of things and is most beloved by all of Equestia.

Contention 3.5: Errors and Yodeling.

Now there's a flaw in the slaw here. My opponent states that he is extremely wrong, but either way he is extremely right both according to the two theories that I have provided you. So you can see that he is still correct.

Let me give you some comments on my debate skills to show you how bad I am.

" lannan13's argument was weak and lacked evidence"- InVinnoVertius

" -1 Conduct from Lannan as he questions a location for no apparent reason... the spelling was poor, and the arguments, well, wierdman just did better"- Stephen_Hawking

Now that last one was from Stephen Hawkins and I got a fail from him so there's not a snow ball's chance in hell I could touch my opponent..

For Yodeling my opponet's skills are better than mine so that's obviously ging to get him points for it as I can't sing at all.

Contention 5: Gingerism

This is another reason why I can't win, is because my argument isn't original so he will obviously win arguments and with him winning other things he will get more points and thus win the debate.

Contention 6: Fense

With my opponent win I'll leave and let him Rest In Peace.

Debate Round No. 3


9spaceking is dead.
This is his soul speaking for him.
My opponent speaks of how Julius is stabbed in his back by a friend. But this is irrelevant to whether he can win or not. Because his reincarnation will live on. His reincarnation is even more awesome than Julius himself--

And because such there is no way I can win.

2. Lying Paradox
There were no conduct points anyways. :P

3. Losing trend
But you see, both those won debates were in my rising. That lost debate was in my descending. As I am currently descending, my skills are only equal (or even WORSE!) to the debate in which I lost, and therefore I cannot possibly win with the equal skillz as last time.

4. Lannan13
My opponent has yet to prove that I am not a ladybug.

5. Errors and Yodeling
My opponent points out his errors. However, I have lots of errors too. In fact, it doesn't require Stephen Hawkings, a genius, to realize my errors. Even a lame monkey can point out what I'm doing wrong.
s://; alt="" />

Wait, I'm not?


Okay back to the debate.

Anyhow, my yodeling is terrible. It breaks the glasses everywhere, which hurt people, and even Woody, the brave cowboy, is terrified.

s://; alt="" />

Now, finally, as for the final argument...

5. Gingerism.
My opponent is wrong. It is because his argument follows the old ways that it will win. Massive's ancient technique is so powerful only imabench can recieve the blow. And I am not Imabench.
I am a sofa.

Er... a dead sofa.

Therefore I cannot possibly win.

6. My opponent has graciously dropped this argument....
upon my head. My concussion is quite bad right now; I wish I were dead with 9spaceking. Er, not in his know what I mean.

IN CONCLUSION: 9spaceking cannot possibly win this debate.
-He is dead, and I am his soul speaking for him.
-Massive's argument is too strong for me
-He dropped an argument....on my head. I'm very dizzy right now and it's hawgos toaw typeee uppppppppppp

-Mi yelolin' iz zo bad it breakz glazz, and mi voz recogniton systim doth knot pork!!!

See? The auto-complettion is horrendous.

-Julius Caesar is too awesome for me
s://; alt="" />


I'm crying my eyes out right now. I think I've suffered enough torture. I'll just wait and rest before I post.

Wait, what?



Looks like he really loses this debate.
Comic Sans ;(


Contention 1: Caesar and Times New Roman

I never heard of Emmett Nicholson so that is irrevelant. Caesar was betryed by his frined and this shows that since I'm using Times New Roman that a good frined of mine wheather it be ESocial, Truth_Seeker, or even GCL, they will betray me and vote for my opponent due to a secrate plan my opponent has done so he could win this debate. So with that I fear losing this debate. I also now fear for my life as Pro's spirit has probably been sent out to haunt me.

Contention 2: Lying Paradox

Though it is indeed a select a winner debate there are plenty of times where a person votes on this kinda debate as they would vote on a 7 point debate. As a matter of fact herei s a select a winner vote that was caste 4 weeks ago by yours truely.

" Close debate, but I shall judge this as if it were a normal 7 point debate. First is S&G/Conduct I will change this to who had the most influence in the debate as in who's flow and style made the greatest impression on the debate and I'll give this point(s) to Con as his lengthening of his rapping caused Pro to react by increasing his length as well and this continued throughout the debate. For Sources that point goes to Pro, his sources were in greater number and more relivant. And finially for the current 2-2 tie breaker who had the better insults. The winner of that cattegory is Con. If anyone needs me to clarify this RFD please ask." ( So you see that Conduct means a lot even in a select a winner debate.

Contention 3: Losing Trend

My opponent here is incorrect as the debate that I defeated 9Spaceking was the first debate that we squared off in, the second two came afterwards. If you see here in my losses section of my profile he actually handed me back to back losses showing that he is better than me. (

Contention 4: Lannan13

I have shown in my second round that my opponent is actually Princess Celestia and she is more powerful and more popular than Princess Luna as my opponent had banished me to the moon for over 1,000 years before forgiving me.

Contention 5: Errors and Yodeling

My opponent dropps this 3.5 argument so I extend that across the board. You see that since my opponent could realize his own errors he could take steps to fix it while it took me a genious in Stephen_Hawkings to actually understand that I messed up and that shows poor leadership by me which further confirms the Celestia and Luna theory.

My opponent is able to break glass with his yodeling. Now THAT takes skill and that's a skill I don't have.

Contention 6: Gingerism

Though I maybe some souless ginger and outcast pony my opponent is the 9th Space King. He commands the entire universes military and a death star which could kill all of the Gingers.

Contention 7: Opponent's skill.

My opponent is super skillful, he used photoshop, something I don't know how to use....whoops I mean screan shot, close enough right? No? Oh welll... Anyways he can do things that I don't even know nor can comprhend how to do and then he tempted Airmax and the threat of being banned by making it appear that he forfeited this debate when he skill had over 2 days left to argue. Now that takes balls! See my opponent is more of a man and more skillful than me and there's not a snow ball chance in hell I can defeat him.

Thank you and good night everybody.

Debate Round No. 4
9 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 9 records.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
unbelievable. I tied the debate. *face-palm
Posted by ESocialBookworm 2 years ago
Lol! You both won! :D
Posted by ESocialBookworm 2 years ago
"Caesar was betryed by his frined and this shows that since I'm using Times New Roman that a good frined of mine wheather it be ESocial, Truth_Seeker, or even GCL, they will betray me and vote for my opponent due to a secrate plan my opponent has done so he could win this debate. "
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
Guys, I don't want to tie this. I want to "lose" this. ;)
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
I'll be laughing my head off if I actually lose this debate. XD
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
@Fmalchemist, it's not supposed to be easy, neither for me nor the opponent.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
(final round reference)
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
below Julius Caesar, it's supposed to be the monkey saying once again, "Dude" --"You still aren't wearing pants". :P
Posted by FMAlchemist 2 years ago
Oh man this debate would be so easy with a shared BoP.Damn.
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Vote Placed by ESocialBookworm 2 years ago
Who won the debate:--
Reasons for voting decision: "Caesar was betryed by his frined and this shows that since I'm using Times New Roman that a good frined of mine wheather it be ESocial, Truth_Seeker, or even GCL, they will betray me and vote for my opponent due to a secrate plan my opponent has done so he could win this debate."