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Mario is un-Buddhist


Now listen here, I am 29 years old. I was there when the Super Nintendo first came out, and I got me my own system real quick. I had that first cartridge of Super Mario Bros, and I beat it in about a year of trying. I know a lot of you younger folk don't remember all that because you didn't exist, but I sure do. I'm an old school Mario fan. I've been through the N64 Mario, too. I know my stuff. And being an authority on the Mario, I am convinced today of this one thing: Mario is Un-Buddhist....

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We Cannot Create Artificial Intelligence via Computation Alone


This debate is impossible to accept, if you wish to accept let me know in the comments.Definitions:Artificial Intelligence (as defined by Searle): The claim that an "appropriately programmed computer with the right inputs and outputs would thereby have a mind in exactly the same sense human beings have minds."Computation: "process following a well-defined model understood and expressed as, for example, an...

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Lyricism 101 - #1: 30 Bars


Rules-Not a troll debat-No Purple Circles-No DDO Character Avatars-Must have an uploaded pic as avatar-30 bars/lines-Con post his/her 30 in R1

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StarCraft 2 (Pro) vs Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 (Con) - Gameplay


While I enjoy the playing both games I Believe StarCraft 2 is better because you are able to create worker units. Another great feature about StarCraft 2 is the pop. cap because it limits the number of units the play can have on the battlefield at one time forcing the player to think critically and tactically rather than spamming one unit type and throwing this unit at the enemy until victory is achieved. (Before I make any further points I will allow my opponent to refute my claims and present...

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Catholics Make Great Christians if they Get Saved


Catholics cannot be Christians because they are not saved. For a Catholic to say they are saved now would be the sin of presumption under Catholic dogma. It is forbidden for a Catholic to say they know their sins are forgiven and they are gonig to heaven. It is forbidden for a Catholic to say they know they are saved and have eternal life now. I Because Catholics are strong in their religion hoping to be saved, they make great Christians if they really get saved....

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Protestant's choice.


This debate should be impossible to accept. If you find a way to accept it, you automatically lose. I am looking for a Protestant who is interested in debating/discussing a specific Catholic doctrine. You pick the doctrine. And it must be an official Catholic doctrine. First one to comment will get a challenge request from me. 5 Rounds 10,000 characters...

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