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Is feminism a good thing (pro) or is it unnecessary today (con)?


The first round is just for acceptance. I will be taking the pro argument, that feminism is a good and necessary thing. To be clear, the con side should argue about why feminism is unfair, unnecessary, or anything else against feminism. Thanks!...

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There Exists Systematic Racism Against Black People (in the US)


I traditionally only argue over the topic of religious views, but nevertheless I have a passion for arguing over a litany of topics. I stand on the Pro side of systematic racism existing against blacks within the United States, and my opponent will stand on the Con side disagreeing with the premise.The first round exists only for the purpose of introduction.I preemptively thank whoever decides to be my competitor at this point. ...

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The earth is flat.


The earth is flat. My proofs are empirical and logical. I will show that the heliocentric model of the universe is wrong. First round acceptance. Any media publicly available is presentable until such media is proved to be falsified. No ad hominem. Please omit any theoretical mathematical equations. Good luck and I hope we both gain insight into this fascinating subject. Since I am in effect debating the entire mainstream scientific community, I must use sources outside of this field, mostly use...

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Income per capita (GDP/cap)


Puzzling properties of income per capita (GDP/cap) distributions are now explained. They do not represent unique properties of the historical economic growth as claimed in the Unified Growth Theory but purely mathematical properties of dividing hyperbolic distributions.

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ps4 is better then xbox one


The PS4 is the smaller and sleeker of the two consoles, with an angular design in part-gloss, part-matt black plastic. It"s reasonably quiet in operation, though noise levels pick up when you"re playing games, and so far it"s proved as reliable as previous PlayStation consoles. There are two USB ports at the front, along with well-concealed, touch-sensitive power and disc eject buttons. At the back you"ll find the power socket, HDMI and Ethernet ports, an optical digital audio output plus an add...

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Increase in purchasing power leads to an extravagant youth


Increase in purchasing power would definitely lead to an extravagant youth as it will increase number of goods and services that can be purchased with a unit of currency. Youth always fall prey to advertisements that and schemes and now if their purchasing power will increase they will tend to spend more on useless commodities and end up making a fool of themselves!...

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Hot Male Model Debate


This debate should be impossible to accept. If you accept without my aprroval then you shall forfeit all 7 points to me. If you wish to accept, then please apply in the comments section.RulesFirst Round is acceptance.You can and will only post 4 pictures in each round.These pictures must be of male models.These models must have some form of clothing.No pornography1 male model a round. No hyperlink picturesNo...

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Coke or pepsi


Coke is better because it was first made and more original...

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Will No Man's Sky Be Good?


With the game close to release on June 21st, I personally am very hyped for this game. But I see around the internet that people question the game play element of this game. They believe that all you do is fly around and look at the different planets. Recently more game play has been shown off and It has some good game play elements. Being able to trade and mine the surface of a planet just to name a few. Furthermore people have to keep in mind that the creators of the game want to keep some thi...

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Resolved: In a democracy, civil disobedience is justifiable.


Express interest in comments section....

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