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It doesn't matter whether a society is morally right


First round is acceptance and definitions....

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Minors should be allowed to drink


This is a team debate. This will take place from one team members account. Meaning either one of the team members can accept this, and you will work with your partner to present your case Team Pro will be myself and Thett3 Post in the comments if you want to take this. First round - Acceptance Second round - Contentions Third - Contentions/ Rebuttals Fourth - Closing Rules (1) No new arguments last round (2) No semantics (3) No trolling...

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Russia's Annexation of Crimea was worth the Economic/Political Consequences


I am arguing that the Geo-Strategic value of the Crimean Peninsula outweighs the International political and economic consequences suffered by Russia in Annexing it. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overview: The political fallout generated by the Ukrainian conflict has brought East-West relations to their lowest since the Cold War. The ousting of Viktor Yanukovych and subsequent integration of Ukraine int...

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Romeo and Juliet were stupid


If 'Romeo and Juliet' happened today, most people would think they were morons alongside a few of the other characters.How serious we take this in the debate is up to you!...

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Colin Mochrie is Funnier than Ryan Stiles


Understanding that this debate would be a giant splitting of hairs since both Colin and Ryan are absolutely invaluable to the American version of "Whose Line is it Anyway" by themselves and as a duo, I think it would be interesting to make a gun to our head decision about who is the funniest, or more importantly, who is the better cast member. I Have to defend Colin on this one simply because it seems obvious to me given the amount of laugh-out-loud moments he has given over the years compar...

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Male Evolution Versus Female Evolution (I believe Female Evolution needs more attention).


Back in the stone age, the primitive side of the brain was influencing the people over the practical side of the brain. The males created wars, excuses, power and control to get what they wanted, while the females, being biologically structured to be loved, not understood, had to be loved in a terrible sense of the word by the ruling of men. As civilization reached its peak of blood and death, people slowly started waking up to a more advanced way of controlling people without blood baths - the...

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The G-Spot is a liberal conspiracy


First round is acceptance. Ask to accept in the comments!...

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Hamas has no right to shoot rockets into Israel


The first round of this debate will be accepting your agrument. Pro side is arguing that Hamas has no right to shoot rockets into Israel, and the Con side will be arguing that Hamas does indeed have a right to shoot rockets into Israel.Express your interest in this debate in the comment section. I shall choose a opponent....

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Grigory Rasputin was a good man.


The wandering religious man : Grigory Rasputin was not bad like others had thought of him, he was just greatly misunderstood. Dictionary : Good - Nice, Anti - Evil, Helping to stop suffering, Intentionally productive to the human race Religious: Trying to get close to God or Gods Round 1 : Acceptance and first points Round 2: Rebuttals Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Rebuttals, last points, Conclusion, last statements...

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peadophiles in westminster what every body is talking about


now the MPs in Parliament say they are above the Law , Information about the Paedophlies, is that Edward Heath took 21 Boys out of the Jersey Orphan Home Raped and Murdered them, also searching the Police found 35 Burnt Children Bodies at Jersey Orphan Home, also Children Murdered from Wales,Scotland ,Northen Ireland,Elm House London also other People who wanted to Name and Shame them have been found Dead. now it seems when a MP Raped a Child he did not want that Child to Speak up so he Mur...

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