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mercy killing justified?


mercy should be justified and legalised...

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caste system


Caste system is major topic one can discuss about. in many countries caste system is being followed and on basis on that privileges are given to people which the high caste or rich people.caste system is being practiced over very long period of India there is 4 important caste Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Christians.Even today, most Indian languages use the term "jati" for the system of hereditary social structures in South Asia. When Portuguese travelers to 16th-century India first encounte...

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Did Jesus Eat Meat? What does the bible say about eating innocent Animals?


What Did Jesus Say about eating innocent Animals?...

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Will Hillary Clinton be our next president?


Will Hillary Clinton be the 45th President of the United States? That seems to be the question every political buff (like myself) is asking. Today, it seems like a Hillary presidency is a sure thing. I, however, am not convinced. First, rarely has a person ever been elected President when running for the second time. Nixon, Reagan, and George H.W. Bush are the only people who come to mind, and all three are Republicans. Nixon won after an extremely close election in 1960 as the party nominee,...

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Are bisexuals capable of being in a monogamous relationship or marriage?


Bisexuality is often misunderstood has having equal attraction to both sexes (50/50). It is also misunderstood that they cannot have a monogamous relationship because they will be "yearning" for the uninvolved sex. However, bisexuality is defined as the attraction to both sexes, meaning either sex. They choose their partners regardless of gender. Straight people exclude the entire population of their same sex when it comes to choosing a partner, while bisexuals exclude no one. Meaning all m...

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a resolution to limit the amount OF US terriortory permited for hydralic FRACTURING


Rules 1. Round 1 is just me pointing out rules pro accepting 2. pro will post first argument in round 2 and I will post mine and then respond 3. only accept if you will debate. 4. have fun and please don't make sources your full argument. I will provide as many as I can but try t actually argue to so you can have a chance to beat me....

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2016 Equestrian Presidential Election.


This debate should be impossible to accept. If you wish to then please say so in the comments. There is an election this year in Equestria and it is important that every pony votes. Princess Celestia has stepped down as ruling Princess with agreement of the other princesses as they too do the same and has decided to turn...

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Immanuel Kant was more important than ______ in the development of philosophy


100th debate! This debate should be impossible to accept. Introduction and Clarifications Credit to SocialPinko for the idea. We had a similar debate a while back and I...

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I'm just looking for a quick little debate here, just so that I can get some outside perspective on the matter. The premise of this debate will be Transcendentalism is a sound philosophy that can be practiced in real life and can improve a persons quality of life. I will take the Con side of the premise, while my opponent must prove the Pro side. The definition of transcendentalism is: an idealistic philosophical and social movement that developed in New E...

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In an age of digital film, we should have PNG filmrolls


PNG film rolls offer the best quality in the digital market. PNG uses compression, but it doesn't deterioate pixels. Now there are movies that wisely use PNG cinematography, thus allowing for a perfected product. But unfortunately not more use it like it should be used.Here are some examples of PNG photos:

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