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"unlimited paradox" - an ever present unlimited force does not exist


"unlimited paradox" - an ever present unlimited force does not exist. in another matter of speaking i am saying "the unlimited does not exist" can the unlimited limit itself? if not, it is not unlimited. if so, it is not unlimited. also, reality as far as we know it indicates that anything that might be 'unlimited' is limited by the laws of logic, as far as we know. thus, we can see by probing a few questions about what it means to be unlimited, that it does not really exist, at least i...

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Roblox is better than Minecraft


First round for acceptance.2nd for arguments3rd for rebuttals4th for rebuttals to 3rd5th for conclusions ...

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Should a bestfriend only be one person?


In my experience, I believe the term "Best-friend" should be defined to one person, and one person only. . Best is a word which suggests one. A best-friend would surely mean someone who you can tell everything and anything too, someone who understands you etc yet some and a lot of people say they have around 1-20 best-friends. Does that mean for every single one of those 1-20 people you tell them exactly everything? I doubt it. Wouldn't it make more sense to say you have one sole best-friend and...

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Employers should be made to hire the most experienced, qualified person.


Rules: Round 1 for acceptance only. Round 2: Opening cases from Pro and Con. Round 3: Rebuttals from Pro and Con. Round 4: Closing statements from Pro and Con (Can include comments on Round 3). I look forward to an interesting debate, thank you....

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Communism, the greatest form of capitalistr greed


Every communist nation has been controlled by the most capitalist sorts. Name a communist nation without a leader shrouded in wealth. Open to all debaters....

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Kids should not be allowed on this site - period.


They suck each other off to gain "e-peen" an internet fad for reputation on the internet. They do not care about making sense of this world or dealing with issues of this world - they care about their score. THEIR SCORE - OF ALL THINGS OF THEIR EXISTENCE, THEY CHOSE IMAGINARY NUMBERS OVER THEIR BRAIN'S CAPACITY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! (pun intended) If you were to toss all the politicians into a blender, that's what this site's current impression would look like....

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Ultimate Debate #2: Summer Olympics (pro) VS Winter Olympics (con)


Ultimate debate #1 is this: This debate is impossible to accept. If you would like to debate this, comment. I will accept someone from the comments I would like to debate. If you wish to debate, say so in comments, message me or comment on my profile. Also, should there be any, ask any questions in those three places about this debate. We wil be debating this, though: "Ultimate Debate #2: Summer Olympic...

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You Do Not Exist


Your objective if you choose to accept is to reason that you exist. My objective if you choose to except is to reason that you do not exist. Rules: 1. You are allowed 3 points for your evidence of existence. (I.E., I exist because A, B, and C) and you may not add more points, you must stick to the points you choose. 2. You may use quotes and citations however you may not chop up paragraphs. If you choose to use a citation you must use the entire paragraph so that people do not have to...

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All Jews are not Israelis


Some people believe that all Jews are Israelis. I may not be a Jew nor an Israeli, but I do believe the terms are different. If you call yourself a Muslim, does that mean you are an Arabian? No, it means that you believe in Islam. If you call yourself a Hindu, does that mean you are Indian? No, it means that you believe in Hinduism. If you call yourself Christian, does that mean you are a Greek (as Greece has the highest percentage of the population which is Christian)? No, it means that you bel...

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Christian rap battle: Truth_seeker vs. JasperFrancisShickadance


You said you wanted to do a rap excluding negativity I'm about to rap as deep as the complexity of relativity We're about to move around our emotions like gravity I'm specializing in good and evil through divine eyes of the realities we got as a premise I'm speakin' of the love, benevolence, n' goodness from God to save us from demise Do not answer a fool according to his own folly or you'll be just like him Do not even mimic his ways or his life, you'll only be bound to live in si...

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