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The Lies of Obama are more consequential than those of Trump


Major US media properties like New York Times, Washington Post, CNN etc. keep telling us that Trump is a liar. For example, NYT has a webpage titled "President Trump's Lies, the Definitive List". Yet, the lies of Trump are trifling in comparison to those of Obama. Trump lied about the size of the crowd at his inauguration, about the percentage of Cuban Americans who voted for him, etc. In comparison, Obama lied about whether Americans would be able to keep their health care plan, whether h...

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Obama is a Believer in atheist Dogma -- Not a Muslim


Muslims are against abortion. Obamas & Clintons are in favor of abortion. Muslim women are required by their religion to cover their heads. Obamas & Clintons do not cover their heads. Muslims are required by their religion to be against homosexuality. Barack and Michelle Obama are a gay couple, one of which is a transsexual. Muslims are forbidden by their religion to eat pigs. Obamas & Clintons eat pigs. Muslims are required by their religion to pray five times a day. Obamas & Clint...

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Was Barack Obama a Bad President?


Explanation: In this debate, I will argue that President Obama was not a bad president. I will argue he was at least decent in the following categories: Economy, Social Issues, Popularity, Foreign Issues, Environment, and Healthcare. You will have to argue the policies and decisions Obama made hurt the country and outweighed the positive policies and decisions Obama made. Rules: 1.) Cite your sources 2.) Be respectful 3.) NO TROLLING! 4.) Make sure your arguments aren't conspiracie...

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Obama was a good president


I have yet to find the words to describe the overwhelming sense of satisfaction I felt on Nov. 4, 2008 when Obama won the popular vote by 53 percent. With tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart, I stood alongside people of color across the nation as we celebrated America"s first inauguration of a black president. As a young black man, I felt a true sense of patriotism as I witnessed our country rally together to show, finally, that we are more concerned about who is the most qualified man for the...

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Was Barack Obama the Worst Modern President?


This is gonna be a less formal debate. Full Resolution: Compared to Reagan, HW Bush, W Bush, and Clinton, was Obama the worst? You will have to prove Obama was the worst of these presidents, I will prove that one of these presidents was worse then Obama. Cite your sources, and begin your argument in the first round. Good Luck!...

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was barack obama a good president?


now, keep in mind, corgi, the stance i take on this debate is not my actual one. i just want you to support him. i'm sure you'll win, since i won't be doing too much debating. go ahead. tell me he's a good president....

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Obama and Hillary; Icarus and Daedalus


Icarus and Daedalus In this thesis I have written how the Obama administration terrorized the United States psychologically, and how Hillary Clinton, and support, are corrupted by Barrack Obama's legacy. The Forgotten White Children Barack Obama wants to, and has used race against Americans, but he has hidden his agenda behind stern expressions. The political power of Barrack Obama has caused a silent revolution; not only in the United States, but worldwide. This revolution, henceforth r...

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Barack Obama is worse than Hillary clinton


Barack Obama overstepped military jurisdiction in the United States when he made the military create a power vacuum in Lybia. Obama is also responsible for adding trillions of dollars to debt to the united states. Barack obama made a bigger foreign policy fail in lybia than clinton and he is also responsible for monetary irresponsibility

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Barack Obama was a good president


Some people say Barack Obama was an amazing president and others say he was terrible. I say he was above average and has done pretty well in his time as president. Can you prove me wrong? Round 1= Acceptance Round 2= Economic Policies Round 3= National Security and Defense Round 4= Domestic Policies Round 5= Social Policies...

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Has Barack Obama been a good president?


I believe Obama has been a terrible president for many reasons. I challenge a debate with anyone who disagrees..Any PRO-OBAMA's?? Round 1: Acceptance Only ROUND 2: OPENING ARGUMENTS - ROUND 3: REBUTTALS ROUND 4: REBUTTALS & CLOSING STATEMENTS...

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