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Abortion should be legalized


If a woman does not want/isn't ready for/cannot raise a child, then why should she have to go through giving birth to it? An unborn child doesn't have a birthday, a name, and depending on how far into the pregnancy the woman is, not even a gender, let alone a conscience mind or emotions. If we refuse a woman to choose what happens to her body, we are stripping her of a right that all people are entitled to....

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Should abortion be illegal?


I believe abortion should be illegal...

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Abortion should be legal


I've wanted to debate this topic for a while now, and my opponent has shown some interest in it on the forums, so I thought this would be a good debate. Since the resolution is very straightforward I don't think an acceptance round is needed. Con may use their text space however they want to. Opening arguments: 1) Uncertainty about the beginning of life The scientific answer to the question of whether life begins at conception, at birth, or at some other point during a pregnancy is not...

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Abortion is a sin and wrong therer others way even if your raped


I want to do abortion because it means a lot to me. I want to let people know that it is a sin and that better things will come out to having the baby and that there are others options rather than abortion. This is important to me because my mom had an abortion with my younger sisters and I felt like what if this was me. I can relate to this topic as well but you will never know that much. For example Women who get an abortion between the ages of 16 and 30 have twice the risk of breast cancer...

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Abortion is bad and should be largely illegal


It is my position as the Pro side that abortion is wrong and (except in a few cases i will detail later) should be illegal: this is true for several reasons, primary of which is that the lines drawn between who has the right to life and who doesn't are arbitrary. What makes a child in the womb not worthy of the right to life? Dependence on its mother? babies out of the womb are dependent as well. Does a person's size determine their right to life? if so, if lebron james more worthy of life th...

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Should buffer zones for pro-life protesters exist around abortion clinics?


The main argument against the existence of buffer zones is that they violate rights to freedom of speech and assembly for pro-life protesters, however, free speech and assembly rights do not extend to harassment. By being able to go directly up to a woman going to the clinic to argue with her and try to stop her violates her legal right to go to the clinic. One of the reasons that pro-life use in their argument is that the suicide rate for women after they have had abortions is extremely high....

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Abortion Is Wrong


I am taking the stance that abortion is wrong in all cases except for when the mother's life is in danger. Feel free to post your first argument in the first round. Good luck....

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Is Abortion Okay


I believe that abortion should not be committed for multiple reasons. So many people have been debating over this for several years now and I want to know what some people think about it and why. I do not see why so many people can agree with babies dying before they have had a chance in the world and I hope that others agree. If you had sex, and then got pregnant, it's not the baby's fault. Please tell me why it is alright to kill the child off before it's ever got the chance to see the light o...

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Abortion Is Good For Society


Why are people so sensitive and controversial about abortion? Abortion is just eliminating a fetus from a woman's womb. How is that even bad? Because a fetus is considered to have life since it can grow, think, feel, and develop? A fetus is a fetus; it is not human until it comes out of the mother's womb. Until then, it is just ... a fetus! Fetuses are even less functional than animals - they can't locomote, they can't think, they can't reproduce, they can't have emotions, and they can't communi...

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If you are prolife (Abortion) then wouldn't you be against the dealth penalty? Pro(Agr) Con(Disag)


If one claims to be pro-life in terms with Abortion then wouldn't you be pro life for everything (i.e. death penalty)? When asked a question about Abortion, which I am against, I considered that I was pro life, but when I thought in depth of what it means to be pro life I thought: Would I be against the death penalty also, since it's the act or killing a human for a crime they've committed (not word-by-word definition)?...

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