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Should buffer zones for pro-life protesters exist around abortion clinics?


The main argument against the existence of buffer zones is that they violate rights to freedom of speech and assembly for pro-life protesters, however, free speech and assembly rights do not extend to harassment. By being able to go directly up to a woman going to the clinic to argue with her and try to stop her violates her legal right to go to the clinic. One of the reasons that pro-life use in their argument is that the suicide rate for women after they have had abortions is extremely high....

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Abortion Is Wrong


I am taking the stance that abortion is wrong in all cases except for when the mother's life is in danger. Feel free to post your first argument in the first round. Good luck....

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Is Abortion Okay


I believe that abortion should not be committed for multiple reasons. So many people have been debating over this for several years now and I want to know what some people think about it and why. I do not see why so many people can agree with babies dying before they have had a chance in the world and I hope that others agree. If you had sex, and then got pregnant, it's not the baby's fault. Please tell me why it is alright to kill the child off before it's ever got the chance to see the light o...

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Abortion Is Good For Society


Why are people so sensitive and controversial about abortion? Abortion is just eliminating a fetus from a woman's womb. How is that even bad? Because a fetus is considered to have life since it can grow, think, feel, and develop? A fetus is a fetus; it is not human until it comes out of the mother's womb. Until then, it is just ... a fetus! Fetuses are even less functional than animals - they can't locomote, they can't think, they can't reproduce, they can't have emotions, and they can't communi...

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If you are prolife (Abortion) then wouldn't you be against the dealth penalty? Pro(Agr) Con(Disag)


If one claims to be pro-life in terms with Abortion then wouldn't you be pro life for everything (i.e. death penalty)? When asked a question about Abortion, which I am against, I considered that I was pro life, but when I thought in depth of what it means to be pro life I thought: Would I be against the death penalty also, since it's the act or killing a human for a crime they've committed (not word-by-word definition)?...

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Should abortion be allowed


I argue that abortion should be allowed. My opponent argues against this. You may use the first round to make your argument....

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Should abortion be legalized?


The desire for abortion is subjective and as we know, subjective feelings are kept out of arguments. So, I say that objectively, the direct intent to determine the fetus is considered murder. Now as to whether the murder of the unborn is different than the murder of alive, there is a difference because the baby is 100% dependent on the mother for survival. If something is clinging onto you for dear life, then you have the right of liberty to free yourself from the pregnancy, regardless of whethe...

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Non-late term abortion should remain legal


Abortion should remain legal as it is in many states - up to 23 weeks into pregnancy. The reality is that many women (or couples) experience unwanted pregnancies that they cannot responsibly handle. This is because humans are flawed and not because they are bad people. There are many examples of zygotes that are created in circumstances of which it would be reasonable to abort: rape, incest, drug addiction, prostitution, homelessness and countless other socioeconomic difficulties. The moral argu...

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Abortion should be legal


Just join the debate and rebut against my points. "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." - Article 1 of the Universal Human Rights. Notice the word BORN. This is not yet a human, it does not yet have human rights. It is not YOUR choice to decide whether the mother has to keep her child, It is not YOUR choice to make. What if the woman was raped? Would you want...

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An unborn baby, an uneducated child, a living soul! Abortion ends a babies life. Humans all have basic rights, and by having an abortion, a women is essentially ending a potential doctors life, an actors life, but most devastating of all, like it or not your ending a persons life! Think people! If every pregnant women were to have an abortion right now, the human race would not survive. Every three seconds another women is having in abortion, which should be illegal! Is it okay to murder an aver...

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