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Why the death penalty is ineffective and should be banned by the house


In this debate I will be arguing that the death penalty is ineffective and due to its ineffectiveness it should be banned by the house. The reasons that I will use will be that it's expensive, it causes racial disputes, it endangers innocent lives, and finally it doesn't deter crime rates. This is how I will put it down: 1.Introduction of the debate (first round) 2.Opponent's statement that he/she will agree to debate. 3.Arguments from both 4.Rebuttal/or counter argument 5.Conclusion...

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Abolishing the Death Penalty


This is going to be kind of sloppy. The death penalty should be abolished. For this, I will be loosely working with Peter Singer's interpretation of utilitarianism, in which equal consideration of interests plays a large role. A vastly simplified example is this: Suppose you have two men, one is in severe pain while the other is in moderate pain but you only have two pills. Equal consideration of interests would demand that we give the two pills to the man in severe pain if only because he...

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Death Penalty


PrefaceThis is a classic debate that has been going on for a while. Should the Death Penalty be used? Is it just? While my personal view is Con, I like to go back and forth while debating this topic.Good Luck to whomever accepts. =)Full TopicThe Death Penalty is justified.Form...

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AAN Tournament : This house endorses Death Penalty


Rules:1. Bop will be shared2. My opponent will start by giving giving his case immediately in R1 and to even out the rounds he shall pass the lastRounds:Round 1: PRO : -NIL- CON : Acceptance,ArgumentsRound 2:PRO : Ar...

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The Death Penalty should be abolished


Hi, I wanted to discuss a very important issue: the Death Penalty As a progressive I'm against it and my view is getting more and more support as I see that those in favor of the Death Penalty have little or no valid argument. Here are some fact: _The Death Penalty costs more than life imprisonment _There is absolutely no evidence that it deters crime (just look at crime rates in the US compared to Europe wich abolished it) _For every 100 executed prisoners there are likely 4 innocent peo...

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Death penalty


I will argue against...

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No true Christian can support the death penalty


In this debate as Pro, I will be arguing that "No true Christian can support the death penalty".As you can see the debate fits the form of the No True Scotsman Fallacy. However, that is the point as in this debate it is the purpose of the debaters to see who can best assert their position using the Holy Bible. So please don't argue that this is the No True Scotsman Fallacy I am well aware of that and it wou...

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Should the death penalty be re-introduced to Britain?


Well, our last debate panned, so here's a more serious topic to indulge in: capital punishment. I will be arguing the against, you the pro. First round is acceptance. Second round lays out opening arguments. Third and fourth are for counter-arguments. Final round is for closing comments....

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If Ariel Castro was still alive the death penalty would be an appropriate punishment for him.


Ariel Castro was a man who held three women captive for over a decade in his house in Cleveland Ohio. His first victim Michelle Knight was kidnapped in 2002 when she was in her early 20s. His second victim Amanda Berry was kidnapped the day before her 17th birthday in 2003. His third victim Gina Dejesus was kidnapped in 2004 when she was 14. The three women were held captive and against their will until they escaped in 2013. He had one daughter with Amanda Berry who is now 7. He impregnated Mich...

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Should the death penalty be used on violent criminals?


Death simply is too fast, and does not teach a lesson to criminals. The death penalty would take away just ONE criminal life for many other lives that were killed by it. There should be a non-violent punishment(like making dangerous criminals go to a soundproof dark room for one day, and then keeping them in prison). A life-sentence without parole is also a good way to teach criminals their lesson....

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