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Universal Basic Income


Full resolution: The United States should begin to convert existing welfare programs into a universal basic income (UBI). There are about 126 different welfare programs that are currently on the books.1I am arguing that we should begin to re...

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Who should be allowed to use guns and who shouldn't?


Gun control is a big problem everywhere in the United States. From anywhere to police shootings to murders. In my opinion no one should have guns. There is no use for them. Innocent children die everyday from playing with guns. If someone is robbing your house or you are in danger use a taser. The only people that may need guns are the police. But, there should be limits for police men with guns. I...

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Is the American Dream achieveable?


If you work hard you can achieve the American Dream. This means not being lazy and doing what it takes to achieve it. People who say it isn't achieveable because either they don't have it or don't want it bad enough. My apologizes. The American Dream is defined as being able to live in a stable job with stable income, enough to satisifed the needs without concern....

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Can Right to Food eradicate hunger in India ?


I am trying to argue that the poverty alleviation programmers and right to food acts have eradicated a large part of starvation in India . If anyone wants to oppose this point pls join this debate....

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People who attack companies that use animals should be prosecuted


Businesses that use animals for food,clothing,entertainment,or scientific research should be given legal protection against attacks.An attack,in this case is: -Causing or attempting to cause physical harm to a employee of a company. -Breaking and entering,with the intent of stealing animals. -Damaging property ( graffiti,car bombs,arson,etc.). Perpetrators of these attacks should be prosecuted without regard to whether the attack was considered activism Rules: -No trolls -Don't c...

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The federal minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour


Simple debate on whether the minimum wage should be raised to 15 dollars. I'm Con on this, so Pro will debate for a 15 dollar minimum wage in the United States.RulesBOP is shared1st round acceptanceNo K'sAny violations of rules will be result in an immediate loss....

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Should US citizens have the right to bear arms?


Should US citizens have the right to bear arms? The answer, yes. Jefferson said "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have." So giving up our guns would be feeding the government, they would only grow. A government that is to powerful will lead to chaos and dictation. Who will you feed, the government or the people? Feeding the government gives them a change to throw away all the good that the founding Fathers made f...

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Capitalism (Pro) VS. Socialism (Con)


NOTE: I am playing devils advocate for this. Just saying since many people will know that I am actually a filthy socialist.Rules:-1st Round: Acceptance-2nd Round: 2 Opening Arguments-3rd/4th Rounds: 2 New Arguments and Rebuttals-5th Round: Rebuttal and Conclusion.No Vulgarity, Insults, Trolling or Semantics.Definitions:Socialism: A way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by t...

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The Necessity of Minimum Wage


First Round: Acceptance Second Round: Opening arguments Third Round and Fourth Round: Rebuttals to opposing arguments Fifth Round: Closing arguments. Foul language, trolling, bigotry, insults, attacks, threats or disrespect toward a debator will result in automatic forfeiture. Upon acceptance to the debate, I will start the opening arguments. Topic: the Necessity of Minimum Wage, specifically in the...

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Our economy is carp thanks to the fed


On a debate, I said that the Fed destroyed our economy, my opponent said that "our GDP is better than ever, if that is economic hardship, we should have more of it", I'm sorry to tell you this, but I don't measure how good an economy by how high it's GDP is, I judge it by the following factors: Education: we are 36th in the world, our spending per student is 7,500$, in Finland it is 5,500$, and yet Finland has better grades, the problem isn't money. National debt: 18,000,000,000,000$ Wealt...

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