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Is Capitalism an Inherently Exploitative System


Capitalism- An economic and political system in which a country"s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit Exploitative - describing the treatment of someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work....

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Should Unicorns be able to farm? Part 2


Last time we did this debate, it was two years ago and I won, of course. but now we're back to finally settle this important argument. This is only an acceptance round. To accept this debate, please resound to this. The challenge is on....

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Capitalism is dying


Capitalism as we know it is dying.1st Round is acceptance.Pro will argue that capitalism is dying.Con will argue that capitalism is not dying.Capitalism Definition (Investopedia)A system of economics based on the private ownership of capital and production inputs, and on the production of goods and services for profit. The production of goods and services is based on supply and demand in the general market (market economy...

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Redistribution of Wealth


Focusing first on your claim that the redistribution of wealth (or, more generally, resources) would somehow inherently destroy all incentive to work on the part of those from whom resources were taken, this is just patently untrue. It is a well-known historical fact of economics that, even when corporations are taxed at supposedly exorbitant rates (e.g., about 90% under FDR), American industry nevertheless thrives, CEOs still make out like bandits, the populace as a whole is no less likely to p...

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A just society should ensure all workers receive a minimum living wage.


PrefaceThis debate is for the Adopt-A-Noob Tournament []. I wish my opponent, lannan13, congratulations on winning his debate, the best of luck, lots of fun, and that we both learn from this debate!TopicA just society should ensure all workers receive a minimum living wage. (Esocial - Pro; Lannan - Con).

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Capitalism is a better economic system then communism.


Communism just doesn't work. Plain and simple every communist country eventually fails, just look at history. The soviet union, Cuba, China, and Vietnam. All of those communist regimes failed. Why? Because you remove any incentive to work! It's simple economics, if you don't have a reason then you won't do it.

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Cutting Taxes Would Stimulate The Economy


Rules: I will write an essay and my opponent will rebut on Round One, along with his or her acceptance. By Round Three, there will be no new points, only conclusions. Good luck to both sides! Cutting taxes would increase the purchasing power of the people. This means businesses will profit more from consumers and with more money, we can experience increased overall wages, increased earnings for everyone, and this will be beneficial to the country's overall prosperity. This will also lea...

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Large companies should be allowed to hire prisoners for labor work.


America imprisons more people than any other country in the world. The Prison Industrial Complex is a major institution in the US and quite a controversial one if I might add. There are many debatable elements of this industry, but I would like to focus on one in particular: Should large companies be allowed to hire prisoners for labor work? As of now, large businesses (such as Walmart, BP, Macy's, etc) are hiring prisoners to do labor jobs. Jobs include basic needs like construction and p...

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Classic Robert Gauntlet Tournament: The current tax system should be replaced by the fair tax.


By current tax system, I'm referring to the federal tax system currently used by the United States government. Explanation of the Fair Tax 1. The Fair Tax is a consumption tax at the point of sale for 23% of every dollar spent. It's effectively a 30% sales tax. For the first year. 2. The tax will replace income tax, social security, corporate taxes, capital gains tax, Medicare tax, payroll tax, gift taxes and estate tax. 3. The tax would be on all new goods and services. Purchases fr...

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single payer health care is better than our current health care system


single payer health care is better than our current health care system i am borrowing this debate from else where. please use this link to find working links in this debate The right single payer system would cover everyone, while yielding better results, and saving money. BETTER RESULTS WHILE SAVING MONEY: we spend more per capita, and get less health care results back... than...

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