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The US should institute Progressive Wage Laws.


Alright, this is an entirely new proposal based off of several already proposed wage reforms to the minimum. With that said, I'll try my best to explain it this round.Basically, they are left wing laws, that decide the wage of a company based on their....1. Employees2. Capital3. Income 4. BenefitsFor example, a rich company with high income, wi...

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If not in a liquidity trap, monetary policy is more effective than fiscal policy.


Definitions: A "liquidity trap" is when interest rates cannot be lowered enough to make a significant change in the economy. (In other words, the zero-bound problem). "Monetary policy" is the use of open market operations (buying and selling securities) by a central bank to influence interest rates. "Fiscal policy" is the use of deficit spending to stimulate the economy. Alterations to these definitions may be considered. First round: state that you accept the debate. Actual debate will...

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Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour will benefit the US economy


Increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour will mostly benefit the U.S. Economy. This will be my position in this debate. (I will also be arguing that the federal minimum wage should be indexed to inflation, to keep up with the rising cost of living--a point which my opponent can either choose to refute or ignore.)Con will argue that r...

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Freemarket capitalism is both unsustainable and environmentally unsound.


The materials economy is comprised of the following steps Extraction Production Distribution Consumption Disposal Round 1 Define your terms. Identify at least one causal factor (Why is it this way?) Identify at least one intervention. (How can it be improved?) Opening arguments Feel free to challenge my definitions: Free market capitalism- an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competi...

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Opinion on the wage gap?


For a research paper, my topic is the gap between wages of men and women. I personally think equal pay would be ideal. As of 2013, full time working women earned about $706 weekly, while men earned $860. What is your opinion on the gap?...

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Let's Balance the Budget Together


Here's how this will work. I'm a liberal and therefore I want to balance the budget with revenue increases. Conservatives want spending cuts. Therefore, as the resident liberal, I will be proposing spending cuts each round, while Con -- who should be a conservative -- will be proposing new revenue. The voters, in the end, should choose the person who reduces the deficit by the widest margin. First spending cut: End the war in Afghanistan....

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Keynesian economic principles form a sound method of organizing an economy.


*This is my first debate. Keynesian economic principles form a sound method of organizing an economy. "Keynesian economic principles" include: Recognition that insufficient Aggregate Demand causes recessions Government spending can stimulate Aggregate Demand Monetary policy alone is often insufficient to stimulate an economy in a recession Arguments: [1] Most economists, liberal and conservative, recognize the validity of Keynesian principles. Famous liberal proponents include K...

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We need to increase government spending and lower taxes


Taxes take away from a persons paycheck and they have less money to spend the higher taxes are. If people have more income then they'll spend more on businesses and improve the economy. Government spending is like borrowing if they don't take out taxes. This money is good to have in the economy because businesses aren't spending enough money to stimulate the economy because they're afraid of the low growth....

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Without the United States of America, China could not become a superpower


I challenge you to the debate over China's superpower capabilities without the US. I will be taking the side that believes China could become a superpower without the United States. I've put the character and time limits on max to allow for flexibility and thought-out arguments. I hope you will accept. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is how the debate will go: Round 1: Acceptance only. No arguments can be presented. Round 2...

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The US Government should substantially increase investment within the African Continent.


I will argue the resolution that the United States government should increase investment within Africa. The United States government will constitute all things distributed or provided by the nations ruling body. Africa will be defined as the 54 countries that constitute the African continent. - BOP is shared.- First round is acceptance- No rebuttals will be made until t...

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