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Socialism is an economic impossibility. The basic problem of economics is scarcity - limited resources and unlimited desires for those resources. Every economy must thus answer these 3 questions: What goods to produce? How to produce them? Whom shall receive them? Since socialism doesn't have a price system, it is impossible to effectively address these issues. Without a price system, how do you answer the problem of scarcity, and the "3 W's"? By a government survey? Since capitalism wor...

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Federal Reserve


First is inflation, 100$ in 1832 equals 120$ in 1872, we lost 1/6 our moneys value, whereas 100$ in 1940 equals 588$ in 1980, the Federal Reserve multiplied inflation by 5 this blows the whole "But the Federal Reserve prevents inflation" notion out of this debate. Second is the constitution, according to the constitution, congress should control the monetary system, the only dispute I got over this is "Congress controls the Federal Reserve", the Federal Reserve Board of governors does. Third...

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The United States Federal Government should implement an open door policy.


This will be a economic/government debate, not a social or political debate. To clarify, I the Pro, will try to convince the voter that an open door policy would help the economy in some fashion. While the Con will try to disprove my arguments and provide arguments as to why an open door policy would harm the economy/government. Again, this is not a social/political debate. Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Intro/Arguments Round 3: Further Arguments Round 4: Rebuttals I wish my opponen...

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Donald Trump


Should Donald Trump be allowed to run the country? In my opinion he is too childish and immature to run any country let alone ours. He's rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and racist. Trump says he can turn our economy around but yet he himself has gone bankrupt four times. If he can't handle his own money, how would he be able to handle the nations' money? I also believe if Trump becomes president he could single handedly start world war three. He has already made a mockery of our country and he i...

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Every non homosapien non white non male non republican should become slaves forced into hard labor


We all know that every that back in the good old days the hard working white male republicans dominated the world completely. Under their reign, everyone else is a slave. You would have to be a non educated dumbass to not know that much more progress was made with slaves doing hard labor 24/7. I know for a fact we should bring back slaves and white elitist will realize this soon. The world has many problems and the only way to solve is to have people work their whole lives for zero pay. The worl...

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Truck Drivers are the backbone of this nation


This is a freelance debate, meaning you can post as you wish to argue. It is redundant to setup guidelines for a debate when that does no truly convey the point of the debate spirit. The truck driving industry is the backbone of our nation. Everything you purchase, use, or sell, has been or will be shipped on a truck. Without truck driving, our economy would plummet, are surplus of goods would diminish to nothing within a matter of days, and we would be living in a post apocalyptic waste land...

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Tom Mulclair for CANADA's new PM?


I believe Tom Mulclair will be the best choice....

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THBT we should illegalize organ trade.


Hello. Thanks for accepting this debate.Here are the following rules...Round 1: AcceptanceRound 2: ArgumentsRound 3: RefutationRound 4: Resolution*No forfeiture allowed. IF it happens, you lose. ...

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Resolved: On Balance, Anarcho-Capitalism is preferable to Anarcho-Communism.


This debate is impossible to accept. If you accept without permission then you forfeit all 7 points to me. If you wish to accept then please leave a comment.RulesFirst Round is terms and definitions by Pro and acceptance by Con.Second Round is for Opening arguments, NO rebuttals.Third Round is for Rebuttals.Forth Round is for Rebuttals and conclusion.No semantics, the definitions provided are the ones to be used.No trolling.

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Colonel sanders would be a better president than donald trump.


Colonel Sanders has no experience in political science and he never was part of the united states politics....

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