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The US Penny Should be Taken out of Service


I have not debated on this website for a long time. Glad to be back! Moving on, this is the debate of the topic: "The US Penny Should be Taken Out of Service." The first round is simply for acceptance. Rules: 1) No trolling/semantics. 2) No offensive content/swearing 3) Keep arguments within the spirit of debate/no personal attacks. In the event of a rule being broken by either side, it will result in an automatic loss. I eagerly await an opponent....

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Is Barack Obama shattering USA's competitiveness?

gannon260 The article that brought this to my notice. My points against the article (i.e. i say barrack Obama is NOT shattering the LONG term competitiveness of the US economy. The article speak of a Capital gains tax increase, which somehow leads to a fall in companies(specifically start ups). It says that the number of start ups are falling and more of them are failing. but that is...

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Should Andrew Jackson really be on the $20 bill, although he was a bad president?


Andrew Jackson was a bad president. Should he really be on the $20 dollar bill. I thought only good presidents should be coined or minted....

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A just society ought to ban property tax.


Here we debate whether you should be taxed over land you own. This does not include transactions to buy or sell exct. land. The rounds are as follows. 1 Acceptance 2 Cases 3 Arguments 4 Defending 5 Summarizing...

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Minimum Wage


Minimum wage should be passed because it would help people out of poverty. Try to debate me on it....

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Economic Equity should be valued over Free Trade


Terms: Economic Equity: the idea of fairness in the economy, this could be expressed through economic forms of Affirmative action of redistribution of wealth. For this debate this term will be in regards to Economic Equity between countries and the use of affirmative action towards trade. Free Trade: International trade left to its natural course without tariffs, quotas, or other restrictions. Concept currently valued by the WTO and countries within the organization. should: ought to or...

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Should the penny be kept in US currency


The penny may have sounded like a good idea when It was invented, but except for certain transactions of "$22.01" it isn't necessary. The penny costs more than it is worth to make! Sure, it would cause a ripple in the world of money, but we can get over that!...

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Should the US restrict fracking?


Fracking provides over a quarter of the natural gas used in the United States, and it also provides jobs and stimulates the economy. People say that fracking has environmental problems bu these issues are short term and the environment will recover. Using fracking also means we aren't dependent on foreign oil. Importing forein oil from the middle east directly funds terrorists, and takes jobs awy from Americans. Using fracking we can stimulate the economy and keep down the rising cost of gas....

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Flat Tax


Many thanks to my opponent, East, for challenging me to this debate. Welcome to DDO! I accept and will affirm the resolution in favor of a flat tax over a progressive tax system. Please note that I am somewhat playing devil's advocate in this debate. In fact, as a (laymen's terms) libertarian I would I prefer NO tax (with voluntary fees in lieu of taxes for services) but I digress. I will keep the first round pretty straight forward and to the point, with bullet point numbers to separate and...

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The norwegian model CANNOT be implemented (as in copied and pasted) sucessfully in the united states


I challenge whoever decides to join this debate. I am constantly busy so I will be able to start the debate tomorrow. I wish my opponent luck as this debate is to start at round 2 and continue for three rounds until round four (round one is the intro). I am con because (despite my fascination of the Nordic model) after doing months of research, I can conclude the united states does not have the resources, population size, trust, or stability to successfully implement the Nordic model for all...

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