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Should the US abolish income tax?


I see many people remarking that taxation is theft. Taxation is most definitely not theft. Taxation is required to make a government run. I see conservatives (People who say, "AMERICA IS THE BEST!!!") saying that taxation is not right. Isn't it ironic that the US is strong BECAUSE they have taxes? If the US had no right to tax, then the government wouldn't survive. It is also hypocritical that they want the military to be strong, but don't want to give funds to the government to do so. Articles...

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What is more important - having abundance of natural resources or having skilled population


I have case study of GCC countries and venezuela where they have abundance of natural resource 'Oil'. But when 2008 and 2014 oil crisis comes, venezuela's economy fall badly. Similarly, other countries which oil based economy found less GDP growth. But if you have skilled people, you always lead your countries towards technological innovation which leads to economic growth. Also the important point is that if you have abundance of natural resources but you need skilled people to utilize them. So...

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we need to stop


we need to stop because we keep cutting down trees then the animals will die because of loss of habitat or at least slow way does not matter if they plant trees or not because trees take a while to grow and animals are going lower in population and i think they should have tree farms are the only place to cut down trees so animals will safe from loss of habitat and will be no worry about not having enough air and to have cleaner air since trees clean the we keep cutting them down...

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Universal Basic Income


This debate is for 1harder's Spring Regular Tournament. All the settings of this debate are in accordance with the tournament's rules. Resolution: The U.S. should replace existing welfare programs with a universal basic income (UBI). I propose that every adult receive an annual, basic income of $10,000. This income would be unconditional, earned whether one is employed or not. Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare would be exempt as they aren't really considered welfare. First round...

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The United States should abolish the Capital Gains Tax.


I proudly negate the resolution Resolved: The United States should abolish the capital gains tax. Framework: Economic benefits. J.D. Foster from the Heritage Foundation states the one overarching goal of tax reform is achieving a stronger economy. Since this is a tax reform resolution, prefer economic impacts. Our sole contention is political conflict Subpoint A: Unpopularity Frank Newport from Gallup News in April 2017 finds more than six in 10 average Americans believe upper-income h...

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Resolved: The United States Federal Government should build a border wall along the US-Mexico border


This is for the official Spring TournamentFirst round is acceptance only.Thanks in advance for this debate, Lan. I lost to you two or three years ago and hope to avenge my own death. Good luck :)...

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Should kids earn an allowance?


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I apologize for last time, I was locked out by the HPPT 500 stuff. I request that we simply copy paste our arguments up to where we left off if you still want to continue....

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should we remove capitalism


in our current economic system rich gets richer poor gets poorer ,the big man who receives all the profits never thinks to help poor people,even such as basic needs like food ,cloth ,shelter. in country like India having many billionaire condition remains the same over the period should we replace it with another system in which there should have some equality so we all can live in harmony.i know people wont change their value system but hope for good....

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Donald Trump's proposed border wall is more beneficial than not.


Debates like these are the reason I came back to this site. I'm happy I found someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to subjects such as this, too many times I can't have a debate let alone conversation without someone throwing baseless accusations and insults around instead of explaining their point of view, so thank you in advance, Nd2400, for debating me on this topic. I believe a border wall between Freedom Land and Mexifries is benefical over...

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