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Income per capita (GDP/cap)


Puzzling properties of income per capita (GDP/cap) distributions are now explained. They do not represent unique properties of the historical economic growth as claimed in the Unified Growth Theory but purely mathematical properties of dividing hyperbolic distributions.

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Social Security


This debate will be over Social Security and whether or not it is a good system that should continue to exist. I will be taking the con side, where I argue that it should not exist. My opponent will take the pro side, arguing that it is a good system and should continue to exist.Round 1 is for acceptance only. Round 2 is for arguments only, not rebuttals. The remaining rounds are for rebuttals and counter-rebuttals. I look forward to a productive debate. ...

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The U.S should abolish the Minimum Wage


The resolution is: The U.S Should Abolish the Minimum WageI will be arguing against the resolution, Pro will argue for it. BoP is shared.I am mainly debating this to confirm my position on this, but I am definitely leaning towards the pro-MW stance.DefinitionsMinimum Wage: Lowest wage permitted by law.Abolish: get rid of

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Increase in purchasing power leads to an extravagant youth


Increase in purchasing power would definitely lead to an extravagant youth as it will increase number of goods and services that can be purchased with a unit of currency. Youth always fall prey to advertisements that and schemes and now if their purchasing power will increase they will tend to spend more on useless commodities and end up making a fool of themselves!...

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The minimum wage should be raised


The purpose of the minimum wage is to help those disenfranchised workers who earn far less than what most Americans would consider acceptable. However, raising the minimum wage will only hurt those same marginalized workers. This is because you force those disenfranchised workers to compete with more qualified workers. Consider this, you are an immigrant who has just moved to the United States. You are largely unfamiliar with the language, culture, or customs of the United States. You need a job...

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Social Democracy


I have not been very active on recently, and I hope to reenter the stage with more profound and broad issues. Here, I will be arguing in favour of Social Democracy, and my opponent will be arguing against it. Each side will have 72 hours to write an argument, there will be five rounds, and each argument has a limit of 10,000 characters (the maximum). There will be open voting for a month after the last arg...

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A Bill To Make English The Official Language Of The United States


I strongly disagree with this bill for the following three reasons. One, it goes against what America stands for. Two, it is predicted that in 2050 the U.S will be the largest spanish speaking country. And three, it would force immigrants to learn a new language and cost them money they don"t have. With my first reason, it is completely true. If we make english the official language of the United states it goes against why we became the country we are. America is a country for the free and that...

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Trump for president


Anyone who wants to challenge me on if Trump would be a good President. The First round is acceptance, and then the debate begins. The charters will be maxed at 5,000....

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Capitalism is inherently flawed and overall detrimental


Capitalism is a system doomed to crises. Accept if you're willing for an argument with a strong Marxist who does actually know economics. First round is just for acceptance....

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The Federal Reserve should be abolished


I will be arguing that the Federal Reserve should be abolished, as a forewarning I will use google docs so don't complain about it, otherwiuse there is a charactar limit and I cannot post pictures. My opponent can just as easily use google dopcuments as I can so I am getting no "advantages." By accepting this debate challenge you agreee to this, and we can continue, I put the criteria high enough so that I will get a good debator rather than some guy who makes zero arguments. In the meantime, I...

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