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Public colleges and universities have the right to restrict campus speech.


I believe that the right for public institutions like colleges and universities do not have the right to restrict the speech used on Campus. College is a place to get introduced to new people and be challenged my new ideas. Feel free to debate me on this....

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"Art projects" in English classrooms do not help students and weaken their writing skills.


Art projects in English classrooms at the high school level do not help students learn how to write well. Students can barely put together a sentence in college, and the first few weeks of many college classes are wasted re-learning basic grammar and writing techniques because frustrated professors want students to write at a college level when many of them cannot. I personally find these "Art Projects" frustrating because they hurt my grades in high school. We were graded on our ability to d...

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waffles against dirt


a battle between substances...

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Should public college be tuition free?


Free tuition at public colleges would have profound positive impacts in addition to the obvious ethical Education is a human right in the United states, to what extent does the right extend has not been specified. But if elementary school through high school will make more productive members of society, then it would seem college would be just as the quintessential level of schooling for those who pursue it. The high prices of colleges are leading to high drop-out rates and taking away from the...

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Evolution is tried and true and should be taught in the modern school system


Hi. I am an evolutionist and an atheist, and enjoy talking to people who disagree with me. The way in which we avoid the topic of creation science in school is ridiculous, and needs to be rebuilt, taught using a modern scientific method, which evolution by natural selection provides for us. As multiple lines of evidence shows, the evolution model of life can be tested and has been proven. There is a mosquito in Hawaii who lays its eggs in between the ridges of crickets wings, and when they h...

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Should children with autism be taught in mainstream schools?


I believe it depends on what end of the autistic spectrum the child falls into. However I would like to here others opinions on the topic....

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no school


i thank that there should be no school. the reason why i thank this is because the parents can teach the students. i thank that the parents should be able to have a choice whether to send there child to school or not. its no right that the parents have to send there child to school. every person should have freedom and making parents send there child to school is not giving freedom at all. nobody should be made to do anything. and when there is school your not aloud to wear certain clothes....

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Just because you have an opinion, that doesn't mean you're immune to criticism.


After looking at a lot of videos on YouTube, I've noticed that people use the phrase "This is my opinion", being thrown pretty much everywhere, implying that it shields them from something. This debate is here to see if someone thinks opinions actually do shield you from criticism, and whether or not they can back up their claim. And now, my points. Opinions, everyone has them, but that doesn't mean much outside of that. Just because you have an opinion, that doesn't mean you're more likel...

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Should homework be abolished?


First, I'd just like to thank everyone who is reading this debate for their time and thank my opposition.I know it sounds silly, but homework could be a major reason for students being poorly educated or mentally unstable. Crazy right? Well, read on.Let's start with stress.We all know that the mind learns best when it is relaxed and happy. Is it really helping to drill homework into students, after they've already been working hard for

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The duodecimal system should be used in society rather than decimal.


The duodecimal (or dozenal) system, or base twelve, is superior to decimal, or base ten, for a number of reasons. Ten has only 2 and 5 as non-trivial factors. Twelve has 2, 6, 3, and 4. Thus, elementary fractions such as 1/2, 1/3, 2/3. 1/4, and 3/4 all have convenient duodecimal represenations, being 0.6, 0.4, 0.8, 0.3 and 0.9, respectively. This gets rid of problems of repeating numbers that would be encountered particularly with 1/3 and 2/3 in decimal. This means common fractio...

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