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What is more important, to be understood (con) or to understand (pro)?


My definition of to be understood is for people to be able to comprehend your current situation and simply be understood as a human-being with feelings, and my definition of to understand is to neglect your feelings and consider on other's situation instead and I choose pro simply because to understand people's feelings is more crucial and a lot easier in order to advance one's relationship rather than being selfish and expecting others to understand us or else, we'd feel devastated and upset. I...

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Resolved: Nightmare Moon is an Underated Character in My Little Pony.


Rules First round is rules and definitions by Pro, acceptance by Con. Second round is contruction arguments, no reubuttals. Third Round is Rebuttals. Forth Round is rebuttals and conclusions. No trolling. No kritics or counterplans. No semantics, the definitions provided are those that are to be used in the debate. BOP is shared. If any of these are violated then all 7 points shall go to the opposition of the one who violated the rules .DefinitionsNightmare Moon- Nighmare Moon is the...

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Androids are better than iPhones.


Androids are better than iPhone. Anyone who thinks the opposite can debate on the topic with me. And all those who find Androids better may vote for me. The first person to accept the debate can debate with me. Waiting for a better opponent but the world knows Android is better than iPhone. :) :) :) :) There would be 4 rounds. Round 1 is just the introduction round. The true debate starts from Round 2 and lasts till Round 4....

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On balance, Mafia is a waste of time


On balance, Mafia is a waste of timeSo, in an overall sense (on balance), Mafia is a waste of time. This debate will be voted upon by judges.

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Halo is better than Call of Duty


Why Halo is good? Simple really... The story. very deep, engaging and emotional that spawned many novels to make a truly unique and engaging universe. Everything connects. Plus the multiplayer which is more skilled based and balanced that MLG played the most. Plus the nostalgic award winning soundtrack. Audio is everything. And extra content (Forge, Custom Games, Theatre, Firefight, Spartan Ops, Red Vs Blue, Forward Unto Dawn, Halo Legends, Arby 'n' the Chief, Best Vehicular Controls in any...

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Youtube is better than tv


YouTube is better than TV for two reasons.First of all, YouTube allows you to watch whatever you want whenever you want.Somthing TV does not do.Secondly,YouTube is free whereas you usually have to pay for cable every month....

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If you accept you lose


Hello we have 2 roundsFirst if anyone accepts this debate, they lose. But then I the instignator can not lose so the contender has to lose, or if he has good arguments then it is a tie.No trolling, loseForfeiting= LoseFlake= loseRemember, you have to lose or tie.If anyone says the other side wins, I will report the vote and will challenge the person to a debate until I win or vote the other side in his debate.

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Violence in video games does not significantly contribute to real world violence.


Wylted and I will be debating this topic.DefinitionsSignificantly- in a way that is relevant or has an important effect on somethingObservationsThis debate is about the impact of violence in video games, not about the impact of video games themselves. I am looking forward to a great debate!!...

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My Life Sucks More Than My Opponent's


My motion is that I, MassiveDump, have a suckier life than he, jdog2016.Telling the truth is not required.I am providing round one to be for jdog to accept this challenge, and arguments will begin in round two.If anybody cares... probably not... ...

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Old Spongebob (PRO 1999-2005) is better than New Spongebob (CON 2006-now)


These rules must be followed. If you do NOT want to follow them, then do not bother accepting. Rules: -Must have concrete reasoning for your claim -No equivocation -Use episodes for sources -Don't take it seriously if I refute your argument like I am supposed to -Don't accept if you do not like this debate (I'm looking at you, Pipster229) -Round 1 is acceptance -Round 2 is arguing -Rounds 3-4 are rebuttals -Round 5 is concluding...

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