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Kirby VS Majin Buu - Death Battle (Remastered)


[If you haven't watched the Death Battle between Kirby VS Majin Buu, please watch it first in the link below on YouTube. Then you may come back and attempt to accept this debate. You must also have a high amount of knowledge of both combatants, as well as being either a Kirby or Dragon Ball Z fan to debate as well.] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwzH7eSOwAc INTRODUCTION/RULES I will be con and opponent will be pro, so I will be defending Majin Buu while opponent will be defending Kir...

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Goku vs Superman Fight to the Death


I would like to revisit a topic that you began earlier but never really got the chance to have a detailed debate about. For this debate I will be arguing that Superman would in fact defeat Goku in a one on one fight. This battle would take place on an empty planet free of life, with a yellow sun allowing Superman's powers, and all equipment would be allowed. This is a fight to the death. I look forward to your response. There will be 3 rounds the first being who would win, round two being why ei...

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Should 13 yr olds date?


I think 13yr olds should date because it can help you more with expressing your feeling and it can also help you in school. They could help you or they could push you a lot harder....

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Whou Would Actually Win in a Fight? Superman (pro) or Batman (con)


This debate will be on who would win in an actual fight, Superman or Batman. This will be a one on one battle with no outside characters help. Each character gets a full weeks preparation time and access to all gear and equipment. It will be set in Metropolis during the daytime with clear skies. Please note that this fight is for true comic fans of both characters who are actually passionate about comics and superheroes, this is NOT a fight based on the movies. This is a fight based on comics an...

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Bruce Wayne is smarter than Tony Stark (Read Description)


Welcome to the debate. So this debate is going to be asking a question that many comic fans have asked; Who is smarter? Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark?Now, there are just two things I want to note: 1. This is considering everything overall and the expertise of each individual in all fields 2. You may use any version of Bruce or Tony from the comic world.Alright. So now th...

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Schools should block YouTube


Schools should not block YouTube from students for the following reasons. One, YouTube has educational videos about school subjects, news reports, and educational topics. Two, YouTube can be an entertainment outlet. If you are bored and want to watch so,etching but nothing's on, there are so many funny short skits and you can also buy a movie on YouTube. And finally my third point is you can't watch anything bad because if you actually want to like a video you have to sign in with your email and...

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Humans would survive the typical ( slow zombie ) zombie apocalypse.


Let me begin by establishing what exactly the typical zombie apocalypse is.The typical zombie apocalypse involves a single person becoming a zombie ( patient 0 ) and the virus spreading by bite only from person to person. The typical apocalypse also involves the typical zombie. The typical zombie is slow and lumber around until it is stimulated. Once stimulated it moves at a jogging pace. Typical zombies cannot climb ladders, are incapable of using weapons or tools...

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rap battle


I'll wait for my opponent to introduce him/herself the actual rap battle starts in the second round. diss raps are included but not much profane...

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Walter White was bad, Jesse Pinkman was good.


Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Opening Argument Round 3: Rebuttal Round 4: Closing Statement ***SPOILER ALERT*** I will argue that Walter White was an antagonist for the majority of Breaking Bad and that Jesse Pinkman was the protagonist for the majority of the show. If need be, we will discuss the meaning of the words "protagonist" and "antagonist" in the comments. You must have watched Breaking Bad in its entirety to debate....

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There is no difference between God and a Unicorn


Round one is acceptance.The rest are pure debating ...

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