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Bsh v. Esocial: Hot Guys Battle


PrefaceI am having this debate for three reasons (a) I've kind of wanted to try something like this for awhile, (b) it annoys me not having an equal number of lost and tied debates, and (c) 111 debates is such an awkward number to leave the site on that I need to do one more debate. Plus, hot guys are wonderful...This debate is a non-voting debate. Both me and Annie (by accepting this debate) agree that all votes cast on this debate should null (awar...

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Homeopathy is a valid form of medicine


In this debate I and my opponent will debate the claim that homeopathy is a valid form of medicine. I would like that all non-trivial claims are backed up either by empirical evidence or logical reasoning. Stick to standard English grammar and spelling, but don't call anyone out on their spelling, as it would slow down the debate. Also, try to write responses like you might design a skirt: long enough to cover all the details, but short enough to keep you excited. 1st round: Definitions 2nd ro...

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Burger is more of a delicacy than Pizza!


For me, burger is more delicious than Pizza. I don't like Pizza's texture and taste. The combinations of toppings are weird sometimes. :P...

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Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized


Rules: 1. First Round Acceptance Only, any arguments made in the first round are discounted. 2. No unruly conduct. 3. No trolls I will be arguing that marijuana should not be legalized. My opponent will argue that it should be legalized....

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Should people with terminal illnesses have the right to doctor assisted suicide?


It states in the Bible not to end your life before your time in Ecleaseasties 7:17. It will ruin doctors reputations, a doctors purpose is to help people and make the sick well. Doctors make the wrong diagnosis 10 to 15 percent of the time, studdies show. God does miracles. He loves you....

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My 101st Debate: Universal Health Care


PrefaceThis is my 101st debate. Uchiha has been eager to get this debate done, and I look forward to taking it up with him. Hopefully I can have more luck defending UHC this time than previously. Uchiha may not accept this debate before 1:00am, DDO time, on Nov. 8th, or he auto-loses the debate. I thank him in advance for accepting, and look forward to an interesting discourse.Full TopicA just society ought to provide uni...

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Is spanking a child, child abuse?


No spanking a child is not abuse, it is considered a proved form of discipline. Spanking shouldn't be the first choice when it comes to a child, other more calm and nice methods should be used first, but there comes a point when if a child consistently repeats an action that dangers himself or others or breaks any rules set in the household, school yard, or public should be "spanked" appropriately. Using this method to reduce defiance isn't taking away any freedom of the ch...

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Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Returned to 18?


Underage drinking has been a problem for a long time. Many people believe that raising the age limit is the solution. However, after we changed the legal age limit from 18 to 21 for the first time, the number of underage drinkers increases for the next 20 years. Raising the age is also offensive to those who were once allowed to drink. lastly, raising the age limit makes it even more tempting for under aged adults to drink. Therefore America should return the lega...

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Abortion. Right Or Wrong?


I am personally against abortion; however I am pro-choice. I think it's wrong to take away someone else's right's just so someone else won't be offended. It's not my business if someone wants to kill their unborn child or not. I will never have an abortion and even if it was considered I would always choose adoption. I would love to debate this with someone who is completely against it and thinks that no one should get one. *This doesn't include the serious health reasons*...

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Should we eat GMO foods?


i want to know the peoples opinion for my science problem is GMO food good for you?...

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