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African American Deaths in the United States in 2014-2015


The deaths of Michael Brown and that one other guy have saddened America deeply. (At least one person in America.) It's not fair that police have to kill innocent people. Police are on this Earth and created by god to protect us, not kill us....

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Should new users get a free 3 error pass


Well this is my first debate so please help me get better....

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Should we track down former Nazis?


I understand what these people did. World war 2 had ended in 1945. That was 70 years ago. A couple hundred years ago we killed thousands of American Indians because we invaded their land and put them to work. The people that did it are still called heroes today. No one would have hunted them down if they were alive. These people were just following their gut. Some of them were good people as well. They snuck bread to dying children or were doctors in the infirmaries. They helped people. All the...

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The decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson was justifiably correct


1st round acceptance 2nd round arguments 3rd round arguments and rebuttals 4th round conclusions No Racism or abusive language No trolling As I'm still quite inexperience please no bombarding of information. Note: I'm not saying the death of Michael Brown is not justifiable, it is sad that a young man like him has departed. But I feel inclined to inform people why the decision was made about the indiction trial....

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The FCC should add warning labels to news programs


The FDA puts labels on food to let you know about their content The MPAA rates movies to let you know about their content The FCC puts labels on late night tv programs to let you know about its content So why not let the FCC assign warning labels to news programs? These warning labels would assign grades to tv programs on an ABCDF scale would assing grades to tv news programs based on the following criteria: - How truthful the news programs are - How biased the news programs are -...

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What has happened to Journalism


For the past year or so it has been nearly impossible to find "real" news.....TV, Radio, newspapers, social media seem to be intent on reporting on the most outrageous news articles and celebrity coverage. Just saying......there are everyday terrific news about regular people and causes....maybe too boring for the mass readers, etc. Your thoughts people?...

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Protective Edge was justified, and was conducted with professionalism


I will argue in this debate that Protective Edge (name of the latest Israeli military operation in Gaza Strip, and, to a lesser extent, in the West Bank) was justified, and was also conducted with professionalism and moderation . First round for acceptance Second round for the argumentation Third round for rebuttal and counter-argumentation Last round for conclusion...

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Sony Take Responsibility for your Actions


I don't understand why Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton decided make a movie Threatening the life of North Korea Leader Kim Jong- Un thinking that it would funny. First of all its against the law to threaten the life of another human being especially Kim Jong- Un the leader of another country that the United States does not have a good relationship with. I don't condone the that course of action Kim Jong - Un has taken to retaliate but what would you do if your life was threaten....

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Is it the responsibility of powerful countries to keep weak ones "in check"


No! Powerful countries worked to hard to earn what they have....

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Is Anonymous really "bad"


This is purely an argument for the sake of your opinion if you choose to do so. My future opponent, just give your beliefs and a reason why you think that they are bad. Best of luck to you. In my eyes the hacker group known as Anonymous is not bad. Now, they do things in ways that may not be the best, but they are purely for the people worldwide. From the U.S to France , to Greece, to Germany, and many more countries. They do not tolerate unfair judgement of people or the use of lethal force. S...

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