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Homosexual Acts are Immoral


TERMSResolved: Homosexual Acts Are ImmoralRounds:1. Acceptance only2. Opening arguments3. Clash4. Closing arguments/clash Definitions: By "homosexual acts" I refer to sexual acts between members of the sa...

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You cannot prove that Bigfoot does not exist


Izbo10 appears to think it is possible to prove that a given thing does not exist. For the sake of this debate, we shall use Bigfoot as an example, but you could replace Bigfoot with any other item or entity that is not logically contradictory (A circle with four sides is logically contradictory so you it is not valid, the flying spaghetti monster is not logically contradictory so it would apply). However, he is unwilling to support defend this in debate. I am opening this debate up to anyo...

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There Are Good Secular Reasons to Disallow Same-Sex Marriage


HonestDiscussioner and I have agreed on terms. I will launch immediately into my opening statement.~The state regulates marriage for a reason. It dispenses benefits for a reason. Understanding what this reason is will tell us what criteria are and are not relevant to marriage, and thus whether any rights are being denied. If the state excludes same-sex couples from entering into legal marriages on the basis of criteria relevant to the public purpose of marri...

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Atheism vs. Christianity


Thank you muted for accepting this debate. Resolved: Atheism is more probable than Christianity.For purposes of this debate, we will be taking a literalistic approach to the Bible and will be using a Calvanistic doctrine of the Bible.If my opponent disagrees or would like to add any clarifications, please do so in round 1.Rules: (1) Debater must have typing experience and internet a...

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The consumption of meat is ethically wrong


Greetings Valladarex,Here is the debate! Ethics: normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.Outlines:- First round acceptance, just so I can outline everything (you can briefly outline your arguments if you want to).- 4 rounds because of the outlining in the first.- No new arguments in the last round.- The...

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We all deserve to die, none of us deserve another breathe of air


If we deserve to live or even to breathe one more breath of air, why don't we live and breathe forverer? Since we don't live and breathe forever, we have to conclude either that we deserve to die or that death is not fair. If we say death is fair because it applies to everybody, then it must be fair if we do not get another breath of air and we really don't deserve another breath of air because death is fair. If we say death is unfair and we deserve to live forever, we must be fooling ourselves....

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Flaws are mostly objective


To avoid any semantics, I offer these 2 definitions as conditions of acceptance.Flaw: a feature that is regarded as unfavorableObjective: based on facts rather than thoughts or opinionsRound 1 is for acceptance. ...

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This House believes that abortion is morally permissible.


This is in case UnitedAndy wishes to debate this resolution for the Jury debating tournament. The resolution is as it stands. The resolution itself is:This House believes that abortion is morally permissible.I'll wait for my opponent to accept. Thank you....

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Theism offers a more likely context than atheism for affirming moral realism.


I thank Sargon agreeing to debate me on this topic. I shall be arguing that given moral realism theism is more likely than atheism. Or that theism makes "more sense" of moral realism than atheism does. My job is to argue that, yes, theism offer a more likely context in which to affirm moral realism and Con's job is to argue that, to the contrary, atheism offers a more likely context than theism in which to affirm moral realism. In short, this will be a mostly meta-ethical debate. [1]<...

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The Kalam Cosmological Argument is Sound


The kalam cosmological argument (KCA) may be summarized as follows:1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.2. The universe began to exist.3. Therefore, the universe has a cause.4. If the universe has a cause, that cause is a timeless, spaceless, changeless, immaterial, uncaused, beginningless, enormously powerful mind.5. Therefore, the cause of the unive...

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