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If god(s) existed, they would most likely prefer atheists over theists.


The resolution is a simple one, namely that if there is some manner of god which has produced the human race for some grand purpose, it is more likely that such a purpose is hostile to the intents and activities and beliefs of theists and approving of the intents or activities or beliefs of atheists.The debate itself is one to be accepted and argued in good faith; The definitions used, argued against, and spoken to are to be those definitions which best match context and intent...

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I Am Psychic


I am a psychic. I've proven it before. Whomever accepts this debate, I will guess their full name (including their middle name) and the members of their family, to prove my case....

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We know that we are independent,but sometimes we are feeling that we are so far from it.Do you agree


We know that we are independent,but sometimes we are feeling that we are so far from it.Do you agree with it or not ?...

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Whether animals deserve moral treatment.


Con Position: Animals neither have nor deserve rights, or any sort of moral treatment. Specifically, I will be arguing that morality only makes sense with respect to human agents and agents that can/may mimick human intelligence. Animals should only be treated as things or property. My opponent argues that animals should be treated with moral respect. We each will have to posit and defend an ethical philosophy as a framework to consider this issue, along with the issue, itself. Af...

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How would an atheist prove the existence of color as an asthetic concept to a blind man?


Do atheists know that their physical senses are the only ones? What would they say to a blind man who said there are only four senses, denying the existence of the sense of sight. He demands evidence from you as to the existence of color as an asthetic concept. What would you say?...

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People should NOT own guns


People shouldn't own guns. Guns are a problem in society, and result in the death of thousands every year. Whoever accepts this will have to prove how guns are helpful rather tahn a problem. Ican't grasp how anyone could even be for gun rights!...

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Impossibility exists


This debate has been initiated multiple times on DDO, with the win going to both pro and con.[1][2] I hope this debate will be fun for all parties involved and am open to suggestions regarding the rules (and definitions) of this debate. But please do not dispute them in-round.Debate Rules:· Each debater will have 72 hours to post an argument· Each argument will have a maximum of 8,000 c...

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"Are we humans exactly like stones thrown in a river?"


Rules1. I must argue in favor of the resolution that we humans aren't exactly like stones thrown in a river.2. First round for acceptance.3. BoP is on me; As much as you can prove why we are like humans, if there is at least ONE difference, I win (Hence the resolution ("Exactly")).4. No trolling.Failure to follow these rules will result in a 7-point forfeiture....

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i am a highly formiddable debater- despite many poor stats


if you look at my percentile ranking, im 99+% ranked. it's so high, that you can count numberically, that i'm just under 100th place in the ranking. in a realm of thousands upon thousands, that is not bad at all. if you look at my ELO and win ratio, you might conclude that perhaps i aint so great. i could get into reasons why those are so low, given my laid back nature, but i'm mainly interested in focusing on the stats. also, to be honest, i'm looking for someone with knowledge of h...

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3 divided by 0 equals 3 - Debate Two


I wish to debate spex on this topic once more (only once), as he still seems unconvinced about this.By agreeing to the debate you agree to the following:72 hours to argue, 8,000 characters max per argument.Any offensive content, including, but not limited to, swearing, derogatory language, and insulting will result in a forfeiture of the debate by the offender.If you wish to state the definition, feel fre...

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