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Felons should have voting rights in the modern U.S.


Felons should have voting rights in the modern U.S. A: Clarification/Context So as to be as clear as possible. I am arguing that so called Felons should retain the right to vote in spite of being felons. Below is some basic information on the current circumstance in regard to the debate topic. “The idea of taking away a criminal's right to vote...

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Team Debate :On Balance a Ban on Guns would be beneficial for the US


Resolution - On balance a ban on guns would be beneficial for the US This is a team debate Team (Con) - Mikal - Whiteflame - 16k Adams Team (Pro) - TBD - TBD - TBD Shared BOP The Con team shall be ran from my profile, Team pro may chose to run the debate from one team members profile, or make a team debate account. Team Pro is going to argue for a complete ban on gun ownership, and we will argue the implications of said ban. As Pro is the affirmative, they shal...

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War: United States (Pro) vs. Selected Country (Con)


You may select any country to go up against my country I am picking, the USA.Rules:1. No nukes, period.2. War will be based off of numbers in manpower, technology, artillery, etc.3. No trolling4. No EMPS (new rule, in comments)Good luck.Atheist-Independent has accepted, and we are both willing to debate. He will defend, I will invade....

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Romania was a more helpful ally to Nazi Germany than Italy during WWII.


As I am currently obsessed with the whole World War II time period, I decided that this would be an interesting, not to mention original, debate to create. The premise will be as followed: Romania was a more helpful ally to Nazi Germany during the entirety of World War II than Italy was. I will provide a few definition/clarifications just to be safe.

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Roe v. Wade was a decision by the Supreme Court with no reasonable Constitutional basis


Roe v. Wade was the most egregious case of judicial activism in American history. The Supreme Court is supposed to INTERPRET the constitution, not MAKE UP RULES FROM THIN AIR, but regrettably the justices used their exalted position as to do just that in Roe v. Wade. I will be proving that Roe v. Wade was an egregious decision that had no constitutional basis. In other words, the decision was wrong. Please can I have someone debate this who is willing to actually examine the majority opin...

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Is Universal health care fair for everyone?


I will allow the pro stance to go first....

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Obama is posioning to America.


Obama has set in motion events that are damaging to the delicate geo-political balance of the world and thinks he is doing a good job. There fore he must be the anti-Christ. He has cut our Military off at the knees, while creating a power vacuum in the Middle East allowing ISIS to take over. This has all happen when his biggest concern was his golf handicap. Has forced Obama care on us effectively raising medical insurance for the entire middle class. Now he is trying to force his reCockulous im...

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should parties be allowed?


American is in a divide. The two major parties the democrats and Republicans have created a gridlock and made our legislature nonfunctional. These parties have created teams almost that will vote against things just to piss off the other parties. Also some of the participants in these parties no longer serve the people who voted for them but rather appeal to the higher ups on the political ladder. Lastly many people join these parties purely for money and support and i would be better if the fed...

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abstain is criminal


everyone in this world especially democratic county using election system to choose their leader. and of course, everything must be have a bad thing such as abstain. abstain is an action that done by the elector which they don't use their right to choose and it will give bad effects for the country. so, im as the pros side i have to say that abstain is criminal 'cause it can make not only one but also a country go down because of abstain...

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Should the movie 'The Interview' have been banned in the first place?


-First this is NOT a debate about N Korea or blackmail by hacking. I agree that both are bad. This is a PURE question of whether the movie should have been banned in the first place. -I say Yes because -Similar to how you can't yell fire in a building, there should be a line set here that should have banned this movie. Not saying they're the same thing, of course, but we do have laws that limit free speech when public safety is at risk. Public safety is at risk here (regardless of how muc...

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