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Did the supreme court have the right to decide for states on gay marriage


I am against the decision for the supreme courts decision to allow gay marriage because it is unconstitutional and not right for them to take the power away from the states or the citizens....

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The Soviet Union was the primary reason for the Allies victory in the Second World War


4 months later and I have reopened this debate. Feel free to comment if you are interested. Has it been 6 months now? Can't tell honestly. I feel like debating again, which is always a brief occurance, so I'll open this guy up again. I read some of the comments, and just to clarity, this debate is about solely the war in Europe, as there is honestly no good way I can make the argument that the Soviets were absolutley instr...

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Resolved: On ballance, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has done more good than harm.


This debate is impossible to accept. If you accept without permission then you forfeit all 7 points to me. If you wish to accept then please leave a comment.RulesFirst Round is terms and definitions by Pro and acceptance by Con.Second Round is for Opening arguments, NO rebuttals.Third Round is for Rebuttals.Forth Round is for Rebuttals and conclusionYou may put sources in the comments section if need be.No semantics, the defin...

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Resolved: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.


Resolution: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified. Note: This is the Novice topic for the National Speech and Debate Association. Note: I am not a Novice. So if you're a novice, I would not accept this challenge. Round 1: Acceptance, DefinitionsRound 2: ONLY CONSTRUCTIVE. No RebuttalsRound 3: Rebuttals. Round 4: Rebuttals/ Final Arguments Rules: Forefiture= LossNot following forma...

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There is no such thing as the moon I CHALLENGE EVERYONE ON THIS SITE


There is not such thing as the moon. Anyone with a brain could figure that out. The government has a big projector to try to trick us into thinking there is such thing as a moon, in order to steal or money for the "NASA" program. yea right, Bollywood is a hoax created by the government. The sun is also a lie, we are not actually living on a planet, we are in a test chamber created by the government in order to experiment on us and only the simple minded people can't realize that. I have many mor...

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It should be legal to fire gay people from businesses because they are gay.


Before anyone gets mad at me, I do think it is morally wrong to do this. However, this debate is about whether it should be legal. That being said, any arguments stating that people that agree with this position are homophobic are invalid, because people can think that it should be legal to fire straight people from businesses for the reason that they are straight too. With that out of the way, first round is acceptance....

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2 - CNN should let Biden participate in their Democratic Presidential debate even if he doesnt run


Remaking this debate because the last one got accepted by some retard.3 rounds, 24 hours between rounds, 4000 characters. No trolling or semantics allowed. Joe Biden was recently allowed to participate in the first Democratic CNN debate even if he waits until the day of the debate to declare that he will run for president.http://news.yahoo.com/cnn-biden-game-day-decision-debate-134753516--politics.htmlApparently, Biden has routinely placed sec...

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Scandinavia is better than the U.S.A


Is anybody willing to join this debate, I will be on the side of pro, that Scandinavia, (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) is better than the USA....

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Should the US maintain its economic embargo against Cuba?


SHOULD THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MAINTAIN AN ECONOMIC EMBARGO AGAINST THE REPUBLIC OF CUBA?Short DebateRound 1 is a debating round, not just an acceptance round.I am AGAINST the economic embargo against Cuba.I am debating against it. The economic embargo against Cuba is unjust and inefficient. The main primary principle of the embargo was to make...

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Breathing should be Illegal


Thanks to Jonbonbon for agreeing to debate this incredibly controversial and ever-increasingly relevant topic with me.== RULES ==1. The laws of logic only sometimes exist.2. By accepting the debate, Con agrees to the following definitionsBreathing - the process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs.

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