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Drug Legalization


Many thanks in advance to thett3 for accepting this debate.Resolved: The sale, manufacture and consumption of all drugs should be legalized in the United States.Upon acceptance, I will begin the discussion in Round 2. ...

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Does Abortion Kill a Baby?


I want to debate someone who believes that abortion is not murder, because it does not kill a baby. I will argue the opposite. I believe that abortion is the termination of a human life, created by God, thus is murder. First round is acceptance only. Second round is for arguments, no rebuttals, and the last two rounds are for arguments and rebuttals. Good luck, opponent!...

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The electoral college system is more fair and effective than the popular vote system.


I would like to debate someone on the effectiveness of the electoral system over the popular system. The electoral college assigns values to states depending on population size, and all of the points for a state are awarded to a candidate when that candidate receives majority vote in that SPECIFIC state. The popular vote is a simple majority vote of the entire nation. I have started this debate because of the rising controversy from Hillary winning the popular vote, but not the electoral vote. T...

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Why California should secede from the Union


The presidential election caused some major uproar from the citizens of California including Hollywoods elites. The Liberals of California continue to yell "Not my president!" Even after a fair election riots break out continuously because they can't accept the fact that their nominee wasn't voted in. The state of California is no use to the other 49 states. All that state produces are Snowflakes and Liberals. If the state of California was to secede from the Union, the Union would benefit from...

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War Debate: United States of America (Pro) versus The People's Republic of China (Con)


This is a war debate. A debate in which two users simulate a scenario for what will happen if the two nations go to war. One side invades and the other defends. The United States of America, or me, will be invading. This debate should be impossible to accept. If you want to debate me, either message or comment your case. I will accept someone within 2 days of the first applicant. Anyone who accepts without m...

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How did it Happen,why didn't Hillary Clinton win


I am arguing that all indications were that Hillary was assured of winning the presidency and that Donald Trump was fighting against impossible odds since she had been backed by all of the democrat party machine, George Soros, including the Chicago political machine. Donald Trump was an outsider as far as the political elite were concerned and didn't have the political experience that Hillary, The Clintons, had, working for him. Was Donald Trump's election the result of Hillary having discou...

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The gay marriage ruling in the US should not be overturned


The issue this debate is going to be about is whether or not, as SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch is about to be confirmed, even if given the opportunity the Supreme Court should not overturn the Obergefell ruling which legalized same sex marriage nationwide. I will be arguing Pro (the Supreme Court should not overturn gay marriage). My opponent, of course, will be arguing Con (the Supreme Court should overturn it). The four rounds are as follows: Round 1 (Acceptance of debate) Round 2 (Opening s...

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Third-wave feminism is about misandry and has nothing to do with gender equality


This round is for acceptance Round 2 is opening arguments Round 3 is rebuttal Round 4 is rebuttal to opponent's rebuttal Round 5 is closing Good Luck :)...

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Anything you disagree with me on


Abortion--------Con Affirmative Action--------Con Animal Rights--------Con Barack Obama--------Con Border Fence--------Pro Capitalism--------Pro Civil Unions--------Con Death Penalty--------Pro Drug Legalization--------Pro Electoral College--------Pro Environmental Protection--------Pro Estate Tax--------Pro European Union--------Con Euthanasia--------Pro Federal Reserve--------Con Flat Tax--------Pro Free Trade--------Con Gay Marriage--------Con Global Warming Exists--------Un...

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There is nothing wrong with flying the Confederate flag anywhere.


There is nothing wrong flying the Confederate flag anywhere. NOTHING. No racism, no neo-Nazi support, no slavery support, and no hatred toward African Americans or Black people if you will....

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