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Donald Trump Next President


I believe that Donald Trump is the best candidate for the 45th President of the United states....

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Less Gun Control


I am here to debate why we need less gun control, and why it does not work. If you accept then you have to debate why we need more gun control and why it works. First off, gun control does not stop the criminals from getting a guns. It's the same reason why drugs are outlawed yet it"s so easy to get drugs. We have had the war on drugs, we made them illegal yet America is having a huge drug problem. You can even get drugs in prison. The thing about increasing gun control is it makes it harder for...

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Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders Rap Battle, 600th Debate Spectacular


Welcome everyone to my 600th and final debate here on DDO. I have been wanting to retire from debating on this site for some time as many people probably don't care that much about, so I earmarked this, #600, to be my final debate. To celebrate the landmark occasion I have decided to host a political rap battle with the one and only Airmax1227, since only he has both the rap battle skills and the worthiness to throw down in this, my 600th and final debate I'm Imabench and I will be repre...

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A Totalatarian State is more effective than a Democratic State


I am challenge samaya to this debateThe resolution: A Totalatarian State is more effective than a Democratic StateI will be arguing for the stance of a moderate Totalatarian state where people still elect leaders but it is only one party. This party controls everything but has some exceptions to its power such as rights of the individuals. It is somewhat constrained by things like the U.S constitution. However it can bypass things such as a senate and a ho...

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2nd DDO Census Debate: Syrian Refugees


The Resolution: The USFG Should Accept Syrian Refugees. Summary: With the threat of ISIS in the middle east, and the civil war in Syria, a number of refugees have sought nations like the US to call their new home. However, as the threat of refugees being used to hide terrorists finds it's way into the thoughts of Americans following a number of shootings from France and locations within the US, the debate over allowing them in has become a hot topic of discussion. Rules: - No wars (sour...

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Resolved: The USFG ought to tax the rich more


1. This is a TEAM DEBATE!!! Pro-- Famousdebater -- TheProphett Con-- lannan13 -- Balacafa 2. The Burden Of Proof is shared 3. First round for acceptance. No new arguments in the final round.4. No semantics,...

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The 1st Amendment does not protect free speech


There's a sentiment among some that makes them say things like: "You can't tell me to shut up or call me stupid because of what I said. The 1st Amendment protects free speech." Actually the 1st Amendment just prohibits Congress from passing certain kinds of laws, like ones that take away free speech. "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech." Doesn't say that state governments can't pass laws that take away free speech. Or that local governments can't. Or that your sc...

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None of the Above!


With the dearth of credible candidates in the Republican primaries, how about we vote for none of the Above, and use this as a Call to question the political systems legitimacy? It can also apply to the National election in November. Am I being apathetic, unpatriotic, unfulfilling of my role as a citizen of the State? Solon, the Greek leader tried to get people involved in their country. Surely, this doesn't apply today, as uninformed, uneducated and apathic citizens only care about their own se...

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Resolved: The United States of America should abolish the Death Penalty


=Resolution=This debate will be about whether the United States should abolish the Death Penalty. "The death penalty, i.e. capital punishment, is "execution of an offender sentenced to d...

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Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legalized In The United States


Just to clarify, I am arguing that gay marriage should not be legalized in the US. A political context is necessary for this debate, since we are debating the governance of this issue....

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