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The drinking age should be lowered to 18 in the US


This is a team debate. This will take place from one team members account. Meaning either one of the team members can accept this, and you will work with your partner to present your case Team Pro will be myself and Thett3 Post in the comments if you want to take this. First round - Acceptance Second round - Contentions Third - Contentions/ Rebuttals Fourth - Closing Rules (1) No new arguments last round (2) No semantics (3) No trolling...

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Banning Guns in America is Unethical and Unconstitutional.


I will be taking Pro of Gun Rights. I really wanted an intelligent and deep discussion about gun rights and gun laws in a previous debate, but my opponent didn't participate in it and never replied to my argument. ---I will consider it a freelance debate; no set rules about the rounds--- I will open with an argument of constitutionality. As most people on DDO may know, the Second Amendment states: "Amendment II A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a fre...

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Democracy is the Most Desirable Form of Government


PrefaceKC had asked me to debate this topic with some time ago, and has promised to debate me on homophobia subsequent to the conclusion of this debate. I think these will be two intriguing and informative debates, and I look forward to getting them underway!Full TopicOn balance, democracy is the most desirable form of government.JudgesThe voting is set to "select winner." I have n...

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Death Penalty


Should the Death Penalty be legal? In my opinion, no it should not. During the course of this debate I will show you why I believe the death penalty should not be an option for law enforcement. First round is for acceptance....

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AAN Tour: Voluntary Abortion should be legal


IntroductionThis debate is part of the Adopt-a-Noob Tournament.ResolutionPro's contention is that Voluntary Abortion should be legal.

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Is a Capitalist government beneficial for the nation in the long run?


This issue is controversial and I am willing to debate on it, as I need answers. A Capitalist government envisages enormous amounts of economic growth but will eventually turn out to be a struggle for the middlemen and the poor to live due to the increase in the price of basic commodities. Capitalism is like providing the field with fertilizers, You might reap a bounty crop in a short period of time. But, continuous use would mean stripping the field of it's nutritive value. Handling a nation...

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The Jews were no less popular in Germany than they were in other European countries in 1939


I will not entertain or appreciate a racist debate. I will prove my point without using any German Sources. You will attempt to prove your point without separating the Jewish people from the Jewish religion....

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Israel's Invasion Of Gaza Is Justified


First round is just for acceptance. I will be arguing that Israel is justified in their actions with regards to the Gaza strip lately, and my opponent will be arguing that they are not justified (shared burden). ...

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National Security Ought to be Valued Over Freedom of the Press


"No government ought to be without censors, and where press is free, none ever will." It is because I agree with Thomas Jefferson that I must negate the resolution resolved, that National security ought to be valued over freedom of the press. Infringements upon essential freedoms in the pursuit of safety and security betray priorities contrary to the fundamental values of democratic nations, and often fails to result in improved security. My value, or what I'm striving to achieve is Liberty,...

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Ronald Reagan was a better President than Barack Obama


In this debate, I will argue that President Ronald Reagan was a better than President Barack Obama in terms of policy. No trolling or semantics. Structure: Round 1: Acceptance only Round 2: Opening arguments Round 3: Rebuttals/refutations Round 4: Defend arguments Round 5: Final rebuttals/defenses + conclusion Failure to follow structure will result in automatic DQ. First user to forfeit gets a DQ. If one user cannot debate the other, then this must be discussed between the two for an...

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