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Rand Paul Should Be The Next United States President


IntroductionWelcome! This is a debate on who should be the next president of the United States. This debate will be focused strictly on the policies between 2 major candidates/potential candidates. I will accept a debate with a supporter of a major candidate or potential candidate from ei...

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Resolved: The United States Federal Government should pass Bill H.R. 4304


I would like to thank FourTrouble for accepting this debate. This debate is about whether or not the US federal government should pass HR 4304 or more commonly known as the Defense of Envirnment and Property Act which can be seen here. (http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-112hr4304ih/pdf/BILLS-112hr4304ih.pdf) Rules1st Round is acceptance.2nd R...

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Should there be a separation between church and state?


I believe that there should be a full and absolute division between the church and state to prevent one religious group from persecuting an other off of belief and to prevent the enforcement of out-of-date religious laws....

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Assisted suicide should be illegal.


"Assisted suicide" refers to "the act of deliberately assisting another person to kill themselves." == A Definitional Note ==The term "assisted suicide" is something of a misnomer. There's no crime called "assisted suicide." I do not argue a legal penalty for patients who seek help in dying. The crime at issue is assisting suicide, and it's targeted solely at those who help another commit suicide. The legal right sought by proponents is...

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the death penalty???


hello so we have to do debates in class and no one is for the death penalty so I cannot do the arguments there, but I would still like to share my opinions about the death penalty so here I am. by the way I get very heated while I debate and will become very offensive at times to put my point across, so I apologize in advance for my behavior that is sure to come. first off whomever answers the debate is a sick and twisted human being with ought morals. secondly how dare you think that you cou...

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Term Limits


This is a direct challenge to my friend Kylar because I noticed that he is in favor of term limits while I am against them. The BoP is shared between the both of us.As per DDO and formal debate custom, the affirmation will speak first and will waive the final round. No semantics, trolling or forfeits. Resolved: Term limits are, on balance, beneficial.Term limit - a

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Debatability vs. Zarroette: Drug Legalization


Hello! Zarroette has agreed to debate me on the following resolution: In the United States, all drugs should be legalized for recreational use by individuals 21 years of age or older.Zarroette agreed to debate me on this topic about two weeks ago. I have decided to make this debate impossible to accept for a few days for the following reasons.Firstly, if Zarroette decides she no longer wants this debate, I would like to see...

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200th Debate: Drunk Driving Should Be Legal


The stuff written below this was written like a month ago and I'm no longer sure what it says, but whatever. This debate should only be accepted by Unitomic and I'm sure I tweaked it so only he can accept, if I'm mistaken please do not accept. Any suggestions or critique of the debate is welcome.Rules1. The debate will be in reference to American laws of my opponent is American. If my opponent is not American than the debate will be with the more general assumption of a "just society".2. Fir...

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The USFG should ban the death penalty in all 50 states.


Resolve: The USFG should ban the death penalty in all 50 states. a) definitions Death Penalty: To be sentenced and put to death by the state. aka capital punishment b) burden analysis: As pro, I accept the burden of proof to affirm the resolution 4 rounds/72 hours/ 4,000 characters Thanks Lannan13 for this debate....

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Hillary Clinton should be our next president


First round is acceptance, Burden of Proof is shared. I will be arguing why Hillary Clinton should NOT be our next president, and why other candidates would be better suited for the position. Pro would argue in favor of Clinton taking office. I look forward to a good debate!...

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