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TT2 Expert Final: U.S. militia groups pose a greater threat to our national security than do FTOs


First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate bsh1 on making it this far in the tournament. Much as he has achieved this before, and even won before, I think it's a massive achievement with all of the fantastic competition we've had. Second, I am again honored to be debating a venerated veteran of the site. I have a lot of respect for bsh1 and his debating prowess, something I know he'll bring in spades to this debate. I hope I am up to the challenge, but most importantly, no matter how this ends...

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Ban religious expression on national flags


Expression related to any religious views must be banned from national Flags by the UN. There are many religions around the world and countries must not get to choose which religion they represent. Globalization aims to unite the world but this only leads to separating nations on a religious basis. We can see it in the present world conflicts the US and its fellow allies are involved in. The idea that the nation represents a particular religion is not a tool of unity but one that does the exac...

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Abortion is murder in the US


Abortion - the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Murder - the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Law - the whole system or set of rules made by the government of a town, state, country, etc. US- United States of America Pros BOP Pro will automatically start his round after this in round 1 and pass in round 5 to even out the rounds. There will be no need for any more rounds as this deb...

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Is Government Necessary


Government is necessary...

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Resolved: Government is a necessity.


This debate should be impossible to accept. If you wish to accept this debate then you must say so in the comments section. If you find a way to accept without me knowing then you will automatically forfeit the debate. RulesFirst round is acceptance and definitions only.Second Round is Contentions only, no rebuttles.Round 3 is rebuttles.Round 4 is Rebuttles and conclusions.No SemanticsNo swearing.Government-...

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All Drugs Should be Legalised for Recreational Use


Seriously can I ever finish this debate? First round is for acceptance only....

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Should Israel return the lands gained during the Six Day War (1967) and to whom?


During the Six Day War, Israel fought a defensive war against three Arab countries. They won the war in six days and were able to push out enemy forces out of the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza strip (from Egypt), the West Bank (from Jordan), and the Golan Heights (from Syria). Israel kept these lands for security reasons and were right to do so. Now people are saying that Israel should return the West Bank to the Palestinians, when it never belonged to them. It belonged to Jordan before 1967....

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Should we Ban Religion from our Government?


I believer that we should ban religion from our Government so we can stop religious Justification and religious turmoil amongst ourselves and actually get work done in both the Senate and the House of Representatives....

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Progressive Taxation is Unconstitutional


A progressive taxation system is unconstitutional because it violates the General Welfare clause of the Constitution. The underlying problem with a progressive tax system is that, when combined with a representative governmental construct, it fosters and perpetuates a culture of non-accountability. The majority poor vote for representatives promising government subsidies funded by wealth distribution where "somebody else" will pay. Pandering representatives recognize that even 100% tax ra...

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Is Government Necessary?


Is Government necessary? The answer to that question is no. People are independent beings that can hold their own weight and do not need to listen to others to be told what they need to do in life. Government to most is a "necessity" and to others it is a power that some want to abolish. Why waste time to listen to people complain that they don"t like elected officials? Government is not needed and there are many things to show why....

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