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The notion that Stalin caused the death of millions of people


My position: I will be arguing that Stalin is not responsible for the deaths of millions of people who died in the Ukrainian famine, or "holodomor" as other people call it. My position will be that a famine happened. I will even be arguing that Stalin attempted to combat the problem of the famine.The holodomor was supposedly a case where millions of people died and people who believe Stalin was behind it, believe he purposely pu...

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The Nazis were not Conservative


Regards!TheUnexaminedLife will be taking to this debate, good luck to him. Normal rules apply: first round acceptance, second opening arguments, third rebuttals and fourth closing arguments. 10,000, characters, select winner voting system, BoP is on me. To clarify, I am arguing that the Nazis were *not* Conservative <...

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Resolved: The USFG should build a border fence along the US-Mexico Border


No trolling.No semantics.No profanities.No Machine gunning/shotgunning arguments.All sources must be in the debate round or easily accessable by a direct link. R1: AcceptanceR2: CaseR3: Rebuttals R4: Rebuttals and closingDefinitions:The US Border patrol has various obstacles erected on the Mexico-US Border. The current state of the border wall can be viewed here [ht...

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Legalization of Marijuana


I firmly believe that marijuana should not be legalized. It is nothing less than a drug. Legalizing it increases the likelihood that it will be used. Marijuana is not good for the body or for society. Legalization would endanger the economy, and it would be foolish to do so....

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The US Federal Government ought to ban the selling of and possession of the Bible


The Bible is a harmful book that evokes unnatural feelings that constrain human intellect and reasoning. The Bible is dangerously addictive if believed. The Bible's affect is even more damaging when put into the hands of a child, or a senior citizen. My intention for this debate is to prove how damaging the Bible is towards the human mind, and to the world.Round 1-AcceptanceRound 2-Case...

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According to http://www.numberofabortions.com/ There have been over 90,000 Abortions today across the entire world. The majority of people might choose the pro side to this, abortion should exist. And I have noticed the main argument for this is "The baby is not considered alive and/or human unit birth." An Abortion typically occurs between the 13th and the 20th weeks of fetal development. By the 13th week of fetal development, the baby has already developed its organs and body parts meaning t...

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May/June Beginners Debate Tournament: Voting should be mandatory


Greetings to one and all! Finally, it's time for the May Beginners Debate Tournament Finals Match-Up. I am Nuevo and I will be arguing for the resolution. We are all aware of the fact that It is kind of an upset to see that this is the first and last debate of the tourney due to continuing failure in communication, but I assure you that this will be a great debate between me and Deonatus. And, this will not be the last you'll hear our names. With that being all said, let me advance the rules...

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The First Amendment should be fixed (It is broken)


The con will argue that the first amendment should not be fixed and is the way it should be. Waiting for a con Free speech should be limited and religion should be removed from the first amendment and all of society because there was a video warning that liberals would do protests called "Impeachment Protests" on July 2nd Religion should be removed because here is the truth: (1) Jesus Christ is not real, he never existed (2) Children are being killed for not conforming to their beliefs...

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Affirmative Action


I will be arguing against affirmative action. The debate format shall be 1. Acceptance 2. Opening argument 3. Rebuttals/arguments 4. Rebuttals/arguments 5. Rebuttals/conclusion Thank you....

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Is Taiwan an independent country from the PRC ? and if it is should the world/UN recognize it?


From the beginning of the Chinese Civil War, Taiwan had never been controlled by the PRC (The Communist China,) when the Nationalists were defeated by the Communists, they retreated to Taiwan and established a stable democracy there. The US even recognized Taiwan as a country until the 1970s. They withdrew their recognition because they wanted to have a more stable relationship so they could defeat the Soviets, which basically killed the international recognition of Taiwan. Taiwan has a differen...

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