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ANY government handout is freeloading.


I believe that anyone taking another mans earned income by government force is corrupt in their thinking.Government is not for meeting peoples needs.Government is to enforce contract law and to protect a persons right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which is different for all of us. That is what freedom to choose is for.And for those who make choices that produce poverty, there are charities for that. They are in a better position to weed out the cons.Government loves the cons. T...

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Lannan13's 250th Debate Resolved: The United States Marine Corps should continue to exist.


This is Lannan13's 250th debate over the existance of the United States Marine Corps. I'd like to thank Wylted ahead of time for accepting this debate.RulesFirst round is acceptance and definitions.Round 2 is Contentions, no rebuttles.Round 3 is Contentions and rebuttles.Round 4 is rebuttles and conclusions.No semanticsNo Trolling.Marine Corps- a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces trained...

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President Obama is not a Socialist


Resolve: President Obama is not a socialist Clarification: This debate is not about support for or criticism of the President, just as the resolve states this debate is about whether or not President Obama fits the definition of a Socialist. pro will argue that President Obama is not a Socialist Con will argue that President Obama is a Socialist. Definition of terms: I will provide some definitions. Con is free to provide definitions within their arguments; the purpose of these defi...

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Air should be privatized


Historically, people have enjoyed free access to the Earth's bounteous resources as a birth right. They were able to hunt and gather food, grow crops and graze livestock, build shelters and obtain water wherever they wanted because the land and its provisions belonged to everybody. People took this for granted and still do in many parts of the world which are not controlled by pro-capitalist governments. However, in capitalist countries property rights are enshrined in law and the land and it...

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Should guns be banned in America?


Guns should definitely be banned. As logic tells, without a purpose of attacking someone, why would it be necessary to own a gun if no one else has it. However, as we all know, the government cannot just simply pass a law to ban guns because of the lobbying of gun companies. Each years the gun companies lobby millions of dollars to political figures such as the president and senators. Therefore, it prevents them from simply banning guns. So, with this obstacle in the way, it is clear that gun ba...

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Communism is Slavery.


Hello Material Girl, my name Is Evan, and I'll be honest, you seem like quite the interesting person. For a 13 year old, you have very developed opinions about an assortment of things, and I would like to debate with you against of your strongest; Communism. Hopefully you accept, and put up a good fight, as I'm in a debating mood. Thanks! Before I get into my core opening statements, I would like to lay out the terms. By accepting this debate, you: -Accept this definition of slavery: A p...

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Corporations need more government regulation.


Corporations are in the business of creating profits. This is their sole purpose and profit is what drives all of their decisions. Corporations are not in the business of making moral decisions and if they engaged in moral decisions they would be betraying their shareholders. Moral decisions and decisions regarding quality of life, safety, or environment are the business of governments and by letting corporations self-regulate we are putting our survival and quality of life at risk....

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Oppressive government is more desirable than no government.


This is a "Lincoln-Douglas" debate; each opponent must have a value and criterion, followed by contentions. Round One is for acceptance and declaring which side you would like to debate: 'oppressive government' or 'no government.' Please excuse the side debate.org has declared I am; it would not let me proceed with the debate without picking a side. Round Two is for opening arguments only. Round Three is for rebuttals and strengthening your case. Next, Round 4 consists of more rebuttals. And fin...

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Obama should be impeached


Obama simply has to be the worst president the United states has ever seen, Clinton and Nixon were both impeached for lying, but don't we as humans all make mistakes? Looking at Obama, we see he has driven the economy in the dirt even after we thought it couldn't get any worse after George W. Bush's reign. Wouldn't it seem logical to impeach a president that has thrown this country into a massive recession, and given the USA a bad name? I strongly believe there should be a ballot immediately for...

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Iraq: Worth militarily invading again to stop ISIS?


1st Round: Acceptance2nd Round: No Rebuttal's, Just arguments.3rd-5th Round: Rebuttal's, etc.Title is fairly self-explanatory. Is Iraq worth invading with the full commitment of the US Armed Forces because of ISIS? ...

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