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Debate: It is preferable Hillary Clinton is elected rather than Donald Trump


This debate is impossible to accept. Apply in the comments if you want to debate this with me and I will send the challenge to whichever one of the applicants I prefer. Resolution: On balance, it is preferable that Hillary Clinton be elected President of the United States in the 2016 election rather than Donald Trump.Kritiks are not allowed and Con ought to present arguments in R1 and waive R4 and no new arguments in final round of argumentation....

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Resolved: America should elect Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump


Resolved: On balance, Americans should elect Hillary Clinton as President over her rival Donald J. Trump.Rounds:1. Acceptance only2. Opening arguments3. Rebuttals4. Closing arguments/rebuttalsDefinitionsShould: Should implies that we have some obligation to do so on the basis of the evidence presented. As such,...

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Acceptance of Middle Eastern Refugees into the United States


Hello!In light of the Obama Administration's recent completion of its goal to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S, I would like to hold a debate on whether or not this is a good thing. I will argue that it was a net positive and my opponent will argue the opposite.First round is acceptance. BoP is shared.Looking forward to a good debate!...

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Is the assassination of a corrupt US PRESIDENT acceptable, if they are not impeached


I feel if a corrupt president was elected and was not impeached by the Senate, the only other option would be to eliminate the corrupt. This is clearly the duty of the people, as stated in the US Constitution. The only thing I'm unsure of is how the assassin would be treated. I feel that the one who pulled the trigger should be free of charges or any disciplinary action because of the circumstance of a purely corrupted president....

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Tird wave Feminism has gone too far.


In this debate I will support the opinion that Third wave feminism has gone too far. While the first and second wave focused on general equality issues. Third wave feminism has halted and has begun to look for ways to give advantages to one half of the population while attacking the second half. This Marxist ideology has stopped looking for actual cases of injustice and inequality throughout the world. Feminism once having achieved its goals of equality in the western world has continued to argu...

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White privilege hindering minority success?


I'm a Mexican American legal citizen , and as of late, quite often I will hear the rhetoric that oppressive white people rise through the echelons because of some "inherent privilege" which advantages them. I disagree with this, I believe opportunity is equal all around in present day America. Anyone who's willing to provide a case for this "white privilege" go right ahead ....

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Should the death penalty be allowed?


The death penalty should be allowed and used in all 50 states....

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Should Hillary Clinton win?


So...Hillary and Donald is one of the many question many politics are arguing about. The question I'm asking myself is, why Trump? Like really. He is a rich man with surgically put on hair who has absolutely no political experience whatsoever, and is frankly only running for president, for a boost in his business and for more money which he really doesn't need more of. Another disappointment I have found with Trump, is that he has had at least 3 wives who have all been at least 20 years younger...

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Who should be next POTUS? Trump (Pro).....Clinton(Con)


Hello! This will be my first debate in a while due to school. I will argue for Mr. Donald J. Trump and against Hillary because I solemnly believe that she will be a disaster for the United States. This debate is for Pro's and Con's of both candidates, so I expect Con to argue why Hillary is good, not just why Trump is bad. The format of this debate is as follows: Round 1: Acceptance Only Round 2: Arguments....NO REBUTTALS Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Conclusion Good Luck to my opponen...

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Has Britain lost its traditional heritage?


I feel like Britain is in the process of losing its traditional heritage due to immigration more and more different races of people are immigrating into Britain and bringing their heritage with them which is nullifying the British heritage in Britain...

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