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Islam does not promote peace


my position will be that islam does not promote peace or non violence. round 1: acceptance round 2: debate round 3: debate round 4: conclusion...

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There are no contradictions in the Bible


I challenge people to find contradictions in the Bible. I argue that Biblical hermeneutics and logic will resolve it. You can start first round...

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The Christian God was not justified in instrumenting mass-killings in the Old Testament.


1st round is for acceptance. I've made this debate impossible to accept, so comment if you would like to accept it. The Bible documents numerous accounts where the Christian God caused, ordered, and/or instrumented mass-killings and essentially genocides. My position will attempt to prove that these instances were unjustified while Con's position should be that every single one of them is justified. Definition of justified: Having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason. ht...

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The Bible morally contradicts itself


There are many practical flaws in our present day Christian bible. I believe that denying that there is no higher power is a hard idea to explain, and this is not my personal beliefs. However I find the belief of the actual historical accuracy of the bible as well as its many moral contradictions an even more far-fetched idea to find truth in. This debate will focus on the contradiction of free will. I'm not going to sit here and just post scripture the entire debate. if the need arises then I w...

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The Christian God does exist.


I hold full BoP. You may start your arguments. I do not care about the upper hand, that decision is up to you. Thanks and can not wait!...

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Presuppositional Arguments For God Are Incoherent Fallacious Nonsense!


A Debate Tactic now common in arguments between Theists and those doubting their God (Atheists, Opposing Christian Sects and Other Religions) is the Presuppositional Argument position.They argue that knowledge can only come from God and without God there is no knowledge.Presuppositionalist Apologists, make the Assertion that Science,...

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Resolved - God exists


Lets get this going. Your on top of the debate leaderboard, so i hope you prove there's more to your rank than just mere numbers. I trust that the judges will exhibit an unbiased judgement and show their votes aren't just mere votes. Overall, i hope your not just a waste of my time. Terms: Reality - state of being real objective - based on external truth not on personal opinions and feelings subjective - influenced by personal opinions, thoughts, etc. Truth - conformity with fac...

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The Biblical God is more credible than the other religions' gods.


I saw you didn't figure out how to challenge me so i'm challenging you. In this debate you hold the position that your God is more credible than the other religions' gods making your beliefs justifiable by reason and i must rebut your arguments while showing why i don't think the bible and Christianity is more credible than the other religions. You hold the BoP. First round is for arguments,second is for arguments and rebuttals,and the rest is for rebuttals only.Pro will need to write "No r...

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Is God Good?


Welcome to this debate. I am Pro. My supposition is that God is always good. Con must accept that God is not always good. Definition of God: Judeo-Christian God Definition of good: Definition based on biblical moral standards. Rules: A. No cussing B. No logical fallacies C. Godwin's law won't be true D. No round forfeiting Debate Format: Round I: Acceptance Round II: Statements ONLY Round III: Rebuttals and Restatements Round IV: Rebuttals and Restatements Round V:...

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The Christian God As Described In the Bible Does Not Exist(2)


Rules Round 1: No arguments. Just acceptance. Round 2/3: Arguments and rebuttals Round 4: Closing statements. No new arguments No "god of the gaps" arguments allowed. Any violation of the rules results in conduct points going to the other debater. Mutual violation results in a tie for conduct. Definitions: God of the gaps: If science can't explain it, god did it. Exist: To be real God of the Bible: Any characteristic of God that can be found in the Bible I look forward to a...

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