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Sina's Challenge


(Debate currently impossible to accept, comment or PM me if you're interested). This resolution needs some explaining, so before I go into the rules, here's how the debate works. Anti-Islamic Activist Ali Sina pledged to give away 50k S Dollars to anyone that can disprove that Muhammad (pbuh) was among the following charges: -a narcissist -a misogynist -a rapist -a pedophile -a lecher -a torturer -a mass murderer -a cult leader -an assassin -a terrorist -a mad man -a l...

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The United States was NOT founded on Christian values.


The founding fathers clearly formed this country without religion and did not intend for it to be influenced by any religious organization. The freedom of religion and separation of church and state are clear signs that we as a nation should not lead ourselves by the influence of religious leaders. It is immoral to subjugate our youth to the indoctrination of any religion in public or government funded schools....

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Bible baptism includes sprinkling or pouring on one's head.


Greetings. Baptism is an important subject in Christianity. Jesus told the apostles to baptize those that they converted (Matt. 28:19). The apostles, after preaching the first gospel sermon, converted and baptized thousands of people, saying, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:38). Consid...

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God's existence


God is omnipotent. God is also omnipresent. God is omnipresent which means God lacks the ability to leave a room. If God lacks the ability to leave a room then God doesn't have all powers (omnipotent) and if God is not omnipotent then God, isn't God. Let's say for a second that God isn't omnipresent, and God is omnipotent then that'd make sense. Right? No, because if God has every power, God would be able to create an object that cannot be lifted up, then God cannot lift it. Therefore God...

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Quran(Pro )vs Bible (con)


First of all I need to make it clear that what we're debating The QURAN and the Bible and not anything else lile "Hadiths or Muslim Interpretations of the Quran (ex Ibn Kathir,etc..) since the Quran alone is the only source of Islam or at least that's my view. Also, the debate will include various topics to campare the two Holy Books with such as :1- Signs/Proofs of being from God (Scientific miracles, etc)2-Historical evidence that the Book wasnt altered...

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Same-sex "unions"


Homosexual relations are immoral (Romans 1: 26-27). They can't reproduce, and lead to all other types of sexual perversions....

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Religion is harmful to human society.


RulesRound 1: Rules and position clarification. Round 2: Opening statements (Limited to outlining facts)Round 3,4: Evidence/Rebuttals.Round 5: Closing statementss (Limited to restating and summarizing evidence from rounds 3 and 4. You can also reiterate your opening statement.)I will be arguing that religion as a whole is harmful to human society. Best of luck t...

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Does the Christian God Exist?


This Challenge is for ThinkBig. The resolution is "Does the Christian God Exist?" -Pro argues that the Christian God does exist. -Con argues that the Christian God does not exist. Rules... Round 1: -Pro gives definitions and sets up debate -Con accepts the debate (acceptance only). Round 2: -Pro gives opening argument -Con gives opening rebuttals. Round 3: -Pro responds to what Con argued -Con responds to what Pro argued Round 4: -Both debaters conclu...

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God cannot exist if you do


This is based on a simple premise: God, whatever god you choose is traditionally said to be omniscient as well as omnipotent. Now, consider that you as a consciousness are the sum of your choices. Do I choose to go left or go right? Do I buy pizza from store A or store B? So on and so forth. Does God already know which direction I will choose? Which pizza I will buy? Supposedly God knew these things before I was even conceived, correct? God is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful. Where do...

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Creationism (Pro) v.s. Darwinism (Con).


Hello! This debate, as the name implies will be about Creationism and Darwinism. I will be arguing that Creationism is a valid belief, and Khaz will argue that Darwinism is a valid belief. Both must cite sources supporting their side. Some ground rules:Round 1: Acceptance and definitions only. Round 2: Openings. Brief overview of what you will be arguing. Round 3-4: Constructives. New evidence can be brought in at this point in the debate. Round 5: Clo...

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