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You are invited to attempt to prove the existence of your god


I would like to invite my potential opponent to provide arguments in favour of the existence of their god. I am an atheist so I will provide rebuttal for any arguments presented in this debate. First round should be reserved for my potential opponents opening statement in favour of their theistic god. Last round should be reserved only for a closing statement and as such no new arguments should be presented. Other than this, I am happy to adjust to any argument my opponent wishes to present. I l...

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Abortion is wrong, and should be illegal


Abortion is wrong, and should be illegal. It is murder....

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Would humanity be better off if there was no religion?


I am putting forward the argument that the world would be a better place without religion. Religion has always been one of the main causes of war in the world. Starting with The Crusades in 1095 which was sanctioned by the catholic church itself and going more recently to the Second Sudanese Civil war in 1983, which is one of the longest civil wars in history lasting for twenty-two years. Roughly two million people have died as a result of that war. Including famine and disease caused by the...

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It is unreasonable to not believe in God.


I will be debating it is unreasonable to not believe in God. Here are some definitions: Reasonable - Logical or rational Atheist - A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God. Round 1 is only acceptance. ONLY ACCEPT IF YOU ARE ATHEIST. Thank you....

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Chistians should be perfectly fine with abortion


i dont understand why Christians are so against abortion, when the soul of the aborted child ,widely accepted by the Christians, goes to heaven. isnt that the whole goal Christians want? having an abortion instead of delivering the child ensures your childs soul will end up in heaven. that 100% reduces the risk of your child growing up and straying from Christianity into sin, and/or actually being an "evil" person. if you say to have an abortion is a sin and a murder, then just ask for forgivene...

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Morality is subjective


This will be a Devil's advocate debate for me. Here are some key definitions that you must accept before agreeing to the debate. If any of these are problematic leave a comment and I'll change them if need be. Subjective: true depending on opinion. Objective: always true regardless of opinion. Morality: a system of good and bad or right and wrong behavior. Morally good: behavior that we ought to do. Morally bad: behavior that we ought not to do. My opponent will argue that mora...

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Should we believe in God or should we not


I will take anyone on with this challenge. 🙏You can't win, so if you except this you already lost. 👎For those who do except this challenge I will be for the the fact that we should believe in God. 💞And you can try to argue with me why we shouldn't believe in God.😈👿😡 Good luckc96;A039;...

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The doctrine of Marys perpetual virginity is reasonable based on scripture and historical evidence.


I want to thank Raistlin for choosing our debate topic. This should be an interesting and fun discussion. Since we both believe the Bible is the word of God, we won't have to debate the existence of God, or the reliability of the Bible. My opponent may start his argument now if he wants, or just accept the debate now. If he chooses to start now, he cannot post an argument in the last round....

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Religion Provides social structure


Religion is not only a connection to the supernatural dimension but provides ethical guidance to society. It allows for individuals to understand their obligations in a community, whilst also providing social cohesion. Social cohesion would have no foundations without religious belief and expression. The fall of religious belief would also lead to the destruction of culture and tradition, consequently creating a conformist dystopian society....

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The Kalam Cosmological Argument is unsound


Thanks to Mr. Travieso for agreeing to debate this topic with me! I look forward to an interesting exchange :)1. First round for acceptance2. No new arguments in the final round3. By accepting the debate, Con agrees to use the following definitionsKalam Cosmological Argument- An argument for the existence of a deistic God that is generally framed as followsP1: Anything which begins to exist...

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