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God Exists


Rules and Structure The debate rules are simple: no swearing, spamming, or insults. This debate is relatively unstructured. You must provide your support in each round and refute your opponent's arguments. I, as pro, will be arguing for the existence of a God. Con will be arguing against the existence of a God. I will be providing&n...

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The belief in the Judeo/Christian god is illogical


By agreeing to this debate, you must agree to follow my rules and my layout:Round 1: AcceptanceRound 2: ArgumentsRounds 3-5: Rebut.The debate topic is well defined in the title: Is the belief in the Judeo/Christian god logical? I'll be argueing that the belief is illogical....

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Atheism is the belief that there is no god


Recent changes to the definition of atheism states that it is a lack of belief towards god/gods, and that this definition of an atheist does not have to prove anything because they neither accept nor deny the notions that god exists or god does not exist. I am defending the traditional definition of atheism which states that it is a belief that god does not exist, and that the notion of suspending judgement fits the term agnostic rather than atheist. For the purposes of this discussion the...

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Is Religion Still Needed?


Apologies, but first I would like to state that I am new to this, so of course, there will be a few errors from my part. In this debate, I would like to discuss whether or not Religion is still needed in our current world - if it does more bad than good now a days. I will be arguing that it is no longer needed. It has caused a barrier around people - such as different beliefs may cause conflict. It could also be stated that Religion halts the world into the modern world - with them prote...

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King Nebuchadnezzar II destroyed Jerusalem in 607 BCE.


This debate is about the date in which Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II destroyed ancient Jerusalem. Most secular scholars believe it was roughly 587 BCE while some Biblical scholars believe it was 607 BCE. I do not think that any definitions are needed for this debate, as it is fairly straightforward. If you have any questions or concerns, please voice them in the comment section before accepting the debate. Structure: Round 1 = Acceptance Round 2 = Initial Argument(s) Round 3 = Reb...

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The crusades were justified responses to Muslim Aggresion


All too many times, I have heard people shame medieval Europe and the Crusaders as conquerors, enslaves and savages. I have heard many liberal apologists try to compare Christianity with Islam by equating the Crusades with Jihad. Unfortunately, many of the arguments of the Crusades fall short in key areas and an in depth analysis into the wars will reveal that not only were the Crusades justified, they were necessary in order to preserve the Christian world from falling to Muslim armies. I would...

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Deisim makes more sense then Christianity


This is not a debate over whether there is or is not a god, only that believing that a god created us is makes more sense then all the stuff in the bible and places like hell. Rules: 1) Site your sources 2) Round one is acceptance only 3) Forfeiting is a disqualification Good luck...

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Generic "Does God Exist" debate


(Debate impossible to accept, will open the debate if anyone is interested, probably won't be opened until this Saturday or Sunday) It seems that everyone has done a debate like this before, So it's time I do one. Here are the rules: -Burden of Proof is on Pro -No Semantics or Kritiks -Be civil -If Con finds the rules inaccurate or unreasonable then he/or she may alter the terms before the debate but only with an argument as to why. -Faliure to abide by the format by either sid...

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God probably exists


Preface This debate is about god, obviously. We, as said later in this statement, are using the definitions provided by credible sources (more specific later). This debate will be dealing with Christianity. If you would like to discuss another belief PM me and we will look into having a debate. Full Topic God probably exists.

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Am I a masterdebater?


So uhhhhh...yeah. Bored and all the current debates in challenge stage suck....

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