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Is the earth flat?


God has told me that the earth is flat. If the earth is not flat, how come that we see the sun go down? Where does the sea end? Why do some planes disappear? Where does the sky end? God has shaped this earth so there is an end to all, that includes the earth. We all know Columbus sailed to America, but if he had sailed on? I believe the earth is flat....

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Gay Marriage


Gays should not be able to get married since marrigage is between a man and a woman. Not man and man or woman or woman....

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Christianity and My Little Pony


im a Christian. I always have been my whole life. I believe in the Lord, and I try to do what is right, but that's where I have some questions. I dont drink, do drugs, or go out and do some bad stuff on the weekends. I love series, but some of the stuff I watch is not probably the best stuff. There's little things like that in my life that I love, yet am afraid to lose if I completely give my life to the Lord. I don't know if it's a comfort zone or what. For example, I love MLP and all of the po...

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God Is Real


I believe that god is real because why would everything about god just be made up? Why would someone write an entire book about a god who created the world for no good reason? God has proved to do many miracles such as bring Jesus back to life when he died on the cross. Take the book "Heaven is for real, A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back" written by Lynn Vincent and Todd Burpo. If this child hadn't had a trip to heaven, how would he have known about his little sister...

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Objective morality exist, Top Down (God) vs Bottoms Up (Natural)


Round 1 is attached to the proposition as clarification of the proposition. In this debate both Pro and Con will argue that there is objective morality. Morality will be understood in a general sense. A choice between two specific actions, the better choice is more moral, the worse choice is less moral. Objective morality would mean we can know which choice i...

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Does God Exist?


If God so desired, He could simply appear and prove to the whole world that He exists. But if He did that, there would be no need for faith. "Then Jesus told him, 'Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed'" (John 20:29). This quote from the Bible touches on the fact that faith is vital in believing that God exists. Scientific evidence also proves that there must be some higher power that controls everything. Take the example of the E...

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A Supreme Being Can Rationally Exist


A Supreme Being, by definition, is a sentient creature of high-level intelligence that exercises physical control over the universe. By the basic laws of Charles Darwin's evolutionary concept, the fact that a living being existed before the dawn of genetic evolution, in unfavorable conditions (according to quantum physics), is impossible. No creature could possibly have the genetic and evolutionary requirements for such metaphysical devices. In 1927, Georges Lemaitre proposed the Big Bang theory...

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Theism is Logical


Due to my previous challenger not accepting the debates he stated he would so we can continue this debate l'll be opening this debate for other challengers, post in comments if you wish to participate in this debate, till then this debate is impossible to accept. --------------------------------- Type of debate, logic, sources are allowed but not required. Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: opening arguments Round 3: counter rebuttals against round 2. Round 4: final counter rebuttals against arg...

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When someone is in pain and is in the clutches of a terminal sickness how much do they really want to go on. If you are dying of brain cancer and you don't want your family to see you melting into nothingness would you really just continue on even though you had less than six months to live. Put yourself in their shoes, no we don't mean the elderly we mean the young people who don't want to waste away and be in pain for the last years of their life. Of course strict laws would help to limit the...

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Does Religion harm society?


The Motion that religion harms society is about religions impact on society. Not about its basis or moral teachings. this is a clausal claim. we can all agree that religion does foster social harmony and inclusion. but that is not the point of the motion. if a religion teaches to love their enemies but ends up causing war and death, than we can agree that religion may try to have a more positive aspect ends up bringing in more of a negative aspect. feel free to argue your motion...

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