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Astrology is Logical and Scientific.


I do not believe in Astrology. I consider it a pseudo-science. I invite my opponent to say in favour of Astrology : Why he/she thinks that Astrology is scientific, how it is scientifically done and how we can validate the claims of astrological methods of making prophecies.If I can, I will debunk them. Otherwise, I will throw up the sponge....

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Should atheists actively seek to convince the religious populace?


As an agnostic atheist, I admit that I often find it very tempting to argue against religious beliefs beyond merely expressing my own confidence in our scientific understanding of the universe. However, I believe that such endeavors would be often fruitless, sometimes counterproductive, and ultimately unnecessary. If a person truly had faith in what he or she believes, no argument or evidence I provide would be sufficient. If not, then in this day and age they should encounter enough scientif...

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drug testing on humans and animals


Drug testing on humans in animals is considered inhuman or not appropriate to be done. People tend to frown upon drug testing because they are afraid of the harm it may do to the one being tested upon. drug testing is the foundation to most of our cures in this world. Many of the cures we have today is based off of drug testing. Everything we know in science comes from drug testing. The patients tested upon do not do it in vein, it is to help for the future cures for the uncured diseases....

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DNA Databases/profiling


One major problem in crime is the mis-representation for ethnic minorities and young people. This creates an anti-police attitude. In fact, two in five black men already have their DNA on record compared to fewer than one in ten whites. Justice cannot properly be given to those in a majority gender or ethnicity that holds more protection compared to the minorities. DNA profiling can eliminate the bias in crime by giving solid evidence towards who the perpetrator is. A computer does not discrimin...

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Should Gene Therapy be Covered by Medical Insurance


My stance on this subject is that Gene Therapy should not be covered under medical insurance. I think this because there are certain liabilities that come with replacing malfunctioned DNA with good DNA. The DNA can be placed in the wrong location, activate the wrong proteins or systems, or cause cancer by cell rejection. The benefits are numerous for gene therapy but insurance companies have to have a safety line. If a person dies by receiving medical care should the company have to give money...

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Is the invention of Nuclear Technology useful or harmful to mankind?


Nuclear Technology has brought many great benefit to our society. The use of Nuclear power plants, safe and clean power supply. Nuclear in medication field. But nonetheless, Nuclear Technology is definitely also very devastating to mankind. The invention of the NUKE bomb may vaporize millions of people in a split second. But for me, Nuclear Technology is far more beneficial than its counters. With the Nuclear Arsenal installed in all worlds superpowers (Chi...

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Earth is indeed 4.5 billion years old, not 6000 years old.


The age of Earth is around 4.5 billions years old. However, many people think Earth is not simply because of what Genesis says. Genesis doesn't give EXACT dates as to how old Earth is. It just says that Earth was created in 7 days and other stuff too. When it says 7 days, it doesn't mean specifically 7 days of a duration of 24 hours of one day. It says nowhere about that. Scientists have also proven Earths estimated age by carbon dating and radiometric dating. Earth is not 6000 years old...

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This debate is impossible to accept. Message in comments if you are interested in participating. I am Pro Abiogenesis. I am looking for an opponent somewhat knowledgeable in science and would rather not have a pure philosophical/theological discussion, even if there are such motivations. 8,000 characters. Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Opening arguments, Con may rebut me Round 3: Rebuttals/Arguments Round 4: Rebuttals/Conclusions - No new arguments/brand new rebuttals That is all...

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Genetic Testing


Genetic testing is a way of sequencing human DNA. With all of the different types of genetic testing there is in the world, they can not only be bad for the person getting the tests physically, but also, it can damage the person emotionally....

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Irradiated Food


A common belief is that irradiated food is radioactive. This statement is false. The radiation used to process food is much different than radiation that would occur after a nuclear fallout. The sources that process the foods do generate enough high energy to make food radioactive( also the food never comes in contact with the radioactive material( The FDA and many other organizations have set the Limits for the use of Radiation, which includes the maximum amount al...

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