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Can Science Explain The Theory of Everything?


I am against the idea that science can arrive at the answer to the Unified Field Theory or Theory of Everything because science is the study of the natural world. Scientists cannot solve all questions because they are limited to the natural world, and not everything. For one, they cannot explain their psyche or even their own status of living. If scientists could explain life, they would have already made a living creature from scratch. Science simply cannot explain what is beyond its scope of s...

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Pluto is a planet


First round is for arguments by pro. Resolved: Pluto is a planet. Rules: 1. Definitions are debatable 2. Arguments by pro in the first round, pass the last one 3. No forfeiture Thanks and looking forward to a great debate....

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The earth is flat


#questionauthority#scienceI do not believe the earth is flat or round, I'm an agnostic when it comes to this issue. This is merely a discussion on an interesting topic.The reason I would argue that the earth may be flat in this debate is that the curvature of the earth should be noticeable from a relatively low altitude, while balloons have been sent to great heights without observing any curvature. Notice, these were balloons with cameras that have not include...

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modern medicine is slowing down or stopping human evolution?


Hello. I will start be saying this is my very first debate so be patient with me as I learn the process. The topic is modern medicine influence on the evolution of man. This debate is not about evolution versus intelligent design. By participating in this debate, you are agreeing that evolution is taking place. Evolution occurs because a genetic change (mutation) occurs that make an organism more adapted to its environment. This would make the organism more successful and lead to it having mo...

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What is a better super power flight or invisibility.


What super power would you rather have flight or invisibility....

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Resolved: On balance, Noetic science can be accurately used to prove the existance of God.


I would like to thank famousdebater for accepting this debate.This debate is not about whether or not God exists, but whether Noetics can be used to prove the existance of God.RulesFirst Round is terms and definitions by Pro and acceptance by Con.Second Round is for Opening arguments. No rebuttals are to be posted.Third Round is for Rebuttals.Forth Round is for Rebuttals and Conclusion.No semantics, the definitions...

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Was the universe created from nothing ?


first of all,i want to say sorry about my English level. When we talk about universe,we usually mean the observable universe,but the universe i want to talk about is the whole things,everything,including mass,energy,time and space. in the ancient theory,people believe things won't just happened,everything are pushed by the previous,and trace to the very first beginning,is what they call "God" In modern science,a common explanation for how universe began is Big Bang,although big bang m...

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The Earth Is Flat... The Government Is Lying To Us!


Years ago when society was influenced less by the slander and lies commonly found on social media and the internet, people knew the earth was flat. However this scared people and after multiple homicides and suicides the government came up with they're plan. They were going to tell everyone that the world was round... a spherical and safe place to live. Most of you here with understand how a lie can gradually grow and grow... that's whats happened to the governments lie about the world bein...

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Do dogs or cats make better companions?


I think dogs make better companions because 1.They are more loyal. I heard stories of dogs sacrificing their lives to save their owner. So they are more loyal. And I have not heard any stories of cats being loyal. Cats are so independent, that they might not even need anybody. 2.Dogs can be taught tricks more easily than cats Dogs can be taught tricks more easily than cats because if you try to teach a cat, they are most likely to scratch you ,just walk away or both. most dogs do try to lea...

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Are Viruses Living?


Before I claim my arguments I would first off like to establish some rules in order to ensure that this debate runs smoothly. # 1 Make sure your argument (pro/con) is clear and define important terms if needed. # 2 Paste a link to the source on the bottom of the page when doing assertions. # 3 This is a pro/con debate only, arguing that virus is in a grey-zone when it comes to being alive is not allowed. Finally, I would like to thank in advance whoever accept this debate. Lets begin....

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