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Genetic Engineering in Agriculture


I am pro GMO in this argument as I believe it to be a safe and effective method to address many problems including, reducing the amount of pesticides are used in agriculture, increasing yield and decreasing costs, combating global warming and diseases that attack the crop. This is a 4 round debate, the opening round is for acceptance and a short statement on your position(optional). Please only accept if you are going to dedicate to this debate. Cite all sources, be prepared to define terms,...

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The necessity of detoxing.


Claims regarding the need to rid your body of toxins are found in nearly every corner of the internet, as well as other media sources and many natural healers. Generally the claim is something to the effect of this; Your body builds up and stores toxins, and they are potentially harmful less they be flushed out. While some may see this as a good health practice, I remain unconvinced that this is anything more than snake oil. If you believe you can convince me otherwise, and do so in a civilize...

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Natural Gas


This debate will be about natural gas, and whether or not it would be wise for the US and other countries to make natural gas the primary source of energy. I will take the Con side of the premise that Natural gas should become the primary source of energy throughout the world. I have made this debate impossible to accept and if you wish to debate this matter I ask you to leave a comment or PM me. The structure of the debat...

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Are Humans Biologically Omnivores?


Con - Humans are NOT biologically omnivores. Pro - Humans ARE biologically omnivores. I am taking the Con position; therefore, I will argue that humans are not biologically intended to be omnivores. Whoever accepts the role of Pro will have to argue that humans were biologically intended to be omnivores. Round 1 - State Your Claim Round 2 - Introduction/First Debate Period Round 3 - Second Debate Period Round 3 - Final Debate Period/Conclusion Definitions (Oxford Diction...

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Are there Rabbits on the moon?


Accept or not...

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Young Earth Creationism is negated by much of modern science, not just the theory of evolution.


In this debate, I will argue that Young Earth Creationism conflicts with much of modern science, not just the theory of evolution. As such, it is an untenable position. My opponent will defend that this is not the case either by demonstrating how much of modern science is in agreement with the YEC worldview or by refuting my claims (or both). To keep the debate short and sweet, I have set argument max to 5,000 characters with a 48 hour response time. Please ensure you are available enough...

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Whale Evolution in the Fossil Record


I have never done this before, so I will simply introduce my argument The evolution of whales and dolphins (cetaceans) is represented in the fossil record by a great series of fossil intermediate (otherwise known as transitional forms/fossils) including Pakicetus, Ambulocetus, Remingtonocetus, etc. The definition of transitional form: A transitional form is a life form that has traits characteristic of one taxa, traits characteristic of another taxa and/or traits intermediate between t...

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The Starchild skull is human


The Starchild skull is this skull: I will be arguing that the Starchild skull is not human. The burden of proof is shared. My opponent's first round is with an argument. My opponent's last round will be passing without giving an argument so we have the same amount of turns to debate....

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The Hypothesis of Universal Common Ancestry Is Falsified


I will be arguing that the hypothesis of Universal Common Ancestry (UCA) is falsified. According to the journal Nature, UCA posits that all extant terrestrial organisms share a common genetic heritage, each being the genealogical descendant of a single species from the distant past.(1) However, I am defining UCA as the hypothesis that all known organisms, both living and extinct, terrestrial and n...

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Evolution is not the best scientific model for the origin of species


Definitions: -Evolution: the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. -Scientific Model: a physical, conceptual, or mathematical representation of a real phenomenon that may be used to explain and predict the behaviour of real objects or systems and are used in a variety of scientific disciplines, ranging from physics and chemistry to ecology and the Earth sciences. (http://www.brita...

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