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Difficulty in developing of alternative energy sources


Global warming is threatening our life, natural environment and modern civilization these days. Many countries and communities of the world are seriously tackling in developing new energy sources like solar, wind and atomic energies. However, I believe their efforts and endeavours are facing serious and difficult problems to promote for the introduction of new alternative energy sources replacing with fossile energies. I hope someone who is interested in this problem accept this debate....

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Religion in society


I want to have a debate about how religion affects our society. Should religion have an affect in our political decisions? Lifestyle decisions? Split second decisions? Please feel free to pick one or all of these questions, or elaborate on your own thoughts. Again, I am only looking for a friendly debate about religion within society. Round 1- challenge, choose a topic listed or give your thoughts w/explanation Rd 2- Debate start, rebuttal's Rd 3- Rebuttals Rd 4- Rebuttals Rd 5- Conclusion/...

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Should prisoners do hard labor as their price to society?


Today there is no question that the "The United States has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world." With the increasing amount of incarceration than ever before in this country history is it about time we turn the cornerstone and pass a law that make prisoners do hard labor as their price to society. According to Wikipedia, In the past two decades, the money that states spend on prisons has risen at six times the rate of spending on higher education. In 2011, California spent $9....

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Are snowFLAKES white?


Snowflakes aren't white, but when lots of snowflakes stick together on the ground, it looks like it's white, but each individual snowflake is actually clear. This is because snow is frozen water, and water is clear, so snowflakes are too. Or so I think :)...

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Abortion shouldn't be legalized


Rule(s):1) Please remain civil during the debate. Those subscribed to the debate and involved and opposing against each other in the debate don't condone that type of behaviour. They are counter-productive and get you nowhere.2) Please use feasible and reliable sources. It may be acceptable if you misinterpreted the specific argument that was presented (Whether it is he who instigated the debate or not) and is indeed, irrelevant.3) Remember:1) Presentations2) Rebu...

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Government Hiding Alien Existence For Humans Happiness?


I finished the X-Files some time ago now, and I just finished watching an episode from Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. I was scared to hell by the ending of X-Files. The Truth is that the government will watch planet Earth become colonized by aliens. I was so freaked out, but I quickly forgot about it. Then, Fact or Faked brought it back into my mind. A man was hiking in the woods with his dog but then he gets lose and the owner chases him to find him in an aliens' jaw. He hits the alien with a...

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Moral Relativity-Child Suicide Bombers


Ryan Margroff Introduction: Child suicide bombers is immoral. Being a suicide bomber is a decision is not an easy decision. The countries that use suicide bombers are usually countries that are fighting a war on their soil. The fact that children are being used is wrong. The children cannot make their own decisions. Whatever dictatorship the child is a part of does not know what is wrong and right. Suicide, by itself, is immoral. Making children do it is worse. There is not moral relativism...

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Gun Control


I believe gun control should not be a thing because there are numerous ways to get guns. 1. Make it yourself 2. Buy it Illegally 3. Become a police officer There's probably even more. So if a guy decided that he wanted to have a gun for recreational purposes he would go through the background check after he got a gun license. Like all licenses it needs to be renewed. Now on the off chance he became angry or started having criminal thoughts he might rely on his already registered and purchased...

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Hypothetical: if gender swap was possible, it shouldn't be legal.


To avoid confusion, this is purely a hypothetical situation. The SCP foundation has an artifact known simply as SCP-113 (, and touching it causes a man to become a woman, as well as vice versa. If swapping genders was possible, safe, and readily available, should it be legal? For trans-genders, this would be the ultimate solution, and for others, a kinky way to experiment with sex... But this also involves more serious issues: criminals attempting to h...

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The the right to carry concealed semi-automatic weapons should not be infringed.


For clarification, we are not talking about inside secured government property, or the right of property owners to disallow weapons on their property.First round for acceptance only. ...

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