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That we should ban anonymous online accounts


Cyberbullying- the worst thing to happen to this new generation. With new technology comes new stress for children especially in high school. Online anonymity aids these bullies which gives them a new advantage over the victim. The victim does not know who this person is. They are given much stress already however under this new model requiring a name to go to the profile will act as a deterrent against internet trolls. Hopefully this will clear the thought of online bullying from victims minds....

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PC is a better option than consoles


umad console peasants...

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It is unethical to use Truecaller app


Truecaller is an application which allows a user to find out Name of the person calling from any unknown phone number. In order to have this facility, the app asks a user to give access to all contacts in phone-book. The phone numbers in the phone-book along with associated names get saved in Truecaller's database. Thus Truecaller gained access to names of millions of phone numbers. User is trading his/her phone-book contacts for knowing unknown caller. It is unethical to give away personal...

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Not too much TECHNOLOGY!!!


I think that students should not be allowed to use their phone more than 4 hours a day. I'm a student and most of my time in school, I've already use so much technology (tablets, i pads, sometimes phone) for my school work and in recess, I'm seeing lots of my friends using technology and texting their other friends which is like 2 meters away from them. This is not a very good problem for us (students) to over use these amazing technology. Personally, I use my tablets for school work and doing m...

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How does social media impact mental health?


Social media affects our brain. Do you think it is beneficial or detrimental to our mental health? Why?...

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Is technology affecting the way children learn


No technology is not hurting the way children are learning. Without technology people wouldn't be seeing microscopic organism, or we wouldn't have smart boards, or even computers to do essays or research. So no technology would only be hurting children if they abuse it. But kids who se technology the right way learn a lot from it. Here's another good point kids that are on this website are you learning thing? Probably didn't think about that....

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WODC: This House Believes That Provisions of Internet Services Should be a Public Utility


First Round is Acceptance. Final round may not have any new arguments. Above rules from the WODC guidelines....

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Should 12 year olds have a Cell Phone?

I think 12 year olds should have a cell phone. Because most kids, like me, walk home or ride the bus home/to school and pretty much need a phone. Say one day what if "Miss Sally Sue" woke up late and rushed to get out the house, and catch the bus. Her parents left the house already and she needs to get out the house. So about time Sally goes to the bus stop, the bus just left. So sally waits and see if another bus comes. But another bus doesn't come. So Sally takes out her phone, and calls her m...

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The Internet should be helpful


The Internet shouldn't be that easy to get to, it shouldn't be that open to the public, but neither should it be open to some secret government project, we should limit research and remove what's unnecessary like games and social media. There's a reason why Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Meucci created the telephone, its a useful tool nowadays..all thanks to those two fellas!...

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Digital India a Boon or a Bane


India has started to become so pre-occupied by the technology that it has forgotten the importance of people. Everyone in this country is busy in their own gadgets. May it be playing games or doing homework. People have started to do the day to day tasks on the internet as shopping, buying tickets or chatting this has restricted the interaction of people. Social Networking sites have intruded into the lives of people which has made the interaction of people as person reduced in a great ratio. Th...

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