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Social media was/is terrible for humanity


Rules: 1 - No bad language 2 - Sources are ok , but don't use wikipedia 3 - No forfeiting rounds 4 - Structure : R1 - Con Presents opening arguments R2 - The both of us present arguments R3 - Pro presents final argument / CON ASKS QUESTIONS to Pro (Maximum 5 questions) R4 - Con Responds to the questions and ASKS QUESTIONS to Con / Pro replies These are the rules, good luck, you may argument right away, as said in rule 4...

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Volvo will only make electric cars - bad idea!!


Volvo has announced that starting in 2019 they will only make electric and hybrid cars. I personally think that is a bad decision and I will address the issues with it, if you can convince me that electric cars is the way to go. I prefer gas powered cars....

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should there be cameras in classrooms


i think there should be cameras in classrooms so you can see if someone stole your stufff or more...

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Is iOS better than Android?


I think that iPhones are better than Samsung phones but would like to debate that with smoebody....

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Clone for,? what about transfer a split personality into new body so the original can live normal


I live everyday with a split personality, I love the man I'm with we would marry each other if given the chance to be free of one another. I'd marry him he's everything I love in a man and he loves me. What do you all think of this, should we just live with ourselves as 1 or is there a chance that some type of cloning process could split us into the persons we both want to be? Please post a real honest opinion not something spiritual. BTW I'm not the man in a woman's body... the other way aroun...

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Facebook and Instagram Should Allow Pornography


Freedom of expression encourages freedom to post pornography on Facebook and Instagram. The First Amendment to the United States' Constitution may require pornography to be legal. While all constitutional laws may not directly apply to the businesses of private organizations such as Facebook and Instagram, Facebook's and Instagram's rules can be thought of as extensions of these laws and thus it seems virtuous for Facebook and Instagram to have all of their rules agree with as many constitutiona...

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Apple Is Better Than Android


Apple is one of the best phone products ever. Android includes many different phones, so apple is awesome. Apple has siri, and has a home button the size of your thumb. Apple phone products are constantly getting better, so apple will be superior. The first round is only acceptance. Round 2 is for arguments. Round 3 is for rebuttals. Round 4 is for conclusion. The best of luck to my opponent, hope you have a good debate with me.......

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Nuclear Power


IntroSmooosh applied to debate me on this topic and on these sides through my "You Choose the Topic" debate challenge. I am looking forward to an excellent round!In order to ensure quality judging, I have nominated the following judges: Tej, Hayd, Whiteflame, Warren, Max, and Danielle. Those judges, by accepting this debate, agree to set aside their personal views on the topic and to adjudicate the round as impartially as they can; they also agree to...

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My phone was stolen, not 'Given away'


A few days ago, my 'friend' said he could fix my phone, because the battery was swollen. So I lent it to him, and since I had to give him my password, he hard reset my phone, with all of my family photos and storage. He then paid 50 dollars to get it fixed, and put HIS account on it. He said if I wanted it back, I'd have to pay, so I got his money, and then he said it's not for sale. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but can I have some feedback so I know what to do?!?!...

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Is genetic enhancement morally permissible?


Rules for this debate: 1. Both pro and con must use polite language. 2. Both pro and con must use evidence and logic to support their arguments. 3. The focus of this debate shall be and ONLY BE genetic enhancement. 4. The first round is for opening statements; the second, third rounds are for arguments; the last round is for closing statements. Concepts below must be clarified to proceed with the debate: 1. Genetic Engineering: Artificially manipulating the genetic materials of a human...

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